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I will forever be the star beside you,
my love, my moon.

I will be there when you are projecting your full brightness,
and when you are only giving out a simple crescent glow,
and even when you are hidden behind thundering clouds...

I will forever guide you through your nighttime shift,
my love, my moon.
  Jun 7 Nadine Peñaverde
every beautiful thing in this world
reminds me of you
infinite and ethereal
but a beauty like yours
could not have come from our earth
a soul that is not tainted by greed or anger
not greeted with selfishness and hatred
how could someone like you exist
  Jun 7 Nadine Peñaverde
stars spun together like strands of cotton candy
sweetly melting away into the void of the night sky
in a serene twilight, two sole candles still burning
desperate not to be put out
constellations of small lights, glittering in the dark
to certain eyes, seeming like insignificant dots
to others, paintings of wild fantasies
woven together in a tapestry of the loveliest human souls
can be seen, a picture of us
mere constellations, but in love
loving you was like loving a fallen star
Kiss me under the stars
& let your warmth swipe away the cold.
Each night the wind blows,
I dream of you & me growing old.
Together, we make a perfect constellation,
Orion & Andromeda are no match.
Your universe is where I wanna stay,
in your eyes I wanna latch.
Come be my moon,
guide my path home - lead the way.
Be the light in my darkness,
until the night turns to day.
and is not needed a telescope,
the colors you exclude is more than black and white
you are your own northern lights,
displaying an ethereal sight.
my last poem in the series inspired of Aurora Borealis by Bohnes. I hope you guys realized that self love is our own aurora borealis :>
but in that very moment,
you decided to love yourself,
and an aurora borealis is seen-
a phenomenon that is truly magnificent
my second to the last poem of the series inspired of Aurora Borealis by Bohnes
closing your eyes as you feel the breeze touches your skin,
bothered by something you should've realized before,
memories are flashing vividly as you try to picture each
thoughts of "what could've been" and "what if"
continuation of my series poem inspired by Aurora Borealis by Bohnes
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