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When you can't think,
can't do,
can't see,

through the storm of work and the chaos developed around it.
****** up really hard my work, misinterpreting directions this and that. Just really frustrated as it adds on to the already above-average stress.
There is no such thing.
Now the notes would reveal it wouldn't it?
Inside, a shrinking breathing
With heaves and sighs.
Outside, nothing
Except the slight sting of the eyes.
Watching my phone,
Side by side with my homework.
for a response...
how am i suppose to kno
Long Sleeves.
Always long sleeves.
Even the summer.

Who here gets it?
It doesn't mean you're "just cold".
repost if you get it.
No one gets it.

Why do you act different in school and outside, a classmate might ask.
He would see me everyday at school then when he talks to me via phone, he doesn't think it's me, except my voice.

At school,
I am cool with my friends,
Respectful to my teachers,
Laugh just as hard as them,
Go out sometimes to Panera or the movies,

With family, however
I do chores,
Mostly playing video games for 5 hours a day with friends.
Cuss so much that I'm glad there's a door
And seem so relaxed that I'm a whole 'nother person.

Some wonder why.
Some never payed attention and will after this poem is published.
Some question how.
Horrible poem, could've tried harder...meh.
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