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I wait to see you again,
for my heart goes with you,
you are the star of my life,
the dream that I will always wish for it to be true,
Is to marry you.

Please don’t forget,
I love you,
I stand because I love you.
never give up,
never give in,
and wait for me,
baby love.

For every heart bit
of my heart,
I hear your name,
my love for you is strong,
And I will never forget the test of your lips
and your smooth skin.

Your words,
that always tell me ,
I can,
and never to give up.
Baby love
you are the diesel of my life,
You are the wonderful part of my life,
You are the flowers
that makes my life meaning full.
without you am dry,
and better dead,
for I can’t live
without you,

Without you
I will have to give up
all my dreams
for you are the roots of everything.
I can’t sleep without a thought of you,
I can’t smile
without knowing you are safe,
I may be a man
but I need you more than a man needing a woman.

Like a bird
I whisper a melody into your heart, “wait for me”
like a baby
looking into your eye
I find happiness, “smile with me”
like a pillow
I wait for you to sleep on my chest, “am waiting”
like a cloud
I wish to go
Where you go, “till the end”
like a star in the night
I hope you see me. “for I see you”

My love,
My angel,
My sweet heart,
The waves of the ocean
will never stop me from loving you,
The storm and thunder of the day
will never make me
give up waiting for you.

Loneliness burns me like magma in the core,
Missing you freezes me like sleeping in snow,
My voice and my tears
are thunder and rain.

I know the day
will come when
I will sleep beside you,
When I call you my wife,
Baby love.
as my mind goes through stream of thoughts and worries,
it searches for peace,
it wanted to be at ease;
when staring at the sunset thinking about nothing,
when laying on the grass looking at the sky so clear,
when sleeping in the bed dreaming about almost anything,
when hugging the person we love and care so deep.
and it automatically thinks of you,
you makes my heart calm
you makes my mind sane
you make me feel better
you, my love, are my tranquility.
have you ever felt this way? the chaos happening within and around you disappears when you are reminded by your person.
your eyes are full of galaxies and i just want to sit and stargaze until i discover every last one.
mahal, kailan ka huling ngumiti?
ngiting tunay at hindi pinilit,
mahal, kailan ka huling tumawa?
tawang kay lakas at nakakahawa.

mahal, alam kong mabigat na naman
mabigat muli ang iyong nararamdaman,
sa araw-araw hinihiling **** sana'y gumaan
hindi mo alam kung gaano mo pa katagal makakayanan.

mahal, narito ako sasamahan kita,
'wag nang matakot pa, hindi ka na nag-iisa
ako'y magsisilbi **** pahinga,
ako ang s'yang magiging tahanan,
kaya mahal, tumahan na.
my first tagalog poem here, i hope you guys appreciate it <3
I got lost in the constellation in your eyes,
It felt like I was flying in the atmosphere's oceanic skies.
You made me spin like my orbit is around  you,
In this biosphere, it has always been you.
I'm in a steady state, each day my love for you is expanding,
But I'm still me, the same way, withstanding.
When the universe started to form,
Everything was meant to happen.
We were destined to meet,
But not to be together,
Because you got lost in the constellation in the galaxy of another.
It is about science, about cosmology a branch of astronomy. I used the terms to relate it to love.
  Sep 2021 Nadine Peñaverde
Call me when you want
Call me when you need
I'll be there when you think of me
Just a heart beat away from you
Following you into your dreams
I'm always there with you all you need to do is to think of me
And I'll be there
It's not about being there in presence to show them that you cherish them it's about how much they want you as much as you want them
  Sep 2021 Nadine Peñaverde
i want to love you
like a lazy sunday morning
staying in bed
taking our time
sipping coffee
memorising every freckle
like the constellations in the sky
white sheets
and tangled limbs
with the scent of a memory
fresh on our lips.
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