Wyatt R Oct 2016

The shaking stops feeling so temporary
and the frantic feelings continue their course.
I could not make up a worse feeling.
Back and forth in the beginning moments
of the day that was supposed to be a gift.
The nightmare comes after the sleep now,
the frenzy isn't slowing down even a little.
The shaking should subside,
but it keeps going.
The fear should turn to strength,
but it keeps coming stronger.
What you told me was wrong, it was supposed to be okay.
I found that nothing was what I'd hoped it'd be.
Stop, stop, stop it now.
Pick up the pace before you crumble,
the frenzy isn't slowing down even a little.

Jamadhi Verse May 2016

Upright, tight,
hidden beneath buttons
and embroidered seams,
a beautifully stitched silken dream
to protect the laity,
to contain the supremacy
and hide the glare
of your sublime light.
I know the life-giving warmth
of the great orb up above
But never before have I witnessed
A beauty like this sun;
the power of the universe
all contained in one.
One moment, one persona,
one grand rule, spreading
throughout this world,
turning it golden,
turning it molten,
right through my eyes,
cancelling my sight
with your exquisite radiance.

So arresting is your stare,
it binds me.
It ties me in knots and confines me.
Just as you like me.
Restricted from your lofty grace,
all tangled in your netted lace
imprisoned by your distant gaze,
I am unworthy.
Your irises mirror the sea,
they wash right over me;
move me in tides
and sighs and delights
of heights I’ve never flown
and levels too deep and infinite
to ever fully be known.

You make me wish to be sewn
as a gold, threaded flower
into the collar of your coat;
the fabric that is me,
pressed against your throat.
Privy to every whisper,
every hot, lengthy exhale
as it trails from your lips like a fire,
making me perspire.
Your heat singeing my eager lungs.
Our breath at last, melded as one.

Hypnotized, I am I spun
like a magnetic, orbiting moon.
A satellite in unending flight,
moved by the gravitational
pull of your rule.
Let me eclipse your sun into night,
the round edges of your light
showcasing my truest form
as you emanate your royal rays
in which I am now adorned.
My darkness ablaze as you are reborn.
A coronation for you, my majesty.
My honor traded away in pageantry,
in fealty all to you.

Let me wear the golden crown
of your glaring elegance.
Let me revel in your regal arrogance
as it wraps around me like a lustrous shroud
conforming me in you.
I shall wear it proud upon me,
head bowed in reverent servility
so that I may orbit my star eternally.
This cosmic dance just for you.

I am great and powerful in all things,
but all these things I will give to you.
The jewel of my heart, in pieces and shards
as ornaments and scepters for you.

I mean to be ruled.
Undo your buttons.
Lose your seams.
Let me gaze upon my imperial dream.

Blind me.

J.M. 2016

Born of lust and a powerful fetish for ornate 18th century men's clothing.
K Balachandran Apr 2016

Your windswept wild red hair, *Tantric fractal,
spreads forest fire in my thoughts,to the far end,
how far can I  go on keeping this endless raging,
a dangerous arsonist in my mind's chamber?
Unchecked, unbridled, not quenched,
shimmering fire with a thousand ember eyes,
come burn my ardor with the essence of red.
my red riding hood, on this Tantric bed spread.

Your passion, unleashed as unkempt wind swept
red cloud  of hair,assumes the forms of our love
now a cascade of water from mountain, after new rain,
splashes all over my mind's fecund landscape,
day and night imbibing the effect of your red wine
anointing  cool, love balm, I get inebriated.

Your red, fluffy,earthy textured, magic coiffure,
becomes  a sea of infinite calm,in my stormy nights.
I whisper to air"I want to taste the salt of her earth,
I want to swim in the confluence, her red flow commences,
If I'd  be buried within the red earth of her dense hair,
I'll be resurrected, re imagined by her as her immortal lover"

Tantra-ancient Indian esoteric practice,seeking to channel the divine male/female energy to attain' siddhis'(supernatural attainments) and "moksha" (liberation of soul)
Fractal-It's the geometry of deterministic chaos,also describe the geometry of mountains, clouds, galaxies etc...
Sasha Skelobich Feb 2016

That Bitch Named Desire
I had a succubus try to take my seed
in a dream today   
I broke the connection and said
Bitch you gotta pay to playyyyyyy

You so used to controlling my desires
Best get on your knees and call me sire
“Sir you have the floor”

I wage war on the empire
of the realm of desire
So if you conspire to be in my line of fire
Don’t say I didn’t tell you,
    You’ve earned my Ire.

