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A taste of your wine
Cinnamon tempting
Sugar so sweet
Embalms my mouth with an apple drip
It sends me a rain of bliss

Your breath makes me twine around.
A strand so strong
And your voice is so sweet
You send me into a trance with your mead
Bite my lips, whisper love with your kiss

I wish to taste your red wine
Tangerine sweet and the sun warm
Dream of heaven we stay in for evermore
Where we dance together in the moonlight
And we wake with joyful eyes in the sunlight

Bright and crystal water falling down the hill
A unique trip forever to enjoy
Embalm my mouth with an orange drip
Send my being in a bliss
Bite my lips, whisper to me love with your kiss
pour me slowly over ice
hot hands and tender thighs
understanding and rebranding
time is taxing for your love i’m famished
refresh me as you undress me
it is only right
caress me as you undress me
take your time
undress me, slip into my mind
For every drip that drops
theres a kiss on your lip
we can’t stop
the tick proceeds the tock,
on every clock

Little bits of bitterness
makes a mess of emptiness
The pleases of teases
satisfy our happiness
And all that it will leave us
is pure **** of nothingness

Other than that soft
sweet scent of sweetness
Where only you can meet this
going back to our first kiss
that I myself so miss
  Aug 30 Nadine Peñaverde
And when your demons
Are stealing the air from your lungs
I will put my lips to yours
And breathe life
Back into you
  Aug 12 Nadine Peñaverde
when the sun loves the moon
the chase never stops
forever apart
the golden light
and the silver shine
never side by side
forever making colors dance in the sky
the warmth burns
and the cool chills
the world pulled between
forever in symphony
the never-ending love
will never fade or dull
but will never touch
forever longing for the inbetweens
where they are closer than they seem
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