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Enigmatic Apr 2020
Her trust in you is as good as an empty tank headed south
She won't use the rearview mirror headed far from you
What she leaves behind remains no concern to her burnt out heart
Eyes on the first exit out of here
The highway is her only vision, burying your bones
This is her farewell
Enigmatic Nov 2019
Why can't I see the girl in the mirror
All her demons are playing Chinese whispers
One by one the secrets meet the conscious
Hidden wounds deform the mind
The pain you feel at the initial tear of a bandaid, every time you uncover another scathe
Bleeding out despair
You can not run
You can't decorate a gun in roses and tell me it won't **** you
You must confide in what you ignore
Stare into the mirror until you welcome the girl with open arms
Let out what's hiding beneath your lair
Enigmatic Oct 2019
In the boudoir of satan's play pen
Chain-smoking her pretty lies
You learn the art
In your veins
In your heart
You can not refrain, dancing with sins
Touching her slowly
Oh the pain, you can not contain
Out of reach, you weep
This is your defeat
Enigmatic Oct 2019
In the ocean I picture an easier world
Keep me locked in a cage
You once told me I wasn't good enough
How am I supposed to find the key
Around my cage you forced me to build bricks
Now no one can free my escape
Tears burn my tired eyes
Enigmatic Sep 2019
Fear is the trap that confines all
Fear is holding hands with the grim reaper
It will haunt you to your grave
Taunt you in your dreams
Tie you back with the strongest rope there is and the hardest knot to escape from
Fear takes no time to find you
Takes no time to hypnotise you
Distorting your beliefs, questions are all that linger
Yes fear is strong but we go on
Enigmatic Dec 2018
Rain caresses her worrying mind
11:22pm nothing matters
Her shattered heart still remains kind
Energy is energy
Her raw and tenderly touch, unexpected yet confirming
Mystery lays all over her delicate face
Your affirming touch, embraces her subtle tears
She melts into the lustful air
You promise to hold her there
The kisses you share are softening her cage
Her heart, her mind, her soul are opening to your sensual connection
Teenage affection fuels your urge to merge
An exchange, energy is energy.
Enigmatic Oct 2018
Stinging you with her electric eyes
This is your turn to lose the prize
For you shall burn
For you shall never return
Your heart can not depart the roses, you lay a bed
Thorns shall ***** you but this is not your moment to cry
This is not your moment to scream why
For she is taking the steps you can not reach
Reach for your despair, scream this just isn't fair
But she shall not turn around
Bury yourself deep in the ground
For she is unleashing her round of the hounds
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