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Andrei Corre Mar 7
You slip through my fingers
Such as the freeform curves of the wind
Such as the hem of the sea offshore
A long dream from the sinews of my mind
You slip through my fingers in kind

So distant, so far away--I don't wish you to go
Go and slip away, eerie as a night's phantom
Go and you'll leave me in yesteryear's joy
Gone cold, singing soliloqy, grappling with forlorn
Should you slip through my fingers one morn

And your shadow'll overshadow the you I know
As if continents have surfaced between us
As if we speak in different tongues--not a mem'ry
But a past life affair unknown to your mind
My love, must you slip through my fingers in kind?
Feb 4 · 36
Andrei Corre Feb 4
i m p a s s e – for some time it’s that temptation / to step back, knowing you can always come / home to being vintage and pre-loved; I stand / on the white fence of falling over / and falling back—this seesaw of a timeline / patience breathes me life

l i m i n a l – but I was limestone diamond / climb mountains to chase the void / to be estranged more so / the omnipresent detachment / for all I care about is a curse / I could never be too close / for seeking indefinite answers

a r d e n t – paint me pictures that loosen these shackles / I would know to smolder / make these bygones ashen / I’m the doltish lover who sinks first / then flourishes second
inspired by zodiac modalities. October 2021.
Oct 2021 · 23
Andrei Corre Oct 2021
We live in the liminal of imagined dreams

                                           What if

We parked our shoes and dust our sleeves

The wounds are clean
                                                            What if

We mean what we spoke

And pinky swear and it’s still there

Feed the elephant of what it craved

Carcasses of threshold crossed

                           It’s you and me

Finally; what if

         I die every day loving you

And silently you do the same

          And our lungs are fresh air
Andrei Corre Oct 2021
I look at her and saw dainty hands gripping an    
  adult’s finger,
Her little mouth singing for the first time—world’s
  sign of life.
I chortle thinking we shared the same shrill cry of
Breath. Now her fingertips know by routine all the
  keys they would press
And her palms—soft and feminine (I buy the same
  hand cream she uses)—
Rarely fatigued in household chores, while my hands
  are burnt and wounded,
Hard and rough ‘round the edges. Our mouths the
  similar absent stories
On the dining table drinking instant noodles soup,
  I see

How her hair is pulled up above her shoulders; the
  afternoon sun,
The scent of soil on her skin, a chorale of
  friends, sneaky attempts to dance
On fiestas with her cousins. My universe is vast
  with book and TV characters
My mind a horizon of imaginative dimensions and situations
I wish happened. Swimming in paper-thin planets
was inherited from her;
My decision to suffer trying to fabricate one came from my dreams that could’ve been
Potential realities. But if I’m honest, the swamp between
us might’ve also contributed

Now it’s a river with such erratic currents, but always the tranquil movement that warns 'bout
Its doubtful deepness. I was led to reach the abyss
  each time
I forget the special way my mother loves me. When I
  was forced to pick up the shards
Of glass under the cooking stove and I bled the
  blood pulsing through her veins.
I found there the apologies. I only then understood
  how wrong it was
Because it blended so well with everything the kids
  and I perceived as right.
Just to grow a little taller interacting with others’ half-full glasses while we glue ours
Back together; so they look like they can be filled
  and can pour from one cup to another

Her fingers are wrinkled
as we resurface the waters. I’m also getting used to their
Caresses. I wouldn’t flinch for all that’s coming is gentle.
I also notice the thinning hair,
Speckle of silver streaks. And despite the seemingly
  ocean of a gap, on the seashore, we
Are connected in the umbilical. In her eyes the
Traces of her youth and how we love the same
Way we are mistreated

