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K Balachandran Oct 2018
A skeptical, theoretical physicist,
Composed poetry frenzidly all night,
Got enlightened, went beyond limits,
Made peace with the equation ultimate!
Anya Sep 2018
In a frenzy of emotion
I wonder
Are these even poems?

Or just me spilling words as I please
Splatterpainting the enticing blank page
With me
K Balachandran Jul 2018
puddle dotted fields,
kids in mud football frenzy;
time stops for each game!
K Balachandran Feb 2018
a fast moving cloud,
soon becomes a flock of birds;
migrants in frenzy!
Vulpes Nov 2017
As I glare into the sky,
Thousand lights shine down on me,
Thousand eyes to pierce my veil,
Thousand minds to know my tale.

I crave your eyes to look at me,
The eyes you placed on sun and moon,
To fear my deeds, to fear my hunt,
To **** all children you have shunned.

I want you, God, to watch me close,
Through wafts of mist, through wafts of blood,
To memorize the blade that cut
Through skins and organs of your loves.

Before you come, before you close
in on me the one who cursed
all of your sheep
all of their hope
i want to see your face once more
the mask you wear in minds of priests
shatter the lies show me the beast
you truly are.

i want you to KNEEL
come show me god the FEAR you feel
come show the god that LIED to us
the one who neglects war and LUST



stop me!
or i will end this child that prays
to. a. false. god. WHO ONLY SWAYS
i'll carve my name into his back
and shove the blade into his head
he'll scream and call me monster
till. he. bleeds. out.
but i know
the only monster is


Brian Hoffman Oct 2017
You want this
swelling rise of swollen self
that drowns my thoughts
in blood that throbs

the slickest steps always
slip the best
when pressed
hydrant-pressure pulses
In that slow build

You wind around me
as we settle into that fractured time
when I am yours and you are mine


I growl,
a bear in heat
you squirm and entreat me
to make love to you
treat you like my princess
your ******* scream at you to be
as they graze the cotton sheets

lubricated to stop the high tension
smoking burn of friction
the slap of your *** as you writhe back
consuming me
***** deep
in your centre

My fingers clasp into your hips
holding the depth
my eyes closed
you smell of lilacs and berries
if they had been slathered in sin
and served up in piping hot lust

you sound like heaven
echoing through my blood stream
the thud of my heart screaming your name

I command myself to stay with you
as my hands let you ease off of
my ****
you take full advantage  
there on your knees and I am vulnerable
to your slick
to your wet...

(Too right, I'm just a man)

all you needed was an inch of freedom
to rock forwad then slam your cheeky control
back onto me

that slick sound that
unmistakable ***** ******* sound
slops against my thighs

the invite to drive
me into a frenzy
the want  
the need to please
be pleased
freed from thought and reason

Shower me in your lust
soak the sheets
moments before I shower you with mine
the hot splash
on your back
as we lose control together
FADE Aug 2017
The nights* when all I see is dust and smoke

When it's so much overpowering--- the trace of cologne

The nights when it's cold since you've been gone

I made your side of the bed  but you did not come

The nights when I almost pick up the phone

But I couldn't call you for you're already home

So I wait for the nights you're mine alone...
Elise Jackson Jun 2017
don't we all wish we could go back and change certain things?
don't we all need a period of rest and reflection?

i think about the past a lot.

not a certain time period or memory, but all at once.
i don't quite think it's good or bad, it's just there.

ready to strike at any moment.

throwing me into a nervous frenzy.
Wyatt Oct 2016
The shaking stops feeling so temporary
and the frantic feelings continue their course.
I could not make up a worse feeling.
Back and forth in the beginning moments
of the day that was supposed to be a gift.
The nightmare comes after the sleep now,
the frenzy isn't slowing down even a little.
The shaking should subside,
but it keeps going.
The fear should turn to strength,
but it keeps coming stronger.
What you told me was wrong, it was supposed to be okay.
I found that nothing was what I'd hoped it'd be.
Stop, stop, stop it now.
Pick up the pace before you crumble,
the frenzy isn't slowing down even a little.
K Balachandran Apr 2016
Your windswept wild red hair, *Tantric fractal,
spreads forest fire in my thoughts,to the far end,
how far can I  go on keeping this endless raging,
a dangerous arsonist in my mind's chamber?
Unchecked, unbridled, not quenched,
shimmering fire with a thousand ember eyes,
come burn my ardor with the essence of red.
my red riding hood, on this Tantric bed spread.

Your passion, unleashed as unkempt wind swept
red cloud  of hair,assumes the forms of our love
now a cascade of water from mountain, after new rain,
splashes all over my mind's fecund landscape,
day and night imbibing the effect of your red wine
anointing  cool, love balm, I get inebriated.

Your red, fluffy,earthy textured, magic coiffure,
becomes  a sea of infinite calm,in my stormy nights.
I whisper to air"I want to taste the salt of her earth,
I want to swim in the confluence, her red flow commences,
If I'd  be buried within the red earth of her dense hair,
I'll be resurrected, re imagined by her as her immortal lover"
Tantra-ancient Indian esoteric practice,seeking to channel the divine male/female energy to attain' siddhis'(supernatural attainments) and "moksha" (liberation of soul)
Fractal-It's the geometry of deterministic chaos,also describe the geometry of mountains, clouds, galaxies etc...
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