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Mar 21 · 210
Nermine Marei Mar 21
I'm so sorry my dear kids..
I no longer do fun things..
I feel your worries everytime your eye blinks..
I should teach you to fly and take risks..
But, me, myself is a bird who lost her wings..
Its not your fault that I have mood swings..
I don't have to be the best mother and walk on the strings..
I should make you happy with little, funny cheesy tricks..
You are my life .. I'm like a desert and you're my beautiful water springs..
I will give you all my care and love. And kiss you with my lips..

Feb 2 · 78
Do you know that..
Do you know that..

For love is a word,
it has a meaning,
delicate like a bird,
free without a ceiling,
joyfully they sing,
and fight for their being.
On the tree they swing,  
for love is healing...

Do you know that..

I'm at the door.. knock knock..
Still waiting .. no one opened..
I wish I could break the lock..
But deep inside I'm not welcome..
I can't enter.. there is a block after a block..
Love was accompanying me in every step I stepped..
For true love is rare, we should enjoy and not to mock,
I don't want to be pushy and make you feel stressed..
I accept being alone.. I'm not in shock
Having you in my life makes me feel blessed..
Still waiting.. still in love.. tik tok goes the clock..

Do you know that..

I think of you every night,
my heart had so many things to say,
but kept quiet,
In the dark... I followed a ray,
looked to the sky and the moonlight,
I saw a bay from far away,
wished to be there through my sight,
taking with me the pain of everyday,
was barefoot in the cold sand,
the waves hit the rocks,
and on my skin I felt the water spray.
Suddenly, I saw you there on this Fairyland,
smelled the seabreeze,
you held my hand,
thought it's the right moment to seize..
My eyes said it all... in every breath I breathe...

Do you know that..

I wrote so many words,
hidden, never been sent,
we walked in different roads,
still every word is felt,
and has its own scent,
as they were truly all meant...

Do you know that..

There was something we really missed,
we never had the chance and kissed,
it's not about the way I dressed.
In every way, I always did my best,
and all I got.. is a thank you for the gest...

Do you know that..

Life is like a boat,
in the sea the storm hits,
to make a long story short,
for the storm, the boat lurches and spins,
people strive for life, young and old,
dreadfully it sinks,
some people drown and others float,
as if they were born with tails and fins,
far away floats a wooden board,
the perseverant wins,
the apathetical is not aboard,
and the failing says it's not my fault...

Do you know that..

Pensively.. I watch the flowers in the Spring and and count the leaves in the Fall,
ignoring whatever tomorrow will bring..
happy or sad, big or small,
will be happy with everything,
will overcome the obstacles and demolish every wall..
To every hope I will cling,
focusing and moving towards my goal..
To the stars.. I stare and think,  
wondering if I gave my all..
The Shining Star gave me a wink..
Telling me with pride.. to stand tall..
#hope #love #lock #broken #heart #life #think #stars #sky #happy #sad #spring #fall #sink #storm #kissed #boat #waiting #bird #word #meaning
Jan 17 · 51
Don't Wait
Nermine Marei Jan 17
Don't wait for the people you love to die..

Then you srart to cry..

Make them feel in their crisis that you are always there and on you they can rely..

And for their happiness you can fly..

Appreciate what they do and never deny..

Be honest and never say a lie..

Respect them because love is a treasure that you can't buy..

To all our beloved ones who left us.. will look to you up high in the sky..

You are always be in our hearts.. Goodbye.. Goodbye..

Nermine Marei
#Die #love #sky #cry #lie #goodbye #rely #deny #appreciate #fly #wait
Dec 2020 · 399
New born
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

I will learn how to be alone..
I will explore like a new born..
A new life will start every dawn..
I will forget everything the wind has blown..
I won't worry about the unknown..
Everyday will be a milestone..
My determination will show how I've grown..

Dec 2020 · 264
The ride
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

Good side .. Bad side
Let us have a deeper insight..
We all have both, but the stronger will ride..
And the other will hide..
This is mankind..
Sometimes we struggle, but it is worth the fight..
We are not angels in the day and devils at night..
It is something that we can't bind..
It is within all of us, be ready to what you will find..
It is always clear and obvious, don't pretend that you are blind..
We just reflect what we feel deep inside..
I hope we all ride what is truly right..

Nermine Marei

Dec 2020 · 202
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

The moment of truth..
Is when you unlock your heart..Speak
up your mind..
And believe that there is nothing to

Dec 2020 · 696
Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Why do people shout?
If no one will hear a sound..

Why do people fight?
When they don't have the right.

Why do they suiside?
While God is by their side.

Why do people steal?
While they live in fear

Why do people stare?
While they know its not theirs

Why would people share?
If love was never there

Nermine 💔
Dec 2020 · 429
What is Love?
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

What is love all about?
Is it something we trust or doubt?
Does it make you fly and touch the cloud?
Or tied and stuck to the ground?
Or is it messy? So you decide to play around..
What if we trust love and say it out loud?
But no one heard that sound.
Do we leave and forget about the love we found?
Or indulge in love and be more profound?
Is love a choice or to it we get bound?


Dec 2020 · 113
The Beauty of Pain
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

By the time you realize the beauty of pain..

You will leave yourself to feel it and won't refrain..

The stab in the heart takes you to a deeper place that is dark but sane..

Where we break down and drain..

It educates us about life, what to give up and what to maintain..

We know how big is our love from what we endure and sustain..

Suddenly  we find love pumped in every vein..

We enjoy all the emotions it brings although we complain..

But definitely our heart is not the one to blame..

Feelings are felt, but hard to explain..

So, be true to yourself and you will always gain..

Even if you are still in love and waiting in the rain..

That is how we grow and refresh our brain..

Then eventually we will heal and all again fall in the love chain..

Nermine Marei
Dec 2020 · 344
Elixir of life
Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Kindly read from top to bottom .... then from bottom to top.*

I am dejected and desperate.

So, don't tell me that

my life is cheerful and jovial.

you think I live in delusions,

my dreams look like mirages,

and the entire cosmos is awaiting frevently not to see

me a luminous star

because a divine captivating force within me wants to see

me confined in solitude

and in other-worldly no one will find

the glinted essence within me.

Because I believe in the cryptic force, I recalled

Hope, are you the elixir of life?

      Kindly reread from bottom to top

Nermine Marei
Dec 2020 · 288
The Baby Heart
Nermine Marei Dec 2020

My heart is a baby, who lives inside of me..
He sings and screams,
He opens and shuts,
And I don't have its key..

My body is his home, but sadly he is someone I can't own.
Sometimes he makes me feel alone,
And in every breath I take, I moan..

My mind is his illusionary friend,
A truthful intruder,  who is harsh sometimes,
A type of a friend, that my heart will suspend,
He won't listen and will just pretend,
My heart decides; to walk the walk, until the end..

My soul is his true bestfriend, The one who will never offend,                                                   They get along and enjoy the time they spend,
An amazing harmony, and beautifully their different colors blend..

Despite, the love or hate, that any of them felt and sent,
It's the baby heart, that makes us all bow and bend..

This is the true us, but we deny it and can't comprehend, And all of them, my heart, body, mind, and soul are my one and only reckless, cautious, beautiful friend..

Nermine Marei

— The End —