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melody Aug 17
if i could go back to that day…. i would
not to captive your smile or remember what you first said to me
by now you’re dead to me
if i could go back, i would hold the hands of time tight
memorize each tick
expose some more light
i would look you in the eyes with your hands ready to receive
and ignore your existence
possibly make you bleed
i can just imagine how free i would be
if i could go back i would’ve never given you the time of day
i gave it like a gift so freely and without dismay
i wish i could go back and ****** it from your hands
my heart, my time and everything in between which continued to stand
someday my heart won’t feel so heavy from regret
everyday it feels like a reset
metamorphosis amongst the pain
i’m keeping sunshine on my brain
i take everything in stride cause it’ll come full circle
someday that love i gave will come back
i find my peace in that
M Vogel Nov 2020

"And in an instant,   death
brings forth every part  of who it is that we are,
when everything within ourselves
that we have spent a lifetime
running  away  from

will become fully known to us.

And so, it is not  god
who will send us to Sheol,  but our own, true selves--

for the 'unforgivable', unpardonable  sin
of what we now are able to see  as being
our own  blatantly-rude,   s e l f  betrayal:

a one-shot deal.. and we ****** it all away--
hiding, in the shadow."

~some dude

I don't know if I want to try
to break through, anymore..

And I'm not sure if its  because
flesh makes such great shadow,
or that its fallen, process of filtering
so greatly excels at keeping the spirit
from finding its way back home

No matter, my beautiful
either way,  I win--

I will sit with you
and perpetually bring to those gorgeous lips
a cool drink of water,
until  that day//

the day of days..
When all things,  loved
will be brought back home;;

All things.

I've been around this world, yet I see no end.
All shall fade to black,  again and again.
This storm has broken me, my only friend

In this river  all shall fade to black

for Brother Zakk, and the love of all things, Wylde
Diksha Dhiman Oct 2020
You acted in the best way you were capable of in that moment. Allow yourself to be at peace with this. Release doubt and welcome faith🥀.
                -diksha dhiman
Andrei Corre Aug 2020
Back when I had lost all my friends and the last lover sat there behind the barred door, she would gather me up with so much warmth.

      She knew I could not be without rhythm. So she played the harp for me. Caresses from hushed lullabies sitting against the windowsill.

      She wept when she saw me naked. I pretended I did not see. She bathed me in flowers and silk.

      Her touch sang mellow tunes on my discolored skin. And her eyes held my soul still, cuddled me as if I was once in her womb.

      Tender, careful breathing into my lungs she did. I looked at her. She only smiled. The air sounded an apology.
been so long. i missed being here. i missed being the old me.
Navahopi119 Jul 2020
They talk about a world without

But never before had I ever met such a
Pure soul
In the form of

Unbeknownst to me, you became the
I turned to seek.

This bitter misunderstanding that has lead me to the thinking I now have.

It has crumbled this positive outlook I use to forsee.

That is until you reached out to
Leading me away from all this misery with your

Allowing me to pass into your veil of

Your mere presence stilling my mind.
Dissipating my sense of

Quick to
Patient enough to let me Grow.

Never before had I met such a pure soul.

Nor did I realize.
Forsaking appreciation and the comfort of your solitude.

Never before...

Until I lost
Eloisa Oct 2019
I just thought that I have left your memories ashore and buried them deep under the sand.
But they were carried by the waves again
in the middle of the ocean.
Here where I am trying to find
and rebuild myself.
Waves of longing and regrets are crushing
my sail.
I’m now swimming, drowning in nostalgic pain.
I dived deep within your memories
and finally found my heart.
I held my precious heart, stayed afloat
and saw a glimpse of my own horizon.
Though self-forgiveness and peace
are yet far to be reached.
I still have my strength.
And I promise not to drown again.
~An emotional journey

— The End —