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Bass and bourbon notes
Flutter down through my system
And I taste the sound.
Guillaume David has a new soundtrack out. Code 4 bourbon is delicious. What else is there to say.
Tony Tweedy Jul 2022
Harmonies and melodies that accompanied my drift,
nursing wounded soul and often giving it a lift.
Moments when cords and rhythm took me the next mile,
so many old chorus' that could make my heart smile.

Songs and tunes that touched the moments I've seen,
to connect forever to people and places I've been.
Soundtrack to my life to record memories in rhyme,
taking me back as if I were some traveler in time.

At some lonely hour when an old track comes to mind,
stresses and troubles for a time gone and left behind.
Teleported by some in the moment pertinent track,
where a mind can find escape and be taken right back.

The music of who I am, of my soul that shaped my life,
at every joyous moment and every tumultuous next strife.
I play those old tunes and I sing so badly right along,
I can't help but  to do so, as its my life and hearts song.
Music..... what a gift to the soul.
lk ode Aug 2020
the soundtrack of san francisco
is pale gold and lush green
car horns
Alicia Moore Jul 2020

           to the
                                of your own

Before your ears are no longer moved by the notes.
Maria Etre Jun 2020
The mind was always background noise
in a soundtrack played by the beats of one's heart
with lyrics from conversations
inspiration from hyperventilation
and palpitations
Maurice May 2020
its been two years
without you in my life
since I abruptly left
years full of pain and confusion
of being lost
the pain you brought me
was nothing compared to the pain without you
the soundtrack of my life
Part 1 of 3
Mrs Anybody Apr 2020
we all would have
a playlist
with all
the songs
we used to love
forgot about

a lot of them
would bring back
bonded to

would bring back
bonded to persons
we almost forgot

and some
may bring back
all the memories
we associate with
pain and

but we would
still listen
to 'our' songs
also check out my other poems!  :)
Mrs Timetable Mar 2020
A cheesy 70’s drama soundtrack
And the choppy muttons
An 80’s sitcom opening theme
With the track of fake laughs
A 90’s epic movie ending credits
Award winning sweeping songs

These things are now vintage
And priceless if you actually lived them
I’m watching six million dollar man and the cheesy soundtrack music is so awesome and those “fast running” sound effects!
Kurtlopez Jan 2019
Under the light of the moon.
You’re still a mystery to me.

And every night in my dreams I wonder
if you hear the soundtrack of my soul.
Like I hear yours.
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