Sep 2021 · 90
Pledge Allegiance
Andrei Corre Sep 2021
Grant me witnessing all ‘round I go
Let me be uncomfortable
In my sadness
In my spite
In my veins our ancestors’ strife
Their oppression chiseled in depths
Of my subconscious—mayn’t I forget
In my every privileged sigh
In every nightmare’s death
And all of my trivial achievement
That their blood inks this gazette
That my soul echoes their last breath  
For justice—mayn’t I
Move idly and yield
To transient relief
To false gods
To defeatism
That my heart numbs
To the cries of my people
To the destruction of our homes
To the monarchy of traitors
Let me hear it everywhere I go
Let me be uncomfortable
49 years ago, the Philippines succumbed to Marcos' Martial Law.
Sep 2021 · 60
tonight is for grieving
Andrei Corre Sep 2021
For the shards underneath my kitchen stove.
i run my fingers through moments thawed
clawing, catching, grasping—
drip, drip, dripping mercury gold
a rupture veiled with wisdom sought
like a Band-Aid on my pinky toe,
a mere stain ‘cross the tablecloth
when every gasp ***** holes anew
deep in bosoms pulsing violet blues

For the wrinkles i failed smoothing through.
paracosmic ashes from bridges burnt
decaying below my point of view, overdue
adieus stashed ‘tween your books and
pertinacious passion seeping through
my pillowcase i tucked in place
souvenirs of potential
framed laced pinkies sitting down
with my strewed syllables marooned and brown
a lynx vanishing with clementine eyes

Until the chalice of chrysalis manifests.
come ‘morrow is an acquainted rue
when all but my love subdued
February 2021. Why is this still accurate?
Andrei Corre Aug 2021

me long enough
that  I  could  no longer
strife and anger for myself. You
carried all these sins and melancholy
on your back, only letting me taste the
silver spoon in my mouth. You taught me
me to sit and behave, make no unappealing
sounds, but mother, your daughter belonged
to anger and strife for your mother, all her other
children, and for you whose only words breath that
of broken reassurance and empty pledges of safety. All
but a solace chant against reeking tyranny. My ears grew
to the cacophony
of revolt in between your lullabies.
The blood of the covenant assimilated
with the water of the womb. So mother,
I ask you to pony my hair now and forgive
me. Your children will dot all
thoroughfares and bellow 'no'
for you. So you do not have
to kneel to every friend, to
ev’ry conqueror, stroke their
*****, then cry yourself to sleep
Aug 2021 · 821
Andrei Corre Aug 2021
Hindi agad nagtama ang mga mata natin kaya naman
'Di ko akalaing magkukrus ang mga landas natin
Alam mo 'yong: 'makuha ka sa tingin'?
Ang ginawa mo'y hinablot mo 'ko sa kada titig na
Dadampi sa aking gawi—'di ko pinapansin
Ngunit nang magsimula na ang tugtog ay siyang kusang
Pagdidikit ng mga palad natin. Bawat hakbang,
Sabay ang galaw ng ating katawan
Ito siguro ang pakiramdam ng nalutang sa buwan

Binibigay ka ng mga ningning sa mga mata mo:
Ang mga lihim na nakayukom sa puso mo
At sa mapupula **** labi ko narinig ang
Sinabi ****: ganiyan din ang nararamdaman ko
Ang lakas ng tibok ng puso ko, nakakabingi
Kung alam mo lang na ito ang dalangin gabi-gabi
Kaya ang sabi ko, wala na akong pakialam pa
Kung sa balikat hahawak o sa bewang ba
O kahit pareho pa tayong nakapalda
Basta isasayaw kita hanggang sa ako'y
Maputulan ng hiniga

Ikaw ang kaharap ko, wala akong pag-aalala
Kahit pa ramdam ko ang mga mata nila sa'ting dalawa
At mas maingay pa ang bulungan
Kaysa awit ng banda
O kahit ilang tapak pa ang gawin mo sa aking paa
Hindi ko bibitawan ang kamay mo; hayaan mo
Mapapagod din sila

Basta ako, alam ko ang mahalaga: ikaw ang mahalaga
Ang pakiramdam ng hininga mo sa balat ko
Ito ang mahalaga, ang pagyapos mo sa'king kaluluwa
Habang inaangkin natin ang magdamag, ito ang mahalaga

Iyan ang mga sinabi ko noong gabi ng pagtatanghal
Pero huwag ka sanang mabibigla
Hindi ito madadaan sa isang sambitla o kahit
Maupo pa 'ko upang ilahad sa 'yo lahat
Hindi ko rin alam kung saa't kailan nagsimula
Ang alam ko lang, dito ako ipinadpad
Ng agos na pilit kong nilabanan
At sa tuwing maglalakbay, ang anino mo ang
Laging nadadatnang tumatakbo palayo sa kalawakan
Pero saglit lang, 'di ko alam kung ako ba'ng may kasalanan
Sa walang hanggan nating habulan
Na para bang tayo'y laging pinagtatagpo upang
Tunghayan ang sakit na dinudulot sa isa't isa

