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Grace 4h
I am afraid of change -
it's so relative, so hard to prepare for.
I might like it better if it came less frequently,
if it waited just a day more so I could enjoy myself in the thicket of catkins.
Or gave me a notice so that I'd know it would be goodbye.

Spring comes again next year, I know this. But too fast we move on from the mourning of Winter. Slow your sunshine, pull the winds back, give me one last song of sorrow before you forget about her and move on.

Like we always do, always moving on, leaving it in the dust.
Take a breath first so I can at least let it go.
Grace Apr 9
Today is April 9th,
Vimy Ridge commemoration.
But it's the morning Prince Philip passed away.
I didn't know him personally, of course,
but it took me by surprise.
It reminded me that nothing really is eternal.
He has been the prince for my whole life and he lived until 99 years old, he would've turned 100 in June.
Anyway, I saw it on TV and I was taken aback because he died.
I don't know of all the things he's done
but I don't know...
My condolences.
Few things are is one of them, I think.
Grace Apr 9
Short and sweet,
it's what I eat.

Maybe I miss
the long things written
but with the short and sweet
I am smitten.
  Apr 8 Grace
Eshwara Prasad
Most minds are like the Moon -they  constantly change their shapes and shades!

Few minds are as constant as the Sun!
Grace Apr 6
Where there is lightening, there is thunder.
Sometimes never to be heard.
Grace Apr 4
I feel bruised everywhere.
On my mind, in my mouth, on my body.
I've been figuratively punching myself,
and selfconciously depriving my bruises of the ice needed to heal.
Sorry hands, but I like the colour purple.
Grace Apr 4
Face them, I'd like to tell her.
They look like shadows but when you touch them,
They turn into fireflies.
I hate it that you only understand something once you've experienced it. I know how it feels to conquer the darkness, but now I'm guiding her from the outside of it, hoping the echos of my voice reach her.
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