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Vianne Mar 2020
I ran towards the full moon, into the controlling night sky. I was breathless, chasing this mysterious guy. I asked myself “is it possible to be in love with someone you don’t know”. But we had met, in a dream, somewhere under the rainbow. The blinding moon casted my shadow, but as I got closer to my mysterious love, I knew there will be a faithful tomorrow. Even though I don’t know this fellow, he made me so happy yet so hollow. I felt so drained, my sadness still remains. Because I am chasing after a guy, with the darkness following me, but when I meet my love, I know I will be free. Just wait and you see, the way he will kiss me. And hug me. How he will adore my soul. Wait and you'll see... how we will
slowly become a whole.
dabble Dec 2019
He wears stars on his head
A smile on his face
With pretty doe eyes
He lights up my skies

He is strong enough to carry
Galaxies in his eyes
Those two black holes
Pulling all that go by
A trance all designed
in such a small space
Its a pleasure to get lost
And leave without a trace

He's an inspiration to write
A walking natural scenery
He's a never ending twilight
Like Aphrodite's finery

From his thick legs to thin waist
He's God's architectural masterpiece
Even Tajmahal looks flawed
So does Doric temples in Greece
A centre of attraction below his thin beckoning lips
His cute black mole - point of gravity's grip

Out of all the eras that existed
I'm blessed to live in his'
To live and to love the creation he is
For all that I wish upon
Is a life to live and love
And get enchanted by the beauty
Of the great Theias's son
Jk... All tym starboy
dabble Apr 2019
Hey moon
It's me again
Yeah still crying
It's your son again

He's near you shining brightly
I'm down here crying quietly
Yeah he is the star I fell in love with

To you moon, I favor tonight
Just ask him if he's good
And I'll be alright
I'll send you my love
Reflect it on him
For tonight let him sleep
Knowing I'll be there for him....
Fell in love with ***
dabble Feb 2019
constellation of those moles in your celestial face
it is a pleasure to get lost in that tiny dark space

fools watch the sky to look at stars
I just watch you
shining brighter than the stars that tries hard

the word beautiful spells J-E-O-N
even Aphrodite lost her mind in confusion

those black eyes intense than the black holes
where no escape is possible
but who would even regret
to die in his eyes and go invisible
never knew I'd go this weak
by a stare that a man threw from miles I can't even peek

— The End —