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Mohd Arshad Nov 15
But suddenly known،

You roar in each street
Mohd Arshad Nov 15
He stealthily gets into the house

He breaks into it

He is a thief or dacoit؟

O rat،
You tell me yourself
Mohd Arshad Nov 15
There is a man within me
He dislikes thorns
But likes flowers
Mohd Arshad Nov 11
Nobody comes here
The wind sometimes brings me out
The leaves struggle to console me
But they cannot
I too
Only smoke flies inside the room
This is how life
Runs after war
I'm not happy for his patritism
Who is there to love me
Like him
Nobody comes
The smoke doesn't help
Mohd Arshad Oct 14
When you cut a tree 🎄

You create hungry persons
Mohd Arshad Oct 13
Single flower

               Is enough to tell you

How to live a brief life

Mohd Arshad Sep 22
Devalue a kind heart
Breathing in tatters
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