Pero teka muna, saglit lang, ako lang ba ang nagdaramdam?
May ngiti na sa 'yong mga mata kahit mga luha
Ang umaagos sa kanila; ang iyong tindig ay parang
Noong una nating sayaw— ngunit may nagbago sa 'yong galaw
Napaisip ako, 'di ko mapigilan, kung ikaw pa ba ang natatanaw
Ang dalaga noong una't huli kong sayaw
Na alam kong imposible nang balikan
Ang sa'kin lang ay sana'y alam mo na
Lahat ng 'yon ay tunay
At mahal kita, maniwala ka
Kahit ako pa ang unang bumitaw

2017 spoken poetry piece
Aug 2021 · 47
Not Another Sad Boy
Andrei Corre Aug 2021
Maybe I looked too blue before
that he wanted so much to dig deep for yellow shades
beneath the color-corrected complexion

Maybe he looked so blue before
the familiarity was too comforting
that it felt so much like my dreams came true

Maybe we were not blue at all
the world just spun too fast there was
no other color but blue
Aug 2020 · 158
Shadow Phase
Andrei Corre Aug 2020
Back when I had lost all my friends and the last lover sat there behind the barred door, she would gather me up with so much warmth.

      She knew I could not be without rhythm. So she played the harp for me. Caresses from hushed lullabies sitting against the windowsill.

      She wept when she saw me naked. I pretended I did not see. She bathed me in flowers and silk.

      Her touch sang mellow tunes on my discolored skin. And her eyes held my soul still, cuddled me as if I was once in her womb.

      Tender, careful breathing into my lungs she did. I looked at her. She only smiled. The air sounded an apology.
been so long. i missed being here. i missed being the old me.
Mar 2020 · 83
Andrei Corre Mar 2020
so you wait for tides to sweep you away
but they could never
you are iron—a part of the collective
there's no such thing as belongingness
everything is mathematical
projecting onto reality
that's all in the mind
an assignment
freedom is a concept
cultivation of hope
of extreme disappointment
as they all gravitate to you
but they can only do so much
give you all the evil
of both worlds: matter and forms
just all the evil
nothing beats your skull
closing your eyes shut
and your windows uneven
perhaps the armor
is for the sworn enemies
inadequate to **** the protagonist
for the armor is the skull
and the only way to victor over the skull
is to shatter it to pieces
but the ribs will quiver—the second hand
always afraid to play the part
and that would be the end of it
like another romeo and juliet
only unrequited
Andrei Corre Jan 2020
it is not our fault if people's minds are cruel and harsh

or if they hurt us because that's the
only thing the world taught them to cope

but it is in our hands if we remain victims: pitying ourselves, and pointing fingers

it is our responsibility to tell people that they are hurting us because maybe they know not

maybe they think that to be of worth
they must make people feel their worst so they feel better or at least good about themselves

and to be loved and belonged
it's a must that you'll always long for them and never for once feel completeness in their absence

maybe they need people who'll tell them they're worth it and they are forgiven
and that they can try again

and sometimes the best way to convey that
is to choose yourself and walk away
Jun 2018 · 421
Andrei Corre Jun 2018
I believe in freewill
That we have control over our lives
That is why I choose to believe
In destiny,
In soulmates,
In true love.
I choose to believe in the stars
And choose to believe in faith
That it is real
It is present
And it will happen
May 2018 · 208
c r o s s r o a d s .
Andrei Corre May 2018
i let you tore me
a p a r t
splitting and turning me into
c r o s s r o a d s
and i thought you'd be with me
w h e r e v e r
but instead of walking on roads
you chose to
f l y.
Apr 2018 · 215
What I Have Learned
Andrei Corre Apr 2018
Don't take away from yourself the liberty to experience all the love the world could offer you

Because you deserve so much of it

Embrace people and when it's time to let go,

Breathe in then loosen your grip
Apr 2018 · 279
The Truth
Andrei Corre Apr 2018
I'm not going to lay this soft on you

