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Aditya Roy Jan 4
Took a break from work,
Decide to write a poem
And I thought of you...
In blankets,
LOoking for a song,

You're living in a fascinating world
Where the languages are different
But the people are selfish and
Lost at sea
Torn apart at the seams

The poem's page is torn into pieces
The message is still on the phone
As a text
I have 12 minutes
Before I take you to pieces
Look at your ashes
They all burn to seamless
Floating on the breeze
Dusty windows at the yellow dawn
Of green day
Of ******'s release
"Be a man," keep them out noisy Irishmen break the fight with Italian stilettos from the shop of the British. Irishmen you'll be done when we’re done with ya. But stay in your country.
Ellison Sep 2018
When I pick you up (my bassy bassy bass)
I feel my thoughts pour into your neck
And by the time I've finished laying you in my lap
You and I have become so synonymous.

If I'm feeling a little glad, the notes come with ease
As my thumb lets loose and does whatever to please
If I'm feeling a little sad, the notes quiet down
And try to uplift my darkened deep frown

I never once stopped feeling dry as a bone
And I never once stopped to respond on my phone
Cause you give me what I want so good and well
A world without you would undeniably be ****

A guitar is quite nice with its bright merry ring
And it sure is easier to hum along and sing
But the low fat sound of the bass is a thrill
And I never quite have enough of a satisfying fill.
I've been having a lot of fun with my month old toy :D
Lynnia Aug 2018
Piano trilling
Drums thrilling
Bass pumps straight through your heart
Guitar screams,
Keys dream,
Vocals piercing like a dart—
Mist shifts
Mood lifts
Hot chills electric down your spine
Crowd yells
Colors swell
Lift your hands, lose your sense of time...
Pyrrha Jul 2018
You are the poetry I wish I could write
Every feeling I get around you
Every word of yours I absorb
Every stare I wish I could immortalize
You are the poem I read over and over in my head
The one I wish was mine

Your words are like luscious braeburn apples
Sweet and transcendent
You are the very definition of oenomel
Combining strength with sweetness

Even when you are far away I feel your presence near me
I feel your gaze, your love, your heart
I can hear the beat as if you were right next to me
Like the heavy bass of a metal song it hits every note
Lulls me into tranquility

You are the reason I love to write
You challenge me to describe how I feel
Even when none of these words feel just right

How can I explain the feeling of your eyes, your smile
How can I define the connection I feel
With such a limited word bank
How could I possibly explain why you feel like poetry to me
Why your words are like a braeburn apple
And why your heartbeat is like the bass of a metal song?

If I could I would illuminate you with more light than this world could possibly contain
You'd be brighter than the sun and all the other stars
Perhaps that would help you understand
Just one drop from my sea of love for you
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
Start the happy synth
Cue the steady drum
Come in with the sly bass
Whistle the hipster hum
Move your feet to match pace
Dance with me now love

A chemical swirl got us moving
A chemical swirl will put us to sleep
But for now, while night is looming
Don’t stop moving those feet.
acacia Dec 2017
he always goes back to this song
that sounds like moonlight.
it sounds like he's basking in the moon's
soaked glow, saturated in moonshine.
sparkling pearl beads slide down
his face as he strums and picks
like there's no tomorrow while
his silhouette stays indelible in my memory.
i dance in my lilac slip while he struggles
to find his own harmony and he shuts it down.
i wrote this a bit before about ryan, an awkward ex of mine. if anything, ill always remember his love for the bass. and the way his playing helped me sleep.
...going to the library to check out some books and to find another potential poet underlining all the worst parts of the book for inspiration.

...hearing the crackling sounds of the vinyl just before the first song plays through the speakers.

...watching your daughter twirl her dress in a
meadow of flowers and your son running like a turkey because unfortunately, he was blessed
with his grandfather's genes.

...coming into work to find out your exasperating co-worker and unruly supervisor unexpectedly took the same day off.

...finding out your significant other has conquered the complicated thoughts in their mind for the most simplest tasks and pleasurable projects.

...watching your favorite underdog wrestler getting his or hers *** kicked and then becoming victorious at the last second.

...when a song comes on that fills you up with goosebumps in the most ******* way.

...getting lost in plucking bass strings over a fuzz pedal in the secluded laboratory with completely satisfying results.

...hearing the sounds of beer bottles shattering and cars crashing.

...spending lots of money to live like a hobo in that natural settings of the wilderness.

...spending no money and not living like a hobo in comforting zones of your own household.

...hiding under the blankets in the extremely spine chilling sounds of silence.

...knowing that a childhood friend has grown up drunk, living alone and randomly purchasing things to fill the void from lack of companionship.

...hearing the sounds of skateboard wheels riding over the cracks of sidewalks as you cruise the concrete waves of the urban jungle.

...curling up in a blanket with sleeping pets, having coffee and pie and watching horror movies or reading a good book on cozy afternoons.

...finding time to go fishing with a friend over a few beers and no cares in the world.

...waking up to thunderstorms followed by a big breakfast afterwards.

...receiving phone calls from your only friends, the bill collectors and not having to worry or feel bad for not answering.

...peeling your *** off the barstool like Velcro
from sitting too long to get up and take a ****.

...all of us ever wanting to walk through the garden of intoxicating elements while whistling and extracting a shot
                             and a beer
                                     to give us
                                           the strength
                                                    to keep on.
Haasje May 2017
My bass guitar  & I
It's a weird relationship I know,
See, I can slap her, but all she does is sing.
See, I can pull her strings, but she sets the rhythm.
See, I can run my fingers down her neck and she moans so ****.
It's a weird relationship I know,
But **** do I love it,

How we intertwine in the heat of the moment,
To create a song  you can feel in your chest.
How we play with each other, until we reach our peak.
And slowly fade away with one last grunt.
making my bass guitar seem way too hot
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