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sushii Dec 2019
and what is justice in the face of adversity?
what is confidence in the midst of cowardice?
what is fine and what makes your throat tight?

i do not know, for i am simply a poet
but i wish for someone to guide me
so that nobody hurts me
so that i
no longer cry...
Proctor Ehrling Nov 2019
Left hope behind
Abandoned fights
All vicious signs
Of savage plights

Felt like a flea
A parasite
All savage plea
To savage plight

Oh Sisyphus
Exhausted might
Lay in a hearse
Oh savage plight

Heathen in prayer
God-given right
Sign of the lair
Of savage plights

A crimson snow
And eyes of white
But don't you know
These savage plights

By Doom's own herald, God's own **** creatures all collide
Like ole rye barrelled, seasoned to withstand savage plights

Let woman cry
Let man be scorned
Let savage plights
Shut closing doors

He'll will stay frozen
Heaven forlorn
The savage chosen
***** of Babylon

Live off of plights
All but one savage
Dragged day and night
Your horseless carriage

Call it a burden
That is your right
One thing's for certain
It's savage plights

With mind so prurient
Give humans blights
From West to Orient
Come savage plights

Dorian-like picture on the wall, too mild a fighter for a knight
Was God-forsaken, after all, dealt sole with and to others each a savage plight
It's rare for me to actually write something complete and not an on-the-spot random blabber. Here it is. Decipher it at your own leisure.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
Had a dream.
Dreamt I was brave.
Like a knight who slays dragons.
Like a great adventurer.
Like a martyr dying for conviction.

Yet woke, I lack
to follow such a dream.
Cowardice hasn't reached an end.
Silence is more of my enemy than my friend.
An enemy so hard to fight with.
An enemy so hard to live without.
An enemy whose dark side affects me.
An enemy who makes me stranger.
An enemy who should've left a lot ago.
An enemy who's killing me in its peaceful ways.
An enemy who's getting bolder as days pass by.
An enemy who creates a chaos in the head.
An enemy who needs to be stopped.
An enemy who once was a true friend.
An enemy who may fade away but will never die
An enemy who'll somewhere be
Planted in me
This is true.
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
did you hear that?
did you dare?

did you live? Of course.
right choice.

Yes or no.
resistance is futile, we shall
Ray Dunn Mar 2019
Confidence and cowardice
Which is your path?

One of righteousness
Or one of wrath

One lets you live
One lets you live on

A fine line between
Old age and long after you’re gone

The only difference I see
Between brain and brawn

Is the motive you have
And who sings your song
Bruh the “old age” line is such a mess I’m trying to workshop it rn so feel free to leave some suggestions in the comments!! I have a few versions of it but i really want to use the word “gone” so lmk!!
Nabiila Azzahra Feb 2019
‪It’s hard to conjure up a forest fire‬
My flames are quiet and I tremble
I flinch
I buckle at the knees
My fight or flight senses were birds in their past lives
I am sorry I was not born Achilles, marching into every war with certainty, never knowing a sliver of doubt
Prophecies of greatness do not cling to me like summer air
I open my mouth and words betray me, for I am no Odysseus with his honey tongue
But heed this promise: I will create something one day
A great many somethings, born not from innate divinity but perseverance
Like Daedalus with his artist’s mind, craftsman’s hand, quiet thinking, deliberate talking
I am becoming
Like golden witch Circe in Aeaea, feeling her way through strange new grounds
Someday, someday, somewhere else
You will see me bloom
this is what cowards,
and philosophasters do

seeing suffering as
a fur coat
to hide into,
to dodge the rain of daggers
we all must endure

come out cowards!
come out
and dull these daggers with me!

throw yourselves
out of melancholy's embrace
into the steel rain
and know the pneumonic chill
of reality
the perspective will change you
and mere problems shall flutter
like maya birds in the summer

and the soone enough,
the daggers shall be
as light as feathers
I am a dreamer of wonderful worlds
Where stories of sorrows remain untold
Where joy and happiness are found on every chapter
And my life is a book that brings you laughter

I woke up, and now it’s time to live my life
It is a journey filled with cruelty and strife
And here, I am a coward who hides in his shell
My dream is heaven while my life is hell

To change my road is what I require
But the current have forced me the way
To bare my heart is what I desire
But I fear what others will say

How can I face this treacherous current
If all I have is weakness
Where can I find this worldly strength
If I’m blinded by my own meekness

Woe is me for I have forsaken living
To forget my pain, sorrow and misgiving
To escape this torturous reality
I yearn for my fantasy
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