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Bass and bourbon notes
Flutter down through my system
And I taste the sound.
Guillaume David has a new soundtrack out. Code 4 bourbon is delicious. What else is there to say.
Amanda Hawk Jun 2020
We collect in boxes
Pixelated faces
Shifting back and forth
Our voices clamor against each other
We gather in arrangements
Of electronic meetings
The pandemonium of the pandemic
Has us learning to live in a science fiction novel
Trading in the outside word
For our little cubicles
As we learn to avoid the invisible invasion
Trying to ****** our bodies
We assemble in various forms
Video or voice streaming
Learning to create, to produce
To live within the pixelated dots
Of the computer screen
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2019
We now return
to your regularly scheduled dream.
Do the math: ducks in the pond
swim upstream to spawn supreme.

Then pay it forward
as a string of numbers.
Continuous in series,
strung out and unencumbered.

There's some **** saxophones
lifting off in tune to the rhythm method.
Save the soft jazz for when you're really in the mood,
and read a bedtime story instead.

Vision begins when the lids
are closed and threading the daisy chain.
This is where we
place the refrain:

Caution--unstable, but microwavable.

The lines blur
where the vertical and horizontal collide.
Can't stand the swimming in the head,
yet enjoy the peripheral ride.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure,
even as far deep down as this chasmic seabed.
Living with technophobia,
But married to sensory overload instead.

Making new babies in safe mode.
We lose sight when plugged too long into this hub.
Just another anxiety in need of a pill
--join the club.

We meet where there's free Wi-Fi
so battery life doesn't drain.
This is where we
repeat the refrain:

Caution--unstable, but microwavable.
M Solav Jul 2019
My childhood,
My whole upbringing,
All the things that I've done
And all of whom I have met;
Everything I have seen
In my homeland and overseas;
Every wasted thought,
Stories I have kept to myself,
Words I have shared in vain...
Such a quantity of inputs,
From ears, eyes and touch;
So much thought invested
Trying to uncover new paths;
All this pain for all this time,
All the joys that last a while;

They amount to just a few...
A few more clever taps
On top of the screen
Of an electronic pad.
Written in December 2018.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Kieran Messer Apr 2019
I've discovered the light of my life:
A collection of light emitting diodes,
Frozen in a frame,
And millions of kilometres away.
Emily Nov 2018
Consecutive dots
Here and then gone in a flash
When will I see text?
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Kawehi : Part One

I believe in you with all of my robot heart.
From the first time I heard your sound, my mind was sent so far;
Throughout space and time, there goes my mind!
To a place I had always wanted to find and with you I have arrived.

Oh my Goddess, you rock!
Play that funky beat and watch my jaw drop!
Oh so cool; you’re so new school.
Capable of anything; mix it up and change all the rules.

Press those buttons, you are so switched-on,
To a new style of music; to another style of song.
So robotic, so electronic;
Take their music and simply re-write and improve upon it.

Kawehi is so far above any other female bands I have heard;
If I could only listen to three bands,
It would be Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Her.
I have found my soul, it is sat happily listening to you;
All your songs sound amazing and your voice is so in tune and so true.

The way you take a song and make is yours,
Inspires me to try to show you what is mine.
These are my words; I want to hear yours on tour.

I want to believe I have found my place to be heard.
In front of you, on my knees, hands aloft;
We are not worthy!  Of a sound so pure.

You make the music become better and without a mistake,
You sing so beautifully, that you bring a smile to my sad face.
You have stolen my heart in your own special way;
I could never do you justice with my words,
But I hope you are here to stay.

I see a star through my telescope and you are flying high.
Closer brought me to you, when love had never been so far away.
Let me clone you, so I can have a love of my own,
With your all-seeing eyes.
Such a beautiful place to be; inside that mind of yours.
Beauty personified; you leave me amazed.  It is you I adore.

Go make a song with Trent, for that would be music to my ears;
If I was able to make music, I would make it with you.

I would have, could have, should have,
Been listening to your music for years!
But now, at last, I have found your music;
So I have found my new love, spoken by a woman I never knew.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Adrian Ware Nov 2017
My body works like a computer
If I feels that you are something like a virus
I will push you away
Because my heart is like a hard drive
It won't let you do any harm to me
And I compare myself to a computer
Because a computer is smart
And their hard drive is similar to a heart
I tend to push people away
Which is why there aren't that many people close to me
It's something that came naturally
So if  I push you away
Don't take it personally
I'm just being like a computer
I'm trying to protect me
©Adrian Ware
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