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  Aug 14 dabble
What you feel is what you get
But what I feel I’ll soon regret
I can’t run from what hurts
I’ll embrace it
I won’t go berserk
Everyday my emotions change
Some days are good
Some days are strange
Either way I remain the same
I go back to what hurts most
Can’t be blamed
It makes me overdose
With time I shake it off
Too feel better is what I’ll want
Sooner or later I’ll feel at peace
Will it last
I’ll hope too keep
There’s no doubt to what I feel
What I want
I believe to be real
dabble Aug 8
all this time I thought it was love
but he named it

         'obsessive addictive disorder'
dabble Aug 7
wind left me with saturated moisture
to rain down what I have condensed to
rain left me with prism of life
to color my thoughts in rainbow shades
winter left me with melting rivers
to let me grow in blooming spring
moon left me with rising dawn
to find myself in the light of day
nature left me ways to live
and ways that I could be myself

I know that now I don't have me
and all have changed
I only had u in me and
yeah, I lost who was me
to the one and only precious you
I finally found why you left
so I could find and love myself
from u where I lost myself
just trying to love myself before I fall for someone else
dabble Jun 24
your eyes belong
to my undeniable stare that has infinite meanings and thousand thoughts
your lips belong
to my unbounded lust that flows out as a lovable kiss
your chest belongs
to my irresistible touch that tattoos my name and marks my reign
your ears belong
to my moans and bites from our night bed fights under full moon light

your hands belong to me to hold
I'll want them even when I grow old
your shoulders belong to me to lean
and I, forever want to be your queen
your heart that's beating
that's mine
only mine
no... I would never share
for this whole world, I swear.
dabble Jun 19
So u love dogs
I wonder how dogs live the life I deserve
Even plastic bottle made it to your lips
while I'm a light year away
those shirts those pants who hold you all day
what did it even do to live the life I pray
Stop luring me
with those creams and cologne
you for sure know it affects me when I am alone
if you ain't the definition of temptation
just strike out the word cos it makes no sense
pathetic is the word that defines my life the best now
crying has turned my hobby that my life bestowed
don't wanna know you through your IG feeds
wanna be near you to  help you in your needs
seeking on every possible pretext
I try to meet you by accident
if only life was a fairy tale
if only it had happy ending
if only I didn't love you
if only I never saw you
if only I could smile
if only I could live
if only I could turn back time
I'd go back to the stars
still wishing on you
my ......
my star
dabble May 31
Searching the contacts for a number to call
All I wanted was a 'Hey!' that's all
Knowing none would've texted I still logged in
Even insta got fed up with no tagging
It's been a whole **** week since I met a human
The ones I usually talked to were lizards and my fan
Depression and anxiety turned my roommates
Never for once I thought we'd become soulmates
Sunlight and moonlight took turns outside
But a small green light on my phone was all I cared
Blamed on myself
Blamed on my life
But never got out
To give the life a try
They say, 'sad people write'
And now I know why
For who else do they have
To lean and cry
Felt grateful to my pen as she was there when I wept
And she was the only one who knew what I felt
For people who knew me I was definitely a loser
But this is my life so.... Whatever
Still a lot more life for a young me to live
So many on the way for me to forget and forgive
Just livin the life in dark... Spoiler alert: it's scary
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