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I hate that you
have this power over
which I can barely
The Sopranos || Fix You
  May 29 dabble
you sit with me in my silence.
and that means more to me
roses and chocolate.
written by d.f.
dabble Mar 19
With him
I'm already in heaven
With him
I'm all ready for hell even
Nighttime notepads
dabble Mar 10
I would learn all the languages in the world
and I'd still be out of words describing
my love for u
my starboy
dabble Mar 9
to not find love?
or to find but can't have?
worst is to suffer both stages
dabble Mar 8
eyes that hunt hearts
lips that verb love
dreams that haunt thoughts
with lust endowed

your hand in my waist
speaks more than words
and your fingers starts to trace
taking me to new worlds

your nose in my jaws
reach before your kiss
your tongue bruise my soul
wandering great abyss

I am a victim of your manhood
Mr.bachelor of charm
in poets mind
is where you belong

if temptation was a person
that would be you
poem sans your presence
can never stay new
so you are the big deal poets are talking about....
dabble May 2020
to be on my own legs
than in your arms
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