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Aug 2016 · 289
Distant Nights
Gilly Sama Aug 2016
In this cold night, I was struck by the sadness of these spaces we have. If you were just in sight I wouldn't be feeling this emptiness I've been keeping inside of me. Tonight, as I'm watching those stars made with neon papers on my ceiling above me, I think of you. Rough breaths escaping my lungs as the figment of tomorrows flashes before me. Will these spaces be ever filled with your presence? Will you ever wrapped your arms around me? Will I ever be hearing your silent breaths as I'm leaning into your chest? Tell me love, Will there be a future for us?
4 jgy
Aug 2016 · 518
Empty Chair, Empty Heart
Gilly Sama Aug 2016
I could feel this empty chair filling all my heart with pain. Why would you leave me hanging like there's something more for us? The heat of anger rushes through me but my love for you prevails. I could go on forever like this: waiting for the love to feel,  waiting for the warmth of your skin. Tell me, is this all worth it? Are you still there? Will this be all going to end well? or it will just be another nightmare? --
4 jgy
Aug 2016 · 378
Lovers in Crime
Gilly Sama Aug 2016
The streets call out our names
It's time to run down and pour up the flames,
Unwanted sounds fades
as the atmosphere of us invades,
Call me a gangster
cause I want to take you down wrapped with my blazer.
We track the disaster of the century
with you in my arms I won't feel this misery.

This time, our love is divine
And tonight as we reach for the stars
Drag me out from reality.

With you my love,
Life is so much more than fantasy.
4 jgy
Aug 2016 · 260
Prince in a Castle
Gilly Sama Aug 2016
Reality is drifting away as I think about you in a daydream.
Fantasies in my head are telling me how we were meant to be.
Caught up in a nightmare of the distances of our heartbeats,
In every second it utters the anthem of our love.

"You once lived in a castle don't you?" She asked him.

He looked at her in confusion.

*"I was that Cinderella whom you met in a party of swirling people and you were that prince who came, the one who I let slipped away and the one who searched the world to bring me back."
Thoughts at 5pm in an airport
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Anger rushes in my bloodstream
Taking all the feelings I made
False hopes leaving my luggage in a dim
As the dreams of forever I want to fade
Heavy breaths leaving my lungs
As uncontrollable pain of yesterdays
Terrifies all of my being.

*Tell me now warrior,
To rise or to fall?
Do I deserve it all?
To this man who made me write a poem in a sleepy 11 evening
Jul 2016 · 298
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
A girl met a boy on the beach
It was the sixth sunset of May.
She was wearing a crimson dress,
His hair was in a perfect set.

"I think I've seen you before," the boy said
"Yes," with determination in her eyes she added:
"You had seen me but you never take the chance."
Looking down at her fingers,
He knew,
He missed the chance.
Ming Sama | July 19, 2016
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
It was in two minutes when it all started.
I was sitting on a bench under the Maple tree. You were the man who came and sat beside me. Then we started to talk. You asked simple questions to complicated ones. It was beautiful yet it's just only the beginning.
Ming Sama | July 19, 2016
Jul 2016 · 651
Romeo and Juliet
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
I was the girl who doesn't exist in reality
He was the boy who is close to fantasy.
We are characters in a tragic love story;
Romeo was his first name
And Juliet was the girl who consumed me.

While Shakespeare's Juliet captured the heart of her Romeo,
My Romeo was stolen by somebody else.

We were living in two different worlds,
And the story of my life shows:
*"Not all Romeos and Juliets meet,
And I was that Juliet who never met her Romeo."
Ming Sama | July 19, 2016
Jul 2016 · 3.7k
Just Two
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Two tables apart,
Two books on your hand,
Two persons in love behind me,
Two dark brown eyes gazing at me
As my two big eyes stared back.
You took two steps forward
When you lean two inches closer,
Two hearts beat in rhythm.
Then you said those two words,
Two words that normal people say
But when you said those two words,
As if two worlds crushed down on me.
*"Hi love."
Ming Sama| July 19, 2016
Jul 2016 · 331
Universe of You
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
I was a nobody before a miracle. A different spec from humanity. I am a stranger in my own world; couldn't care more about anything.

Then I met this boy, this boy was you. You once told me that you are Flash, the superhero of this world that in a glimpse you will be there when someone needs you.

