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Mar 19 · 369
With him
dabble Mar 19
With him
I'm already in heaven
With him
I'm all ready for hell even
Nighttime notepads
Mar 10 · 901
dabble Mar 10
I would learn all the languages in the world
and I'd still be out of words describing
my love for u
my starboy
Mar 9 · 1.5k
what's worse?
dabble Mar 9
to not find love?
or to find but can't have?
worst is to suffer both stages
Mar 8 · 353
dabble Mar 8
eyes that hunt hearts
lips that verb love
dreams that haunt thoughts
with lust endowed

your hand in my waist
speaks more than words
and your fingers starts to trace
taking me to new worlds

your nose in my jaws
reach before your kiss
your tongue bruise my soul
wandering great abyss

I am a victim of your manhood
Mr.bachelor of charm
in poets mind
is where you belong

if temptation was a person
that would be you
poem sans your presence
can never stay new
so you are the big deal poets are talking about....
May 2020 · 146
All I want is
dabble May 2020
to be on my own legs
than in your arms
May 2020 · 130
Will I ever be enough
dabble May 2020
Will I ever be enough
When he's the sun
And the moon
All in one
And I'm just a speck of stardust

When  snowfall and spring breezes
Spill out of him
Hope I can spill something
Other than dust storm too

his mornings are of dew drops
In a delicate summer day
I'm still left with hailstorm
With my spring in delay

Sunshine and moonlight
Take turns in his world
And I'm lost in the dark
With a phantom of cursed

How can I think I'll ever be enough
When he's the crown and the king
And I'm just one in a clan
With nothing more than love to define

Will I ever be enough?
Well...falling in love with a star
Can have no happy ending
I longed for
Apr 2020 · 354
dabble Apr 2020
he's that fire
who keeps me warm
but every time I try to get close
he hurts me
still a part of me wants something more
and I keep burning myself
I can't run away from him
as I'm scared of dying in cold
addicted to his warmth
I go back to him for survival
even though his proximity kills
I'd rather die in his flames
my sun my moon my star
Feb 2020 · 178
it's you
dabble Feb 2020
You impregnated me with your thoughts
and I'm conceived with words
Honey! just so you know
You are the father of my poems
random thoughts
Dec 2019 · 223
Prince of Busan
dabble Dec 2019
He wears stars on his head
A smile on his face
With pretty doe eyes
He lights up my skies

He is strong enough to carry
Galaxies in his eyes
Those two black holes
Pulling all that go by
A trance all designed
in such a small space
Its a pleasure to get lost
And leave without a trace

He's an inspiration to write
A walking natural scenery
He's a never ending twilight
Like Aphrodite's finery

From his thick legs to thin waist
He's God's architectural masterpiece
Even Tajmahal looks flawed
So does Doric temples in Greece
A centre of attraction below his thin beckoning lips
His cute black mole - point of gravity's grip

Out of all the eras that existed
I'm blessed to live in his'
To live and to love the creation he is
For all that I wish upon
Is a life to live and love
And get enchanted by the beauty
Of the great Theias's son
Jk... All tym starboy
Oct 2019 · 459
From the moment I met him
dabble Oct 2019
I have only
Been depressed
And embarrassed
Why can't I just leave him?

Maybe I love him more than my happiness
Oct 2019 · 132
poetry luv
dabble Oct 2019
pen on paper
excite me
more than
lips on lips
Oct 2019 · 272
loving him was like
dabble Oct 2019
stars never looked brighter before
moon now turned my friend and more
nights are longer than before
holding tears and helping me restore
oceans where I went to find shells and play
now seem a lot deeper than it looks
never thought the breeze it brought had
poems and peace embedded within
the rain, the snow
and the memories they show
from the first sight
to last fight
and even more
Unable to control my feelings
I flow through pen on papers
while some called it poem
some called it pathetic
but all I knew was him
and I was in love
loving him was everything
if I had another life I'd still wish to fall in love with you my star..
Sep 2019 · 315
dabble Sep 2019
how I freeze in your hotness
and melt in your cold hands
Sep 2019 · 741
dabble Sep 2019
We both loved him
He made her his wife
And made me a poet
Sep 2019 · 251
I always dream about you
dabble Sep 2019
but never with me
cos even in dreams
you deserve the best
my star
Aug 2019 · 1.9k
take me
dabble Aug 2019
in his eyes
I wanna drown
in his lips
I wanna melt
in his warmth
I wanna die
and in his arms
I wanna be buried
drunk in love
Aug 2019 · 491
dabble Aug 2019
all this time I thought it was love
but he named it

