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dabble May 13
to be on my own legs
than in your arms
dabble May 12
Will I ever be enough
When he's the sun
And the moon
All in one
And I'm just a speck of stardust

When  snowfall and spring breezes
Spill out of him
Hope I can spill something
Other than dust storm too

his mornings are of dew drops
In a delicate summer day
I'm still left with hailstorm
With my spring in delay

Sunshine and moonlight
Take turns in his world
And I'm lost in the dark
With a phantom of cursed

How can I think I'll ever be enough
When he's the crown and the king
And I'm just one in a clan
With nothing more than love to define

Will I ever be enough?
Well...falling in love with a star
Can have no happy ending
I longed for
dabble Apr 21
he's that fire
who keeps me warm
but every time I try to get close
he hurts me
still a part of me wants something more
and I keep burning myself
I can't run away from him
as I'm scared of dying in cold
addicted to his warmth
I go back to him for survival
even though his proximity kills
I'd rather die in his flames
my sun my moon my star
  Apr 15 dabble
I elbowed the universe
when I saw it flirting
with you as if I wasn’t
also capable of
sunrises and waterfalls.
These shifting continents
tried to pull you away
so with these hands of purpose
I began shifting the stars
to draft love letters
left above for all to see that
I can outworld this earth,
our sun and
the relentless seas
all asking to touch your skin
just as much as
dabble Feb 4
You impregnated me with your thoughts
and I'm conceived with words
Honey! just so you know
You are the father of my poems
random thoughts
dabble Dec 2019
He wears stars on his head
A smile on his face
With pretty doe eyes
He lights up my skies

He is strong enough to carry
Galaxies in his eyes
Those two black holes
Pulling all that go by
A trance all designed
in such a small space
Its a pleasure to get lost
And leave without a trace

He's an inspiration to write
A walking natural scenery
He's a never ending twilight
Like Aphrodite's finery

From his thick legs to thin waist
He's God's architectural masterpiece
Even Tajmahal looks flawed
So does Doric temples in Greece
A centre of attraction below his thin beckoning lips
His cute black mole - point of gravity's grip

Out of all the eras that existed
I'm blessed to live in his'
To live and to love the creation he is
For all that I wish upon
Is a life to live and love
And get enchanted by the beauty
Of the great Theias's son
Jk... All tym starboy
dabble Oct 2019
I have only
Been depressed
And embarrassed
Why can't I just leave him?

Maybe I love him more than my happiness
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