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Jul 2016
I was a nobody before a miracle. A different spec from humanity. I am a stranger in my own world; couldn't care more about anything.

Then I met this boy, this boy was you. You once told me that you are Flash, the superhero of this world that in a glimpse you will be there when someone needs you.

I was shy, scared and afraid to tell you about a world that I am into. But you had saved me from the cruel phases of time, the hideous stares from the crowd and the uncertainty of tomorrows. I want to tell you you are the hero, my hero.

"You're really different." You told me on a summer night that we talked.

"I think so. You were a yellow rose, I was the white one. People are like roses, we are in the same kind but different colors." I told you nervously, too scared for a response from you.

"Yes." You told me as you turned your head down.

My heart was beating so fast from disappointment with your short response.


Too silent.

It was too silent for me to hear your heartbeat.

"We are a rose, yes. We could be any flower too but you... You are the most beautiful flower that I've ever seen. The most different than anyone."

**After that night. The stars caught me as I fall into the universe of you.
Ming Sama // No. 9
Gilly Sama
Written by
Gilly Sama  Camp Half-Blood
(Camp Half-Blood)   
   Whiskey Trance
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