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Nov 2015 · 493
When you can't think,
can't do,
can't see,

through the storm of work and the chaos developed around it.
****** up really hard my work, misinterpreting directions this and that. Just really frustrated as it adds on to the already above-average stress.
Apr 2015 · 538
"Next Time"
There is no such thing.
Now the notes would reveal it wouldn't it?
Apr 2015 · 884
Inside, a shrinking breathing
With heaves and sighs.
Outside, nothing
Except the slight sting of the eyes.
Mar 2015 · 16.1k
Watching my phone,
Side by side with my homework.
for a response...
how am i suppose to kno
Dec 2014 · 833
No one gets it.

Why do you act different in school and outside, a classmate might ask.
He would see me everyday at school then when he talks to me via phone, he doesn't think it's me, except my voice.

At school,
I am cool with my friends,
Respectful to my teachers,
Laugh just as hard as them,
Go out sometimes to Panera or the movies,

With family, however
I do chores,
Mostly playing video games for 5 hours a day with friends.
Cuss so much that I'm glad there's a door
And seem so relaxed that I'm a whole 'nother person.

Some wonder why.
Some never payed attention and will after this poem is published.
Some question how.
Horrible poem, could've tried harder...meh.
Nov 2014 · 851
Yes, it's me.
I'm still here.
Right in front of you.
Not to be creepy or anything. Just a quick poem
Oct 2014 · 2.4k
I'm sorry...
I've been to hell and back,
and you're telling me I have to go again?
Just heard that I might need to get braces. Again after 3 1/2 years of having them then half a year of not having them. Bullcrap.
Oct 2014 · 767
Brought Back (Part 2)
It's a Tuesday morning.
Everyone's still half asleep from Monday's work.
Groggily putting the books away after everyone finishes.
Even her.

Then I awaken, realizing she's waiting for me.

My mouth starts having a seizure and suddenly I'm overthinking everything.
Is my voice too low?
Can she understand me?

Thank God it's alright as I walk up the stairs, chatting.
Not flirtatiously, but casually.

Then watching her leave, earlier than I expected to.
If only stairs were longer.
I guess the opposite of flashback is flashfront? Or brought back?
Oct 2014 · 3.6k
Flashback (Part 1)
A pass in the hallway,
Talking to no one else,
Jumbling up wrdos and pounricnation,
Then willing to spend hours on the phone...
Idk felt this strong urge to finally write this about 13 hours ago but thought about it for a while.
Sep 2014 · 1.1k
Congrats on losing your friend!
Congrats on messing everything up!
Congrats on turning people against me!
Congrats on putting me down to boost yourself!
Congrats on being so sensitive that people will protect you!
*Congrats on hiding this from all of your friends
I don't care how many likes this gets. I needed to let off some steam. And you: I know your reading this.
Jul 2014 · 638
Never Gave You Up
Jun 2014 · 7.0k
A creative
bright sky
from a black and dark earth.
Sculpted, smooth, cylindrical.
A simple layered texture.
I wrote down adjectives that described a sculpture and I added a couple of other words. This was the outcome.
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
Gun in hand,
I feel the power coursing through my veins.
One click.

The sirens wail,
sending me pumping my feet.
The roar of cops,
Put your hands up!
I run.

Days later,
I'm in court.

For the charge of first-degree ******, what do you declare?
Guilty, Your Honor
Abstract Colleague, you are hereby sentenced to death for first degree ******.
Bang the gavel goes
Just like how I killed that man.

Can I be forgiven?
as I think as they strap me in the chair.
Never commit crimes. You will get caught and punished. Kudos to Kaisinsky for giving me the electric chair idea. (I know first-degree ****** isn't a death sentence, but eh)
May 2014 · 717
You gang up on me,
with all your fancy gear.
Don't hesitate,
get me until I'm almost dead.

And to think
we were friends
3 hours ago.

What had changed?
as a friendship only ends when multiple problems come up.
Just really ****** at my friend (possibly former). I don't care who punches that button.
May 2014 · 3.7k
Insanity by Intellect
It hurts.
I know too much.
I'm on the border of sanity and its opposite.
I'm with my friends and thinking
"What if they knew?"
Their lives would change.

Maybe it would be better if I forgot everything.
But how?
I talk to them everyday.
Perhaps the summer will dull my mind.

I used to completely disagree with this quote.
I realize I have been manipulated.
I agree
*"Ignorance is bliss"
This occurs to me at least 5 times a day. I don't know what to do with this knowledge.
May 2014 · 897
Just to know I can't get a girl,
stabs my heart like a sword.
Girls are like climbing a mountain,
when you get to the top you get love.
Sometimes it takes a while
but other times its an easy climb.
I must have been heading up but got hit with a rock avalanche.
Now I am at the base of the mountain.
Kudos to my friend, who wrote this poem. All i did was make one tweak and post it on Hello Poetry. Thanks!
May 2014 · 6.0k
side to side.
Head bobbing
up and down.
Nice warm feeling
freezing your chest.
Agree to anything
and everything.