         'obsessive addictive disorder'
Aug 2019 · 262
finding myself
dabble Aug 2019
wind left me with saturated moisture
to rain down what I have condensed to
rain left me with prism of life
to color my thoughts in rainbow shades
winter left me with melting rivers
to let me grow in blooming spring
moon left me with rising dawn
to find myself in the light of day
nature left me ways to live
and ways that I could be myself

I know that now I don't have me
and all have changed
I only had u in me and
yeah, I lost who was me
to the one and only precious you
I finally found why you left
so I could find and love myself
from u where I lost myself
just trying to love myself before I fall for someone else
Jun 2019 · 1.8k
you belong to me
dabble Jun 2019
your eyes belong
to my undeniable stare that has infinite meanings and thousand thoughts
your lips belong
to my unbounded lust that flows out as a lovable kiss
your chest belongs
to my irresistible touch that tattoos my name and marks my reign
your ears belong
to my words and nibbles from our night bed fights under full moon light

your hands belong to me to hold
I'll want them even when I grow old
your shoulders belong to me to lean
and I, forever want to be your queen
your heart that's beating
that's mine
only mine
no... I would never share
for this whole world, I swear.
May 2019 · 97
dabble May 2019
Searching the contacts for a number to call
All I wanted was a 'Hey!' that's all
Knowing none would've texted I still logged in
Even insta got fed up with no tagging
It's been a whole **** week since I met a human
The ones I usually talked to were lizards and my fan
Depression and anxiety turned my roommates
Never for once I thought we'd become soulmates
Sunlight and moonlight took turns outside
But a small green light on my phone was all I cared
Blamed on myself
Blamed on my life
But never got out
To give the life a try
They say, 'sad people write'
And now I know why
For who else do they have
To lean and cry
Felt grateful to my pen as she was there when I wept
And she was the only one who knew what I felt
For people who knew me I was definitely a loser
But this is my life so.... Whatever
Still a lot more life for a young me to live
So many on the way for me to forget and forgive
Just livin the life in dark... Spoiler alert: it's scary
May 2019 · 184
in dreams
dabble May 2019
but what about the time you said you would never let go

oh right.... that was in my dreams
May 2019 · 1.3k
walking poetry
dabble May 2019
A jumble of aesthetic literature
he is a walking poetry
he's got those deep black eyes
emitting strongest gravity
he's a living mystery
only i wanna solve
hes my only sun
that i wanna revolve
he be living the life of perfection
a whole man made from Aphrodite's collection
Van Gogh's painting out of frame
Well it's the God's inequity to blame
A demon so invincible
shattering all my principles
He's got that charm
that trapped me a slave for lifetime
I don't even regret
cos not falling for him is the biggest crime...
one thing for sure
that honey you are going to hell
for the sin of killing with love
that records couldn't tell
May 2019 · 309
'HE' a two letter poetry
dabble May 2019
They ask 'how do you write good poems?'
Well, just look at him...
He is the whole literature
I just assemble words from him
May 2019 · 403
dabble May 2019
They say gunshot is powerful
I say his eyesight is..
Apr 2019 · 205
dabble Apr 2019
Hey moon
It's me again
Yeah still crying
It's your son again

He's near you shining brightly
I'm down here crying quietly
Yeah he is the star I fell in love with

