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B D Caissie Aug 2019
Fake smiles, roads travelled, stress lines for miles.

Tired eyes, bloodshot lightning, weeping within stormy skies.

Weary feet, chasing sheep, sleepwalking myself to sleep.
Hannah Oct 2017
they took away his kindness
she missed the sunshine in his eyes
wished the bloodshot glaze would abandoned his sage colored eyes
she missed the memories that were erased
being captured and consumed scares her
she didn't want to be scared anymore
JayceeJellies Jul 2017
Up until my eyes are bloodshot.
I think about my life until my stomach is in knots,
I feel sad, happy, mad, sometimes it gets confusing.
In the end I do fall asleep but tomorrow I know what's awaiting me.
Hannah Payne Dec 2016
I remember the weight of his body
Towering over me,
Ensnaring the torn mesh of my skin,
Concealing the crevices he's embedded me in.

The mass of his force,
That spark traveling through his velocity,
Littering my ability,
To resist and penetrate the vein of impalpable pleasure.

He keeps it contained,
At the bottom of the river,
Beneath the hidden plain,
Of his repressed, departed soul.

Acetic fizzed, frothing exhale,
Pirouetting through my nose.
Its toxicity starts to unfold,
And he wants me to recognize  
The power of his redundant trickery
Engraved in his smirking bloodshot eye.
Erika Castaldo Dec 2015
I watched you
Cover up scars
With bracelets
And cover
Bloodshot eyes
With sunglasses.

I took your
Razors and Alcohol
In vain
To protect you.

For a while
It worked.
You powered through
Pain and uncertainty
Until it all
Came rushing

You held on until May,
And for that
I am
Destre' Sep 2015
It still hangs above the kitchen table
   Torn down the center and patched with a single strip of of duct tape
His skin painted white
   His eyes blue and bloodshot
His lips glossed with the color of blood from a fresh wound
   *He sits
unable to speak
   unable to tell of all he's seen
unable to share his knowledge with the clueless
   unable to warn them

He silently hangs on the faded yellow wall
   torn and damaged
faded and discolored
  discolored with splatters of this
or sprays of that

*no one knows but him
and there he will always be
   on the wall
above the kitchen table
   silent and watching
Dangle Jul 2015
You closed your bloodshot eyes
Along with your bleeding heart

And you never opened them again
you broke the promise to save yourself
Cassidy Shoop Apr 2014
I remember when I was the one
Who would give your eyes life
As if the only reason
They were open in the first place
Was to see my smile
But now after seeing you
For the first time in six months
I realize I am actually the reason
That your current eyes
Hold so much pain
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