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Maurice May 12
its been two years
without you in my life
since I abruptly left
years full of pain and confusion
of being lost
the pain you brought me
was nothing compared to the pain without you
the soundtrack of my life
Part 1 of 3
Mrs Anybody Apr 17
we all would have
a playlist
with all
the songs
we used to love
forgot about

a lot of them
would bring back
bonded to

would bring back
bonded to persons
we almost forgot

and some
may bring back
all the memories
we associate with
pain and

but we would
still listen
to 'our' songs
also check out my other poems!  :)
Mrs Timetable Mar 15
A cheesy 70’s drama soundtrack
And the choppy muttons
An 80’s sitcom opening theme
With the track of fake laughs
A 90’s epic movie ending credits
Award winning sweeping songs

These things are now vintage
And priceless if you actually lived them
I’m watching six million dollar man and the cheesy soundtrack music is so awesome and those “fast running” sound effects!
Lilian Vector Sep 2019
Oh, to be so bold
So young,
With your red,
Hair down
Casted by sunlight,
I wish
I could be you
Oh to be young,
And In love
With life
To you.
Lady Bird Soundtrack for inspiration and the afternoon air.
On the spot writing.
khartlopez Jan 2019
Under the light of the moon.
You’re still a mystery to me.

And every night in my dreams I wonder
if you hear the soundtrack of my soul.
Like I hear yours.
a feature
of drama
now in
her proposal
my palpable
fave of
penetrable cave
as starlet's
life in
director of
dream she
dance her
tassel to
this soundtrack
of ska
with a
street presence
A concetion
gab 吉 May 2018
You are my "almost"
an "almost" that I'll never have,
but still hoping for you to
come back.
I guess,
I'll just be stucked,
with our favorite songs;
and soundtracks
that we had jammed —
I was wrong.
This won't last...
clever May 2018
you are the soundtrack to my life.
your breath is the rhythm to my walk.
your heartbeat is my refrain.
JAC Jun 2017
There is an inherent musicality
To your bare humanity
A soundtrack to what makes you human
There's a rhythm to your movements
There's harmony in your breathing
There are chords in your voice
There's​ a deliberate delicacy to your touch
As if you care deeply about an instrument
There's a tempo to the way you love
And notes in your laugh
And there are so, so many kinds of music
In your solo act.
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