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We are floating leaves
Children of the winds and tide
Following the stream
 Apr 9
It's astonishing...
How one chokes amidst the crowd,
And yet no one see..!
Hey Everyone...
Hope u all r gud and doing grt... BTW, AM BACK HERE AGAIN..! 😅
during winter months
trees are naked silhouettes
without their leaves
a magenta hue
showed in this morning's sky
as first light dawned
war is a maddness
causing much too much saddness
let saneness prevail
 Feb 27
D Thornhill
on sidewalks rain falls
creating a leopard look
fading into gray
©️ dt + b
 Feb 20
Seán Mac Falls
Out of Greek myth, she
Glowed at the party and proved,
Stories I had told.
 Feb 4
Sarah Spencer
Winter snow falling down,
blowing fiercely left to right,
making silent sound
 Feb 4
It's like a river
You're a tiny stick in it
So, go with the flow...!
We never choose our path... It's only our "Destiny" which drives us to the way on which we move...!
 Jan 31
The brown bear that bites
Does so from hunger or fear
Rarely from malice

© Robert Porteus
Starting to get the haiku format. The syllable count does throw up some surprises though.  Will start commenting more instead of just ticking like.
 Jan 30
D Thornhill
deep, gray sky backdrops
golden wheat in soft, dusk sun
ends a day of storms
©️ dt + b
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