Conscious afterwards,
hungover, wondering
What did I do last night?
Until the police arrive.
Don't. Get. Drunk.
May 2014 · 21.0k
Chest swelling,
mind blown
as two eyes stare at the percentage.
Jump up and down,
like a frog.
Squeal if you want,
enjoy the moment.
Happy that I got a perfect score on my French quiz and aced the science test.
May 2014 · 3.1k
Trust Issues 2
Trust is so hard to earn
making sure you gain trust.
Trust is so easy to lose
one slip and all is lost.

Spends 3 weeks
trying to gain trust.
Loses it after
telling 1 secret

Never gains it back.
Trust is too tentative for any of us.
Still ******..
May 2014 · 8.4k
Trust Issues
That was my deepest secret.
Now everyone knows.
I trusted you.
So *******..
May 2014 · 4.0k
Humble Brag
Oh yeah, the other day I went
to that 5-star hotel
and got a breakfast by
Bobby Flay.
Never heard of him, but the food was
pretty good.
Afterwards I went to the gym and lifted some
100lb weights.
Oh and yesterday I got a
100% on my quantum physics test.
All in all, my week was
Why do people even do this? They want to make it look like they are trying to be modest when in actuality they're bragging in the worst possible way! Couldn't think of any other chefs sorry.
May 2014 · 8.0k
Are those grocery bags heavy?
Here, let me give you a hand.

You might fall!

Do you want to take my plane ticket?
Take it. I don't have time for vacation.

Thank you so much for this check!
Anything to help the homeless.

Thanks for donating so much!
Kids need books, don't they?

You have helped out so much!
*All in a day's work.
I try hard to achieve this, but I think I'm just not good enough.
May 2014 · 16.9k
Due tomorrow:
Lab report
Argumentative essay
Group project
39 textbook pages
I can do this.
Get some coffee and caffeine
Lock the door and close the windows
Put on those sound-blocking earbuds
Keep in mind the future good grade.
In a way this actually sometimes happens to me. Btw a lab report (to me) is 10 paragraphs, a graph, a table, and a cover page. Thank God it only happens 2 times a year.
May 2014 · 2.4k
How to be vain:
Admire yourself in a mirror for 20 minutes.
Choose your clothes from 5 walk-in closets.
Make sure each and every article of clothing matches each other.
Wear as much makeup as possible even if you look hideous.
Never wear the same outfit more than once.
Lastly, spend time getting prepped for events even for going to the gym or the park.
One of my least favorite attributes. I stereotypically associate this attribute with snobs.
May 2014 · 2.2k
Facing your fear
makes you go all cold inside.
Intestines shrinking and suddenly
the floor looks pretty.

Facing an impossible act
makes you get butterflies.
The mouth blubbers meaningless phrases
Tries to gather courage and bravery.
Abstract poems: 2nd poem
May 2014 · 744
Why suicide?
1. I'm too stressed out.
2. Life will end anyways, so why not die now?
3. Someone's ****** at me for doing something.
4. I'm drunk/high.
5. Life *****!
6. No one likes me.
Why live?
1. Stress can be relieved in other ways.
2. You have a great future ahead of you if you work hard.
3. Try to seek forgiveness. If this fails, seek forgiveness.
4. Seek rehab.
5. Life has its ups and downs. It will get better.
6. Someone loves you, even if you don't know them.
This particular poem is about suicide is. Don't question my motives.
May 2014 · 983
Writer's Block
I don't know what to write,
because my mind is white.
A walk would be in order,
to get thoughts out of disorder.
As I'm trekking through the forest,
I get an idea! A florist
who goes to Vegas
and...encounters writer's block.
I just got writer's block while trying to write a poem and it turned out to be this random, rhyming poem with awesome alliterations in the notes. :)
May 2014 · 1.2k
Regrets [10w]
Why did I do this?
Did this have to happen?
A big problem just came up in my life and wanted to take it back, so in a way this is like an apology poem.
May 2014 · 769
What is Life?
What is life?
Is it a given time before death?
Or a blessing after pregnancy?
Is it simply an adjective that describes a living organism?
Or an insult, such as "You have a horrible life!"
Is it something I don't have?
Or something no one has fully accomplished?
What is life?
A bit of self-deprecating humor in the 6th line. :)
I welcome suggestions to what life is in the comments!

— The End —