This is the hardest you will ever do
Feb 2018 · 461
the promise
Andrei Corre Feb 2018
Never not till our skins run dry
And the stars die in our eyes
Not even till our youth fades with time
Will you and I finally unrhyme
Feb 2018 · 150
fake happy
Andrei Corre Feb 2018
do not tell me to smile
to show my teeth
to let my laughter ring
and echo in the room
Do not tell me to look directly at people
Bore my eyes on them as I tell my fabricated stories
Because that's what everyone does
Do not tell me I should fake happy too
Jan 2018 · 232
September Rain
Andrei Corre Jan 2018
Crystal clear the tears of sky
Sliding down the pane
I close my eyes and wish it's just another rainy day
Andrei Corre Jan 2018
This will be the last time I will lie this close to you
It hasn't been an easy ride; we are both weary and broken
Tired and detached from each other's hearts
Forever hopeless

I think it is time to lay down the fragmented pieces of our love
On the bed of roses we built so long ago

Because honey, we only shared thorns pricking our fingers, shed tears craving freedom and whisper words in each of our ears
To soothe the guilt and regret haunting us in our every living breath

Still, we reflect each other's brokenness so perfectly

I bleed with your pain, you die with my tremendous sadness
I caress your hair with my bruised hand
And you heal my soul by trading yours to melancholy

We are perfect, aren't we?

That is why I choose to suffer in silence
If that means to heal you
Then I choose to die by your side
If that means I will never be alone mourning my brokenness
Then everyday will be the last time I will lie this close to you
"I don't want to fall in love with another sad girl." - Rad (Sad Girls by Lang Leav)
Dec 2017 · 640
a cup of tea
Andrei Corre Dec 2017
A cup of tea is what we shared
Through sweet exchange of sighs
I want to pour all what I feel
'Hind this ceramic cup
Autumn leaves and puff of air
I try to convey my words
But a gust of wind to my cup of tea
Is all that had occurred.
Oct 2017 · 365
Wishing Well
Andrei Corre Oct 2017
P l e a s e
make me
b e l i e v e
l o v e
can be as
s e l f l e s s
as it is
s e l f i s h
Own me
But never take me
a w a y
m y s e l f
Fill me with love
But never
f o r s a k e
P l e a s e
help me
b e l i e v e
that love can be
s e l f i s h
as it is
s e l f l e s s
Oct 2017 · 197
Andrei Corre Oct 2017
Why do they only listen

when you burst out crying

Come to you when you stop

crawling back to them

And only remember you

when you're already gone?
Please stop taking me for granted...
Sep 2017 · 2.1k
Andrei Corre Sep 2017
Sumibol* sa akin ang 'yong tahanan
Ang hangin ko'y malinis, pinaramdam sa'yo ang kapayapaan
Pananabik ay labis sa iyong pagtuloy
Di inasahang mapapalitan ng panaghoy
Dahil ako'y tahanan mo lamang
Kapag sa ulan ay kailanganin mo ng *masisilungan...
Sep 2017 · 763
Strong Woman
Andrei Corre Sep 2017
She was radiating rainbows with mystic fogs
Put her down,
She smiles and laughs
Always a puzzle I never got right
Snap her bones,
She heals overnight
Cut her heart,
She bleeds hues
Hurt her beloved,
Hell breaks loose
Sep 2017 · 307
Andrei Corre Sep 2017
When spiders went crawling up your spine

And the butterflies start to die down

You're left feeling none's ever fine

And under your eyes you drown
Sep 2017 · 517
Andrei Corre Sep 2017
Helpless from the caress of your fingertips
Painting tender words, echoing in my lips
Inhaling your scent as my breath grew thin
Dying slowly from the friction smoldering my skin
Consuming my being you numb the pain
Together we’re bind and do again
Aug 2017 · 323
Cold Summer Nights
Andrei Corre Aug 2017
The nights* when all I see is dust and smoke

