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myrrh 1d
Wrap my own hands round my own throat
To promote less dark thoughts I don't condone
Pause the oxygen to pause the mind
Don't want to think, but want my thoughts to be heard
Excuse the oxymoron, heart & head aren't intertwined
myrrh Mar 13
Get vex when I have *** with you
Don't text, need to get over you
Overview of this **** is stress
Don't even need to confess
I used to be in love with you
Deduced there's no love for me
Can't foresee a future with me
Sleep so warm with bodies intertwined
All physical, but emotional isn't on mind
Why must you do this to me
myrrh Mar 6
Pain in my arm from reaching out
Third time's supposed to be the charm
But I've lost count & don't know when I'll max out
Mentally taxed & received an emotional drought
Heavily deceived despite knowing the pattern
Opening & showing your heart & now it's shattered
With each day I feel more battered; it's hard
Wishing for a future that's bright
Whilst relishing in the empty mind space of night
myrrh Feb 27
You may not be a model fashion wise
But I model myself in your fashion
myrrh Jan 14
It's sad to say that I know I'm not on anyone's mind
Being my friend is just a fad, nothing consistently kind
In just a tad, I know you're going to leave me behind
Wish I was stronger, I wish I had tough skin like rind
myrrh Jan 9
Eyes ajar, still can't gaze far
No one dies, still feel subpar
Time flies & the days say their goodbyes
& you won't know my struggles, there's no memoir
Don't like to parade my weakness
I **** for people to see the value of my uniqueness
So bye trust, I can't reclaim you
Heart's inflamed & my mind hurts too,
I blamed & despised myself, so curse you
Find it hard to love, because it brings pain too
Yet I still seek validation regardless
I'm aware of my low valuation,
But please take me irregardless
This desire to be held needs to be quelled
Numerous attempts have been withheld
Inner contretemps between fear & paranoia
Has been ruinous. Don't feel contempt; I'm in ruins
myrrh Jan 7
Feeling mundane on a Monday
Feeling like a Sunday every single day
Need some kind of healing,
But instead I'm concealing
Don't want to be revealing of my inner disarray
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