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Curious, mind, core -
Tell me, not with words
I wish to know, so enlighten
Look at me, and tame my eyes
And let your soul speak to mine
And if you cannot understand
Or if I do see yours there that
Yours wouldn't care to know
that you are not mine, then
At least the truth is so set
By eyes, they don't lie
As do this, my heart
Half yours, of mine
Let seeing blind
And blind see
If I, you can't
Then let be,
To bid bye
O eyes,
Your warmth, shining halo,
Makes light of the weight of the world,
And they hold me up, hoping
I'll be able to stand on my own -
grounded, but flying,
And just as, if not, warmer.
The wintry coldest cold is but a fan
To this frying frigid heart of mine
Can't thaw, be it by any fiery sun
Let alone fair weather Summer fine,
Flowers bloom but the garden's
Overflowing with seeds, unopened,
Birds soon in unison sing, harken -
Does judgment day come unnoticed?
Will I ever wake to bid, see my end?
Then there were three pairs of eyes -
The head's, the mind's, the heart's,
All seek to sort, learn, to find out
The roles surrounding, play part -
Each stone, each breath, each soul
Each entwining and leaving whole,
Doors open, doors close, windows
exciting, terrifying, intriguing you;
Will you find, or raise your barriers?
Will you go out, or stay still within?
All this in a day in the life of being,
All this seeing, sighting, being human.
Sand, sand and dust, dust
These stones you thought
You built unbreakable, no
These in turn will turn into
Sand, sand and dust, dust
And all towers and castles
With time, become ruins so -
The cycle is a cycle for ages
What stops the destruction
Or what delays it, resets it,
Though futile, so to extend it,
Is love; palaces and hovels
fragile letters and trinkets -
Statues young, statues old,
They all stay preserved with
They all last longer long with
A little bit, or a lot, of love -
I'm no one to judge, give it
All or little of the love you can
to watch it stick, to watch it stand
Or slowly crumble in the end,
Dust, dust and sand, sand.
Nerves fulminate, fissuring skin
As bones crackle, to weary tear,
Volcanic face, pooling hot tears,
Gaia weeps, her world despairs,
All of land's flora, and all of seas,
Erupt, displeasure at man's villainy.
Hold onto my string
Tug on me, don't let me go
Little balloon full of wishing
That I may stay by your side
Come winds high and low
And when I lose all my bounce
All my air and floaty sense
Take me, tie me down still
Until I fully deflate, by then
Let me be held, never freed
Teach you how to grasp, show me how
much my insignificance matters at least.
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