To you moon, I favor tonight
Just ask him if he's good
And I'll be alright
I'll send you my love
Reflect it on him
For tonight let him sleep
Knowing I'll be there for him....
Fell in love with ***
Mar 2019 · 272
dabble Mar 2019
Best duo
Him and music
Thanks to him and music for now I know how heaven feels like....
Mar 2019 · 232
random thoughts
dabble Mar 2019
those who learn to control their emotions write theories
those who let the emotions control them write poems
guess what the world admires the most???
Maybe not everyone but definitely me... cos everything I write is written by my emotions..
Mar 2019 · 346
dabble Mar 2019
it was never 'I couldn't'
it was always 'I didn't'
Mar 2019 · 216
Moon and I
dabble Mar 2019
Sitting in the cold breeze
With stars above my head
Slowly from the trees afar
You rise as tonight’s guest

Now that I think deep
We both are the same
Not that I have marks in my face
But yeah… still a similarity to claim

You revolve around the Earth
Every day and night
Bring love to your Earth
From a constant height
But still you can’t touch your only sight
Cos you are just a natural satellite

Me? Yeah… I am like you too
My whole world revolves around him
I pour my love
I pour my heart
No matter how much I try
I am still apart
Can’t blame him
It’s just our fate
Glad I got you
As someone to relate

You couldn’t change your orbit
With the gravitation she emits
And I can’t change my habit
With the love wave he transmits

But I do envy you
Not that you are bright and beautiful
But yeah… a difference to claim

For you are your Earth’s only moon
For even with billions stars you are what she needs
I envy
Even with distance you are the only one
Even when I go near I’ll be his one in a million

At least I bring smile to his world
Like you bring light to yours…
struggles of fangirling...
may have some mistakes.. just tried to relate my prob with moon ..tats it
Mar 2019 · 659
dabble Mar 2019
He’s night view with stars and moon
He’s daydream with illusion and charm
He’s sunshine with gloss and warmth
He’s moonlight in a delicate form
He’s snowfall bringing smiles that lacked
He’s sea breeze taking moisture back
He’s monsoon with floods and drought
He’s autumn shedding love he brought
He’s spring so is he my wing
Taking places I have never been
He is gravitation
So is he the magnetization
Making me feel some kinda way
With sweet sensation
He is pain
He is blood in my vein
My ecstasy my paradise
My heaven my hell
My dusk my dawn
I could just go on until you yawn

every HE in my life is special
But "HE" will always be the one
'he' ..... two letter poetry I fell in love with
Feb 2019 · 169
Imaginary boyfriend
dabble Feb 2019
What was warm that night
Was not the fire but his touch
What was bright that night
Was not the starlight but his face
What was deep that night
Was not the ocean but his eyes
What was sweet that night
Was not only berry but his words...
Not our first touch but still new
Not out first hangout but still fun
What was new that night
Was not the location but our love
He gave me all I wanted...
He was my Edward who will wait thousand years...
He was my prince charming even if he knew I ain't Cinderella..
Loved me dawn to dusk and
he held my hand
Coming close to me
Only one thing I felt
What? .........
'hey wake up... It's late already'
A voice of my mom
Water in my face....
The story of my life....
Water dried but he still stayed...
My imaginary boyfriend
Well... Imagination- a beautiful gift to experience everything
dabble Feb 2019
constellation of those moles in your celestial face
it is a pleasure to get lost in that tiny dark space

fools watch the sky to look at stars
I just watch you
shining brighter than the stars that tries hard

the word beautiful spells J-E-O-N
even Aphrodite lost her mind in confusion

those black eyes intense than the black holes
where no escape is possible
but who would even regret
to die in his eyes and go invisible
never knew I'd go this weak
by a stare that a man threw from miles I can't even peek
Feb 2019 · 180
dabble Feb 2019
A time to love and to be loved
Yes, it is dark and silent
No way when he is near
Will his warmth let it touch me
Impossible with his love around me
Sin to say when his bewitching eyes keep me engaged

What's inevitable is his dulcet kiss
What's undeniable is his lovely touch
what's intimidating is his absence
But to think about it is nonsense
What's dark is his silence
What's mine is his soul
What's his is mine
What's ours is this night
To love and to be loved....

— The End —