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Mark Wanless Aug 11
on soft clouds i walked so many days
we were lovers and i feel time now with my heartbeat
as we wander far apart
kissed by angels when i'm sleeping
or is your sweet soul touching me
this vaunted world is just a nonscence
without your memorey in mind
in the dark night dear past the moonbeams
i will ever see our favorite star
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020


I can’t help but to
                                fall in awe
                                                   with her
                                                             ­      idyllic astonishment;

like how the moonbeam shines its ray
to lit up the darkened night sky
amongst all the unrest souls in their
                                                           ­     (not so)
                                                             ­                  blissful slumber.

I beg your pardon, m'lady—
for I have mistaken your
                                              b e a u t y
                                                               ­    for
                                                             ­      Misconstrued Paraselene.
Something is up.
                                                           Hereby, I abnegate my all to both of us.
she showed up beautifully
though the clouds are still on her way
i watched her, long enough to witness
her light, telling me she will not fade away
it's been a while since i saw the moon, i'm glad i've seen it again
ryan brighton Apr 2020
Moonbeam like a kiss on the cheek.
you have watched me every night,
whether i drown in a well of tears
or laugh until i cry just as much.
should i thank you or envy you?
while you watch me from above,
should i wish i had the same aerial view?

Pull each tidal break to shore,
you're like a rip current, dragging me in
further and further each and every night.
just enough light for me to navigate a crowded earth,
just enough dark to cover the evil i know is there,
but if i cannot see it, maybe it's not there.

I used to believe you followed me
when I looked out the window on long car rides.
But you don't exist for me.
You exist because you must.
alex marion May 2019
I have a rather small stature
But please let me hold your entirety

Your figure, soft and delicate
That if you hadn't loved me back then
I never would have probably known

Your touch, cold, but endearing
Every fingertip sends shivers down my spine
For every nerve in your system
Knows how much we are mutually entwined

If you hadn't loved me back then
This would've been a completely different picture
I, probably alone
And you, probably with somebody else who's incapable of handling the unknown

The mixed emotions
The whispering souls
The voices saying "nobody needs you anymore"

I have a rather small stature
But in your darkest nights
Let me be your guiding light

Let me be the moonbeam by your side
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
You feel like a Dream,
Whom i daydream,
Every night with Moonbeam..

Clear i tell,
Bound by your Spell,
Yes i fell,
For your deep eyes citadel..

I know you know,
Why don't you show,
At least say NO,
Before my hopes grow..

But you just a dream,
Which will end by outdream..
I like a boy who feel like a dream. I know he know about my feelings,but e doesn't show it. Enough with this torture, Just say NO and let me get over it now.
H J St Jun 2018
Today,... I was struck by a radiant spark
As if the universe gifted me new sight
She shared her quiet smile and affections
A view free and bright
A laugh sweet and smart
From 6700 virtual kilometers away.
She is a delicacy of energy and passion
An old soul of many lives
Illuminating life through kind acts
She shared with me so that I might
Get to know her gentle way.

Fennie is uniquely above.
Like her name, her loyalty is rare.
Like her art, she deeply cares.
As you share your selfless acts
She’ll gift you hers through selfless love.

As she wanders about in her beautiful mind.
She is like a true Leo
Moving fast and free
Caring, open and honest
Endearing others to sweetly see.
She is like true Impressionist Art
Creating sensations to move you close
Brushing thin and bold strokes with her touch.
She wanders among the world, cities, and now mine
All in an order to share her enduring shine.

I like her. I feel her flow.
She holds my attention
At 5 am or in her afternoon sun.
I wish to know her more.
If she grants me that wish.
I’ll behold it close.
For it is quite a gift
Just to feel her glow.
Lunisolar views are rare, gentle, bold and quiet.
Treat them with a loving kiss
You'll be gifted forever with bliss.
Imran Islam Nov 2017
I will never call you to me
You never need talk to me
And I'm not crying for you
I will never wait for you
No need to be sorry, go away
I would look for a new day.

I keep trying to be ordinary
No need you in my dictionary
I already knew about your love
Its mean is so awful and stove
I have nothing to forgive you
Because today I don't love you.

You can go away, you are free
You can take out my love's tree
I'm not alone even if you're going.
Hurting of separation is coming.
Have a good time with your dreams
I'm the dark, you'll be moonbeams.
ask= call
Jazzy Oct 2017
The epicenter of my heart is thousands of miles away
Perpetually perched in the curls of your hair
On your chest as you sleep
In your coat pocket when you are out and about

While it feels heavy for me
I doubt that you even realize that it is there
So you go about your day
Completely oblivious to the fact
That you could, at any time, crush me
Currently on the other side of the world as someone I care for very much. I'm terrible at relationships as is. The distance only makes me worry more, but somehow we're making it.
Jazzy Oct 2017
You have
Excavated the tiniest crevices of my bones
Nestling into the cracks as comfortably as if you were born to sleep in them

You have
Crept into every quiet moment of my mind
Inhabiting my thoughts as naturally as if you were created to be in them

You have
Uncovered the center of my heart
Feeding my emotions as easily as if you were made to care for them
Started in March 2014 (lengthened and edited recently). More than three years later, I've figured out who this is about.
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