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Apr 2017 · 264
Dangle Apr 2017
You could have said it,
Bitterness, you could have spilled
You didn't, would it ****?
Apr 2017 · 324
Remember too
Dangle Apr 2017
When the world says give up,
Remember to stand up.
When the world says enough,
Remember to be tough.

When promises had been broken
Remember to keep your heart open.
When all the words have been spoken,
Remember that this is about you, and not them.

Hold on to hope,
Darling, you will be home.
Hold on to life,
Soon our worlds will collide.
Hold on to me,
Together, let’s find beauty.
Hold on to us,
I promise you, everything will pass.
Nov 2016 · 586
Dangle Nov 2016
It’s so easy to cease to exist,
And fall into abyss.
It’s so easy to lie,
And pretend that you can fly.

It’s so easy to dream,
When all you can see are stars in the sky.
It is much easier to fall asleep
When you can do nothing but cry.

With all the pains you’ve been thru
All the scars you’ve hide
All the tears you’ve shed
And all the things that bled

With everything that hurts
And all the dark colors that burst
Remember that you matter,
Regardless of how many times you falter.

Remember that you stood like this before
With trembling hands and shaky voice.
Remember how you shrugged it all at once,
When everything can no longer be undone.

Remember all the things you’ve missed,
And all the possible bliss.
Remember that you exist,
And tell the world with a kiss.
Nov 2016 · 715
Dangle Nov 2016
Chaos were my thoughts
Yet you tried to fill it up
Sweet lullaby, Love.
Jun 2016 · 356
Dangle Jun 2016
Looking at you feels like flying*
When i know,
*I am actually falling.
Falling slowly.
May 2016 · 278
Dangle May 2016
Let's be the best kind of maybe.
Mar 2016 · 290
10-word story
Dangle Mar 2016
Because you make me think that growing old feels fine.
Mar 2016 · 1.3k
One step away
Dangle Mar 2016
One step, you reached for my hand.
Two steps, you wiped my tears.
Three steps, you turned your back away from me.
Four heartbeats and you were gone.
Our steps didn't seem to synchronize, right?
Mar 2016 · 219
Dangle Mar 2016
Feb 2016 · 208
Dangle Feb 2016
Jan 2016 · 379
Existing but...
Dangle Jan 2016
Have you ever felt this way?
So empty.
So lost.
Like a raft in the ocean.
So fragile.
So alone.
Like being alone in a crowded room.
So much chaos,
Yet so quiet.
Like a falling leaf;
Now, free
Yet, dying.
Like a flower planted in a soil;
Yet, holding back.
Like me,
Dec 2015 · 429
Dangle Dec 2015
Dear girl,
I know
how much you crave for happiness

But please,

mistake comfort for bliss.
Aug 2015 · 852
Dangle Aug 2015
When was the last time you appreciate life?
The last time you just sit still,
And observe everything around you
And just collide with the world?
I think the world is still a beautiful place in spite of the pain and everything. You just have to look deeper and closer.
Jul 2015 · 4.1k
Maybe, just maybe
Dangle Jul 2015
Do you think life is unfair?
Do you think we are worth it?
Do you think there's still hope?
Who knows?

But maybe there's still hope
Maybe there's still star amidst the dark sky
Maybe there's still sun beyond the dark clouds
Maybe there's still a flower in spite of the winter
Or maybe, just maybe, we are too stuck up to notice everything
Maybe, we're  just too busy to notice that the rain had stopped falling

Perhaps, there's still hope

Perhaps, like flowers, we will bloom
Maybe not now, but a little bit soon
Perhaps, like stars, we'll bright again
So bright that we can no longer see the end
Perhaps we'll find the light that we're longing for
I don't know when, but I know it's worth the soar.
You might be in a dark place right now but sooner or later, you'll find the light. It seems like you won't but you will.
Jul 2015 · 4.9k
Better than hurt
Dangle Jul 2015
I once asked an old man,
"What happens when people open their hearts?
Do they get hurt?"

*"No,they get better," he replied.
I hope so,old man. I hope so.
Jul 2015 · 325
In between
Dangle Jul 2015
"Do you think you weren't love enough?" he asked

"It was something between not enough and not at all", she replied.
to feel pain or to feel nothing at all
Jul 2015 · 459
3-line poem
Dangle Jul 2015
You said you missed her
But then you ignore her

That's total *******
words that mean nothing
Jul 2015 · 596
Dangle Jul 2015
You're being too comfortable
with someone
that you almost forgot*
how loneliness
*actually feels like
Jul 2015 · 788
You left anyway
Dangle Jul 2015
It seems like a lifetime ago
You were staring,
I was crying
"Sorry", was all you said
I wanted to scream why?
Why with so little endeavor at civility you will leave me?

But you left me standing anyway
You left my bleeding heart anyway
You stopped holding me anyway
You left the words unspoken anyway

You left
and never looked back on my way
i wonder where you are
Jul 2015 · 430
All at once
Dangle Jul 2015
I never knew that your smile
Could be the most beautiful and painful thing
I'll ever see
It was everything and nothing
All at once
Jul 2015 · 809
Bleeding heart
Dangle Jul 2015
You closed your bloodshot eyes
Along with your bleeding heart

And you never opened them again
you broke the promise to save yourself
Jul 2015 · 247
Dangle Jul 2015
I never believed in angels
But then I saw you
my own kind of angel

— The End —