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I'm stuck in the sea
Between you and me.

I swim relentlessly towards you,
but the sea never ends.

Tick tock and I forgot whom I'm longing for, and I'm lost in an unrelenting Ocean of dread and misery.

Not knowing my starting point nor my destination, I find myself drowning in my own desolation.

I hear my name echo like thunder,
But the song to you your voice resonates no more.
It lost its magic.

With all that surrounds me I feel nothing but blue. My mind no longer recalls what it means to be "Me and You".

Maybe had we met half way, I'd still know who "YOU" are.
With this path that you've taken
Yourself, you have forsaken
To live untaken.
Like a lone pine raised in isolation, misshapen, made to live in desolation.

Crooked in appearance
From times of endurance,
When plagues like venomous snakes
Left the landscape full of stakes.
You were the one who survived the onslaught.

You combated the disease,
Pushed yourself from the antagonists.
You can say you lived, you survived,
But tell me, what's the use now,
If you're to dwell alone.
The egoist who thinks deserves love, but isn't ready to love anyone else is forced to live in isolation. Not willing to think of the wellbeing of others, they find nobody wants them . They might as well survive, but they'll never be satisfied.
Anxiety... the bane to my existence
At the opportune time opposing my resistance.
Dragging me into an uncontrollable state of stress,
Where I stand idle, where I'm a mess.

All my insecurities resurface, and
I think that I can't handle this,
That I'm not that great after all.
That I'm not desirable in the eyes of all.

So I stand silent in desolation
In a state of isolation.
Where I wonder who would put up,
With this mishap of creation...
That happens to be me.
In perpetual solitude I linger in the shadows.
Fragmented in which pieces to me are unbeknownst... unrecognisable.

Am I who I was or am I nothing but a memory of what I once were? Something other than me. A corrupted part of my insanity.

Maybe I am nothing more than lifeless flesh, rotting in perpetual solitude.
Tingling feelings in your chest,
A buzzing euphoria in your head.

The heavy breaths that fill your lungs.
The warmth of a touch long longed-for.

Lip to lip, a magic trick...

So easy to conjure
yet so difficult to come by,
A kiss, A kiss that's what I miss... in this lonely life of mine.

Two hearts racing in syncope,
Two souls combined.
The adrenaline rush...
A feeling undefined.

Yes truly inexplicable,
Yet sometimes described,
As hundreds of fireworks
exploding in your mind.
I'm lost in a world where I'm a Phantom,
A Phantom that nobody sees.
And although I'm always there screaming in their faces so that they might finally listen, I'm still unheard, .... unspoken to.

Trapped in my own being,
Unable to express how I feel to all those who roam in the proximity of my ever fading aura.

Every now and then they do get a glimpse of me, but they quickly dismiss me as an illusion....

A figment of their macabre
When you're so depressed,
And your brain is messed,
******* up, so much you can't get a glimpse or a touch, of what is.. reality.

Is this what they call humanity?
Confusing mentality.
People hate, people relate,
Otherwise they just forget with no regret that you exist.

And you're trapped in yourself,
With no one to communicate.
Made to wonder whatever you did wrong, to deserve the alienation from the ******* whole nation.

Wondering whether you'll ever be important to anybody. Hiding in the shadows, hiding from the sun.

Realising you'll never be The One for anyone.
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