The rhythm of my war drum goes:
Mah heart  BEATS ta da Rhythm of the
We illuminate truth, or sooo it seeeeeeeeeeeeim
But still.....
The rhythm of my war drum BEATS:

So I wage war on the realm of the evil fae
Ima PURIFY da demons until  
dey take me away (screamed)

Bleed out into LIFE;
  reverse the vampire effect
place succubi in a hearse
  and drive them straight ta deaph

cause lately You been drivin me crazy
and making my will, focus, an determination
sooo haeeezzzzy

cause now Its time to

Ritually open my wounds
and bleed acid on you
Don’t worry theres enough
cause your hackneyed and few

Ima chase the Daemons off
Smoke my dreads to their lungs
and make dem young cough
so offten I put em in a hot-boxed coffin
Now your outta breath
But im just not stoppin

huh (echo(
whats this? whats this....(echo(  
and  uh oh
Blood barrels stacked Its a wierd supply depot,

for that army growin
and growlin behind your eye, see though....
They Perma-
        on your shoulders,
   and now mine, Truth Show

So my wings tear free of my back
For so long they’ve been bound and compact
I look to my lovers and brothers and CRy
Pick up your weapons,
Its time to act


The rhythm of my war drum goes:
Mah heart  BEATS ta da Rhythm of the
We illuminate truth, or sooo it seeeeeeeeeeeeim
But still.....
The rhythm of my war drum BEATS:

Alisha Vabba Sep 2015

Faces, sweat, tiny little squares.
It all fades and flashes
And yo’re so warm,
so genuine…

A toothache and desperate desire.
My knees tremble
With hunger, fear and life;
With lust…of what?

And to think that just this morning,
my alarm clock was destruction!

Frosted silver whisper
melt this shielded sore
enlighten my dormant soul
heal this stone once more
Reckless raw emotions
tasteless heat, empty mirrors
extinct frenzy, I dare,
dazzle me with your glare
Overwhelming moon
such a romantic delirium
alluring shooting stars I seek,
my voice to them wishes to speak.
The night lost the blues,
magic labyrinth lost the clues
royal keys were once stolen
enchanted tower got broken
Affectionate soul, my Amber Angel
the sharp flakes and memories
scattered they must be
through the silky roses once loved
close by our Enchanted Tree

© Christina Philipe

Mini Singh Mar 2015

Was never suppose to happen,
to taste nectar from you, to taste what I've always yearned
Addiction, to the taste of you
In my frenzy, I've lost chunks of who I am
Of where I'm going, of whom you really are
I've lost my center and allowed the plummet
Bruises left scars  
that didn't stop me from reaching
Nor being molded for you,  
I've liked it.  
Thoughts echoes in my head
only a taste of you brought my descendant  
leaving me in a state of jelly limbs and uncontrollable emotions
no rational thinking to stop the exploration of your hands inside
Nor stop you from dropping me to the floor
Nor banging against cabinets
Nor the plunging of head first diving for my yearnings
My daily supplies of drug dose
My dopamine, my oxytocin, 20 seconds worth of pleasure
My daily supply
Nor to stop me from running after you when you couldn't care less
I think I finally understand why people run away from love
It's terrifying
I've lost myself to you

Rhianecdote Feb 2015

Playing a solo game of frustration, I embrace cowardice as I constantly back away from confrontation, rage simmering in the alienation, mars attacks, scars attach and no manipulation can stop their  compression of my circulation,
Heart stops and my brains on a feeding frenzy from starvation, out of blood so I'm out for blood, count on assassination no resuscitation
Try to reassess the situtuation but the deliberate deliberation just seems like procrastination, open to stipulation , stitch it up and look at my creation, a Frank-enstein abomination and there's no time for negotiation 
I'm on trial and the tribulation
Leaves me heading to an unknown destination...

A Destination Unknown
Though this Hate was Home grown

Undercover rapper aspirations. Cause one would love to spit bars on the Mic like Tyson especially when one is pissed the Fuck off! But where does all this pent up anger lead... Hopefully a successful rapping career!
Dark soul Feb 2015

The words come flowing out  when the blood is boiling under.  That is when vengeance comes to rescue your soul
longing to fulfill our thirst .
I just want to strike him with my rage
and want to literally burn him into ashes just so that I can roll into those, deathlike corporeal ruins
leaving soul frenziedly lust of mine to satiate .
I want to hold some of his powdery residual remains
as the rest
just scatters by ;
staring at my ascendancy.
Till then let another par of anger pile up and
get that load off
with my bare hands ,
bathing in the
pleasant sight of his blood stains .
My vendatta would be eternally be lasting even in afterlife .
After all it is a fight of a soul to get his righteous stand someday and may that be by ,

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