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Mohd Arshad Aug 31
Behind the almirah,
I saw Anxiety,
Trembling and gleaming
Like the eyes of the rat
That cowers and pants.

I dared to speak to it,

And it like a traumatised patient
Only stared at me

And I, a little child,
Got scared.
Mohd Arshad Aug 30
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
Mohd Arshad Aug 29
Failure is the door
Through which success enters
Mohd Arshad Aug 28
It was horrible!

All persons were rejoicing in dance
While the Geeta was sobbing in the room
Mohd Arshad Aug 27
The dullness of life
Lies in not enhancing knowledge......
Mohd Arshad Aug 27
Like dews resting
                   On petals

Like snow
                  Holding fingers of leaves

Thy memories were shining
Mohd Arshad Aug 25
Your true capacity is to discover the truth
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