When it's so much overpowering--- the trace of cologne

The nights when it's cold since you've been gone

I made your side of the bed  but you did not come

The nights when I almost pick up the phone

But I couldn't call you for you're already home

So I wait for the nights you're mine alone...
Aug 2017 · 16.5k
Sampung Minuto
Andrei Corre Aug 2017
At sa pagkagat ng dilim
Kasabay ng pamamaalam ng araw sa'tin
Mahihimlay ko sa sulok ng apat na dingding
Huhubarin ang mga ngiti, ipapahinga ang bibig at ibababa ang hinlalaki kong kanina pa nangangawit
Sa kapapaalala sa mundo na ayos lang
Na makakatagal pa ko ng kahit sampung minuto

Sampung minuto---
Ito lang ang kailangan para tuluyan nang tapusin ang sinimulang kwento natin
At sampung minuto para dapuan ka nila ng tingin at sabihin sa'king
Kailangan na kitang talikuran
Ngunit di na ko inabot ng sampung minuto pa para pakingga't tupdin sila
Dahil sampung segundo lang---
Isa, dalawa, bitaw na, bitaw
Lima, anim, ayoko pa, ayoko pero
Siyam, sampu...ay nagawa na kitang bitawan
Ang sabi kasi ni nanay ay di ka nararapat para sa'kin
Sabi ni tatay pag-aaral ko muna ang atupagin
Ang sabi nila ay dapat ko silang sundin
Ang mga bumuhay at nag-aruga sa akin ay dapat na lagi kong susundin

Huwag mo nang gawin yan, ito ang mas bigyan **** pansin
Di yan makabubuti para sa'yo, bat di mo na lang tularan ang kapatid mo
Ang lalaki dapat ay matikas
Ang tanga tanga mo, wala kang mararating diyan
Kahit sino kayang makagawa ng ganyan, magsundalo ka na lang
Dinaig ka pa ng nakababata sa'yo?
Dapat pareho kayong tinitingala ng tao

Kaya't binigo ko ang nag-iisa kong pag-ibig at sumuong sa digmaang di ko kailanmang naisip
Dahil dapat lagi pa ring susundin ang mga bumuhay at nag-aruga sa'kin, mga bumuhay at nag-aruga sa'kin dapat kong sundin, ang sa'kin ay nag-aruga't bumuhay lagi pa ring susundin
Nay, yakapin mo ko't pahupain ang hapdi
Kaya, Tay, tapikin mo ko sa balikat at sabihin **** tama ang ginawa kong pagtupad sa pangarap mo
Dahil tapos na tapos na ko
Pagod na pagod na ko
Sa panonood sa pagkislap ng mga mata ni bunso
Mga kutikutitap na di mapapasakin dahil ang mga mata ko'y namumugto
Mga matang naniningkit na katatanaw sa sarili kong mga pangarap
Dahil ng mg paa ko'y habol ang bawat dikta't kagustuhan niyo

Sawa na kong pilit pantayan si bunso
Dahil kahit anong gawin ko'y di bubukal sa'kin ang kaligayahan
Di tulad niyang may malayang kinabukasan
Ako'y may busal ang bibig, may taling mga kamay, nakakulong sa ekspektasyon ng sarili kong mga magulang

Pagod na ko, ayoko na
Ayoko nang marinig ang "Tingnan mo siya,buti pa siya, mas magaling pa siya..."
Hindi ako binigay sa inyo para ikumpara niyo sa isa niyo pang anak at sa anak ng iba na hinihiling niyong meron din kayo

