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A photograph expresses
controlled puppet moment.


we will express through
uncontrolled flowing app’s.

© Feelings Coated
Yeah,, most do …Ms Alexa but we will let the blood hearties express through
uncontrolled flowing app’s.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Twisting wind whooshes,
Thunderstorm’s uncontrolled fits;
Town and country floats!
Talia Jun 2018
You don't feel the same way as before
did you ever feel that way in the first place?
We've heard it all in the lore
here I rest my case
You're unsatisfied
I didn't "pleasure" you enough?
Lust manifests
you can make it rough
and witness the effect
you don't love me anymore
you just wanted my body
why didn't you tell me before
before all this
I waited for the right reasons
it's not fair
pain heals with the seasons
but you wouldn't care.

tease me,
play me,
kiss me.

curiosity killed the cat.
and satisfaction never brought it back.
Awtumn May 2018
There was still a spark,
Still the smallest of flames,
Left over from the hell
That my life used to be.

For a while,
I thought it was gone.
Controlled and out of fuel.
But it never disappeared.
It lived off my smallest fears
And unexplainable doubts.

And when the one person
Who could control this hell fire
Left me when I needed them most,
The spark ignited
And the flame consumed me.

It burns my soul,
The smoke is choking me.
And with all the negative emotions
That I can't help but feel,
The fire only seems to grow.

It provides for my demons,
Makes them even stronger.
I don't want to lose myself again,
But they're the only thing
I hear in my head.

I have to battle them again,
But I'm already so tired.
Perhaps it is time,
I let my demons take over.
Emily Feb 2018
As we talk the tip of his tongue touches the roof of his mouth.
He keeps his eyes from going south.
I respect this for many guys my age can't control
where their eyes patrol.
Svode Nov 2017
This fire,
which burns so freely.
Welcomes me to where I belong.

The fire burns so calmly.
Nothing worries it,
and nothing stresses it.
It can be extinguished at any second,
at the whim of those who overpower it's might.
I will allow it to stay,
as I don't want to lose another.

I can get a torch,
I can strengthen the force of a candle.
I can remove it's relaxing abillity,
and let it grow uncontrolled.
However, I can't lessen it's burning without extinguishing it.
and I can't calm it without killing it.

Burn on, you wicked fire.
Burn on.
I burnt my finger while writing this. Candles sure are fun things to mess about with.
vllxch Jun 2017
Have you ever in that place,
where you were surrounded by so many people,
like on a family dinner or a party or even just hanging out with your friends,
but you feel like your mind and your soul isn't there,
you feel like they were going somewhere that is dark, empty, and really cold so you scream for someone asking for help to warm you up,
but there's no one, you are all alone
just your mind and your soul.

and in that moment,
your heart gets really hurt and you want to scream but cant and instead you make your step to the bathroom and cry.
Gilly Sama Jul 2016
I'm not drunk and I want to do a lot of things to you. I want to touch your face, at ease as I hold it with both hands. I want to look into your eyes and see through your soul. I want to smell your breath as the alcohol fills my lungs. I want to kiss your lips as I struggle to catch air with the rhythm of yours. I'm not drunk and I'm on my right mind to say  "I love you".
Ming Sama // Poem No. 4
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