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Mohd Arshad Nov 4
Luck is the fruit of your hard work; sow the seeds to taste it...........
Mohd Arshad Nov 4
The story of Kindness you write yourself is a story that changes the relations in society
Mohd Arshad Nov 4
Be the forward player in tough times to score a fine joy, and for sure it will be enough for the team......
Mohd Arshad Nov 4
Having been in dilemma isn't a curse or illness, it's a test of your capability of how you choose the best thing in your favour...
Mohd Arshad Sep 27
Being together is being mentally  healthy
Mohd Arshad Sep 24
Our best experience we gain
Is during quiet moments
Mohd Arshad Sep 23
If you want
To judge the heart of a man

Give him a bird
In the cage
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