Gusto ko lang naman marinig na may tinama ako kahit papano, kahit kapiranggot
Gusto kong marinig ang "Salamat" at "Mahal kita" at "Ipinagmamalaki kita" dahil tapos na tapos na ko
Pagod na pagod na kong
Habulin ang liwanag ng talang matagal nang namatay sa kalawakan
Kaya Nay, Tay
Ako po muna
Ako naman ngayon...
Aug 2017 · 272
The Sound of Melancholy
Andrei Corre Aug 2017
What fills the space,
the empty void that life has taken
Who's to fill your dying heart---
beating raindrops like crystals
slipping under your black eyes
Where will you go if
nobody has asked you to stay
And lastly,
when will you come home to me---
the place you belong wholeheartedly...
It's been a long time. Please don't leave me again.
Jul 2017 · 354
The Healer
Andrei Corre Jul 2017
You need not put your tough face
In front of me you don’t need
To add made up stars to your shadow
Just come and let me take hold of your heart
Then peacefully crumble in my arms…
Dec 2016 · 221
Andrei Corre Dec 2016
It was love
When I first saw you
And it was the same love
When I chose to let you go...
Sep 2016 · 983
Haiku of Strangers
Andrei Corre Sep 2016
Years of meaningful friendship
                  Apart as days drip
                              Is farewell our final trip?
Sep 2016 · 443
Meteor Shower
Andrei Corre Sep 2016
Like shooting stars you shower
Me with your non-stop lies
You might wanna go slower
I see truth in your eyes...
Sep 2016 · 217
Playing Rock
Andrei Corre Sep 2016
Invincible and unshaken
Bruises, wounds and no scars taken
Geared up for ev'ryday battle
Steel clothing--- set for the tackle
Survive blows and dodge an attack,
The duties of one playing rock
But toughest is to smile outside
When rock is crumbling deep inside...
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
Andrei Corre Jul 2016
When everything moves in flashes
And so fast you slip through my fingers
I'll try to catch the years til I'm ashes
And one last time I'll dry your independent tears

Grow down, my sweetheart, grow down
Just lay still amidst my breast
Grow down, my sweetheart, grow down
Sit with me and take your heart to rest

The days when all is summer
And laughter is all that escapes your lips
I just can't see you suffer
So dear, listen to my wish

Grow down, my dear, grow down
Come with me and eat your favorite treat
Grow down, my dear, grow down
I'll hum you songs til you're asleep

To see you in full bloom
Makes my heart swell
With delight, tears, pride and gloom
And all I want's to see you doing well

But grow down, honey, grow down
It's hard for me to watch you walk down the aisle
Grow down, honey, grow down
Back to the days when your world's only I...
Apr 2016 · 173
Woods and Promises
Andrei Corre Apr 2016
I like the way we rhyme
Your fingers laced with mine
It feels like it's been a while
Since I have seen you smile
Skies are as blue as the eyes that tell you
My dear, my dear, it's only you
And I love you, I love you...
Mar 2016 · 251
Andrei Corre Mar 2016
I waited for you again
To come and paint me with your colors
Outshining the rainbow
As we collided to every inch of each other's being
Deep inside, I trust 'tis real
But I've always known 'tis all a deal
A little experiment of curious minds
And a vulnerable love of two wild hearts
I just wish that this could all be a dream
Of an adventurous mind
Whose imagination's running the reel
And perhaps, just maybe
This growing pain right in my heart's core
Will be washed away by these pleasures
That originated from bore...
Feb 2016 · 260
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
Breathe deep, my Love
Sleep tight on my thighs
Feel the breeze carry you
To your dreams to and fro
Grip light, my Love
Tomorrow is still afar
Rest now your dying heart
And let me treasure this
In my mind...
Feb 2016 · 21.4k
Wala Akong Alam sa Pag-ibig
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
Wala akong alam sa pag-ibig
Ngunit nang ikaw ay nahagip
Alam kong ikaw na 'king iniibig
Binigyan **** katuparan ang panaginip
Na dati'y tinatamasa lamang sa pag-idlip

Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Bawat hinagpis kong pinunasan ng 'yong palad
Ang mga labi **** nagsilbing liwanag na hubad
At kulay sa buhay kong mapanglaw
Kaya nga sabi sa sarili, ikaw na nga, ikaw

Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Kaya hinayaan kong mabulag mga mata kong singkit
Na ikaw lang ang tinatanaw, walang pakialam sa sakit
Kahit pa nung araw na hindi ka na lumapit
Mga taghoy ko'y pilit kong iniimpit

Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Kahit malabo na ang pag-iisip
Pinilit kong takbuhin ang distansya natin
Kahit alam kong walang makukuha ni silip
Sa paghabol sa taong ayaw na sa'kin

Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Musmos pa nang ika'y humangos sa'kin
Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Dinamdam ko ang pagtulak mo sa'kin
Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Tinanggap ko lang mga salita **** hagupit
Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Tinalo ng luha ko ang ulan ng bagyong mabagsik
Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Noon ay akala ko ikaw na ang nangyari sa'king pinakamasakit