I was shy, scared and afraid to tell you about a world that I am into. But you had saved me from the cruel phases of time, the hideous stares from the crowd and the uncertainty of tomorrows. I want to tell you you are the hero, my hero.

"You're really different." You told me on a summer night that we talked.

"I think so. You were a yellow rose, I was the white one. People are like roses, we are in the same kind but different colors." I told you nervously, too scared for a response from you.

"Yes." You told me as you turned your head down.

My heart was beating so fast from disappointment with your short response.


Too silent.

It was too silent for me to hear your heartbeat.

"We are a rose, yes. We could be any flower too but you... You are the most beautiful flower that I've ever seen. The most different than anyone."

**After that night. The stars caught me as I fall into the universe of you.
Ming Sama // No. 9
Jul 2016 · 6.0k
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Pink cheeks pluck from your smile
Enticing me to your touch,
Cruel admirations lurking
I was lost hoping.

Rose as white as your lies,
A fake reality I was with.
Tearing me apart,
Grasping my breath to oblivion.
Ming Sama // Poem No. 9
Jul 2016 · 614
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Tough hands fragile as a flower
Scented dreams and wild casting,
Catching fireflies and enchanted streams
Where would a damsel dwells as they glean?
Ming Sama // Poem No. 8
Jul 2016 · 237
Crucial Fall
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
The time has come,
The leaves starting to fall
As I watch myself out to infinity,
Engraving daydreams into the dust

Reaching out the sunset
Crossing fingers with your love.
Tell me now,
Will you follow me to the safe side?
Ming Sama // Poem No. 7
Jul 2016 · 535
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Serenity is casting me out;
Out from the dark clouds of pain,
The weeping shadows of the crowd,
The screaming cicadas of the past.

The serenity I once lost,
I rest in the pavement with your hand.
Ming Sama // Poem No. 6
Jul 2016 · 231
Tell me
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Let those stars guide you tonight
As for me,
I dream about you on a sunny day.

It is funny how far we are
The closer you get to my heart,
The stronger these feelings are.

I remember you with them
That perfect curve on your mouth shows
As you offer them to me.

Such a bad word
Are these spaces farther than we thought?
Tell me, shall we meet on those isles again?
Ming Sama // Poem No. 5
Jul 2016 · 292
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
I'm not drunk and I want to do a lot of things to you. I want to touch your face, at ease as I hold it with both hands. I want to look into your eyes and see through your soul. I want to smell your breath as the alcohol fills my lungs. I want to kiss your lips as I struggle to catch air with the rhythm of yours. I'm not drunk and I'm on my right mind to say  "I love you".
Ming Sama // Poem No. 4
Jul 2016 · 205
To a Flower
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
We are million miles apart
Do you still care about my heart?
I still see you walking on the streets
I still hear you asking things about me

There's no assurance
But I hope for you to come back
Please tell me you like me
I will surely gonna be
Your one and only destiny
Ming Sama // Poem No. 3
Jul 2016 · 7.0k
Stranger in Love
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
It is five twenty three
When my world stopped.
I was walking on that corridor
While you were waiting at the corner
Your eyes fixed on something I didn't know
Yet when you hear these footsteps
You began to meet my eye
My heart was beating wildly on and on and on.
I was too terrified,
Terrified to let those gazes go
I was calm on the outside
But too weak that I might be dead in the inside
Why I was this so connected to you?
I know you
I know your name
I know where you lived
I know your favorite color
I know how those little eyes shines when you smile
But no
We haven't talked before
And we didn't do until now.

As you continue looking at my scared big eyes
I started to turn away
And regret all the stupid things I made
From the moment I sat next to you on that public vehicle
Until now that you are there,
There that I don't know where.

I regret being a stranger to you from the beginning till the end.

That's all I am to you:
A stranger you are sitting next to,
Seeing on the hallway,
Giving promoting cards to,
And an audience from the crowd.
Ming Sama // Poem No. 2
Jul 2016 · 179
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
Alone wandering soul
I'll take your heart with me whole
Searching for answers
I came for the questions

Cast all your fears
Hide all the unwanted sorrows
Strangled dreams
Do not care for extremes

You and I;
Let's make it out alive.
Poem No. 1

— The End —