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The green in me is cleansing thee
Finds its way to the nearest tree
Spreading good like everyone should
In this world that we share.

It cuts through the sky like the rays of the sun
Peace and love has finally won
Reaching the ends of the Earth, seeking
For people like you and me.

Sing loud and find the joyous sound
That fills our hearts, making us proud
That we're human in a perfect union
Standing hand in hand

At last.
TS Ray Nov 2019
Driving by the beautiful woods,
I see them every night.
Standing tall and peaceful words at last,
its truly a poignant sight.

I think to myself,
all through the night.
what would mine say?
perhaps a few words of righteous might?

When the time comes,
need I let the world know?
or as the time flies,
do I let the world know me?

Flying like a butterfly,
Spreading your wings willfully,
Shining through your smile truthfully,
Speaking a few niceties naturally, and
Building paragraphs of legacy.
Surely, Epitaph will be no new fancy,
and written for you in permanency.
Not in a stone but in the hearts,
you touched in regular frequency.

I think to myself,
all through the night.
Why then,
should it say anything?
I suppose, its neither wrong nor right.
TS. 2019.
Amulya Sep 2019
So, yeah,
I'm not like the rest of the heard.
I'm Different.
Thank you for spreading the word.
Sharmila Juliet Apr 2019
Amidst the sorrow of wilting petals,
Your spreading aroma
Make my heart feel better.
And, says everything will be alright
With the smile.
FADE Jun 2018
I believe in freewill
That we have control over our lives
That is why I choose to believe
In destiny,
In soulmates,
In true love.
I choose to believe in the stars
And choose to believe in faith
That it is real
It is present
And it will happen
A child was borne from a woman who was once very bright
When she entered this world, the mother's hair was dark as night
You could say that she was changed, after she had me
Her so cruel and dark, how couldn't I see?

With eyes so clouded and a sickly sweet smile she lies
To herself, to everyone around her, none the wise
Her child hating to come home because of what might wait there
That fake smile will be gone, and that black soul laid bare.

What happened, how did she become this way?
Staring at her child with a smile once bright as day
Is it my fault the child wonders, and just what could it mean?
Will my soul turn just as black, so unable to be seen?

Will I hide myself forever out of the fear of what I could be?
A heart so dark and hated that I would bury it deep
Never looking in the mirror because I'm afraid that I'll see
Hair as dark as night and a smile that's black and bleeds.
he got me
fast runner
our feet
touched the ground
he was so deep

Realeboga M May 2015
"I'm dying", I say barely above a whisper.

Her voice hitches and I close my eyes.
I can't bear to see her response,
I know she'll probably tell me to keep fighting.
To keep trying...
But I can't.

It's been nearly two years since I found out.
Two years fighting for survival.
Two years realising I was my own rival.

"Don't say that", her voice breaks.
Her forehead rests against mine, as her hand roams the scars on my arms.

"I can't", my heart aches.
I tense my jaw, hoping to constrict myself from crying.
I swallow the sounds of my cracking heart and pull away.

I finally open my eyes and look anywhere but at her.
I see the birds flying and I hear them chirping,
The sun shinning so bright it contains a bright aura of happiness.
The ***** green grass dancing and moving with the beat of the wind.
Leaves shattering and making a harmonious sound.
I laugh to myself, considering how contradicting the mood between her and I is to nature.

"Please",she begs.
Her voice betrays her as it exposes her vulnerability.
Her whole demeanour dies,
Her knees buckling, holding on trying not to fall while her tears escape her effortlessly.

I shut my eyes,
Bite my lip,
Ball my hands to a fist,
Trying to hold in the pain,
Trying to hide the disease spreading within me.

"Okay, I'll fight it and I won't die", I look straight into her eyes.

"Promise?" She asks.

"Yea", I give her a faint smile.

I lied.
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