Wala 'kong alam sa pag-ibig
Pinanood lang kita sa pagtakbo mo
Nabingi lang ako sa mga pangako mo
Marami ring oras ang inaksaya ko sa'yo
At mahaba-haba rin ang nasulat kong 'to

Ngayong natuto na akong tumayo sa mga paa ko,
Ang punto ko lang ay napakawalang hiya mo!
Feb 2016 · 330
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
We are entangled
To each other
To keep ourselves in a knot
Is our commitment
We go around in circles
Traversing a single path
For we are
Knotted, entangled, committed
To breathe each other's breath
And beat each other's heart...
Feb 2016 · 199
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
Because it's only in thine eyes
that you see beneath the figures and
the cruel layer of reality
'Tis in thy eyes that you see
the glory of humanity...
Feb 2016 · 254
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
Heart splatters blood like fireworks
Eyes are tired but you've woken my soul
And I'm not sure how this really works
What I know's except you blurred is all

I've been shot by arrow
Then everything seems true
You somehow erased my sorrow
And added colors to my only hue

I see you now in a different, new light
Light so bright that blinded my mind
Your hair, face and bag still in my sight
And seriously, I wanna ask, "Do you mind?"

You made blood rush fast as lightning speed
Race with my other thoughts
That's all you did
Mercy on me now---just let me sleep...
Have you ever been awake all night just because of distracting thoughts? I hope I'm not the only one...
Feb 2016 · 263
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
It's dripping
From my fingertips
The cold diamond
Shining under the
Golden sun
Until one is left
Resting in my palm
Like a string
I grip tight
As if this is
My lifeline...
~Time is running out...
Feb 2016 · 173
Andrei Corre Feb 2016
Dark eyes bore on me
Your words sting but all I see's
You looking at me...
~~~I don't know why I got butterflies by being stared down by those hateful eyes...~~~
Jan 2016 · 242
Andrei Corre Jan 2016
Spots of lights
Closed my eyes
None came to sights
Mind was filled with lies

It was a hard day
No one was left gay
Then it appeared: the sun's ray
It was time for another play

And so the actress came
With bright smile on and heels
Everybody knew her name
But never what she truly feels

Mask to her soul
Makeup to her face
She finished it all with grace
And for that had always been praised

In pretending, she has awards
For running away instead towards
Head's down, head's up, cover up
The rising truth was bottled up

It was easier to put her thumbs up in the sky
Than cry the tears she's been hiding inside
She says she is strong
She's not too small
And so she continues to play the game on

Then my mind was filled with lies
Nothing right came to sights
That I had to close my eyes
To see the spots of lights...
Jan 2016 · 260
29th of January
Andrei Corre Jan 2016
Days had evaporated
And leaves had been blown by wind
Fingers had turned another page
The pen breathed out a new story to tell
Time had sped away, leaving almost everything
Old and forgotten
Forgotten and old
A newborn beginning had started
As the young mind grew wiser
And an innocent heart became learned
And I blew my candle, thinking still
Of what to make of this chance,
This new opportunity that
I have held and grasped
This gift that I was fortunate
To be blessed with
This life, my life...
Jan 2016 · 313
Finish Line
Andrei Corre Jan 2016
It is up above the world like stars
But then you see it in the horizon
More days shall come and go
But only seems a blink away
It feels like you're getting there
When in fact you're just about to run
Within hand's reach, but you shall spend
Tireless tries to achieve it
You want to be there but frightened by the thought
Of your presence at the end
Because you won't know, you'll never know
If Death is there awaiting
Or the finish line is where
The Dawn of new beginnings...
Jan 2016 · 334
To My Sky
Andrei Corre Jan 2016
I look at all your pictures
Reminiscing our times together
We were inseparable creatures
I really thought we'd last forever

Remembering your smile
That always brighten my day
Hearing your sweet voice from a mile
It makes me feel okay

Sometimes I long for you
But they scream everything's fake
Still, without you my world's blue
But someday I know I'll be awake

I'll come to my senses
Realize that you and me can never be
Not even the wind can bring me happiness
For far from you I will always be

Yes, this is to my sky
The one that I can never touch
No matter how high I fly,
Down from afar will I watch...

— The End —