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myrrh Sep 2020
I want to be out with my woes from the get-go
Mental foes bring back past memories
Sentimental tows that make it hard to let go of these jeopardies
Rental on feelings, conscious numb alike to leprosy
Spirit claims heresy, conscious won't succumb to its beliefs
I'm in disbelief & empty, like a sword unloyal to its sheath
My joy is brief, not plenty as there's sorrow beneath
I beseech I see tomorrow
myrrh Feb 2020
I always have to face away from the sun
Her light; I betray
Can't face the shadow of what I've become
Out of sight, out of disarray
The number of days I spare to pray
Is only rivalled by the days I don't fare well; like today
myrrh Nov 2019
When the sun is down
The moon comes around to try & hug her
Night & day are lovers
Forever chasing each other
An endless endeavour like no other
They are meant for one another
Hiding their feelings behind the Earth's cover
During dusk & dawn, they blend their colours
It's their love they utter
The moon adores the sun more during summer
In awe of her in her element
Surrounded by stars, he stays celibate
Astounded by her being above par
Far above, yet still with benevolence
No one comes close, they're irrelevant
Shines so bright, she must be heaven sent
myrrh Sep 2019
Endless struggles
Shrug away & fend against the endless hurdles
Feint & sway from self-pity that's internal
External words of wisdom & health are eternal saint
Convert hurt for something  more divinely quaint
Reminded that fate states & destiny is what awaits
Blinded by paranoia that one's mind creates
Find mistakes that cause focus on repercussions
Hopeless individual like the rest of your kind
There's beauty that we all align on this basis
Our collective tears could form an oasis
Daydreaming from being reflective on past cases
Stay believing that the sorrow is in its last traces
Pray the endless fray ends tomorrow, it'd be gracious
Littered with thousands of thoughts until we're senseless
Bitter from being weak & defenseless
myrrh Sep 2019
Light crawls in through the curtains
Stains the floor in shades of yellow & white
Sets pools of obscurity bright
As the sun retires from our sight
Twilight cometh, like one's mind at night
myrrh Aug 2019
Stagnant water, motionless fluid
Same flow that life has to it
Any disturbance causes a ripple
All pain will scar, no matter how little
Collect tears to measure the sorrow
Recollect the fears present tomorrow
Inspect the rear from paranoia of what follows
Darkness cocoons your mind & swallows
myrrh Aug 2019
Tones of black from open eyes
Rays of light from dreams
See clear skies through clear tears
Sleet footsteps in the snow
Blurred vision from ***** windows
Narrowing void-like iris
Smooth marble against your fingers
Rough charcoal brush the feet
Dark & white skin meet
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