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Leo Janowick Aug 2021
The secret of a happy life
  Is knowing how to live,
And recognize the time and place
  To take away or give.

To gather joys we must be fair
  In all we say and do;
The happiness is free to take,
The rest is up to you

Most people walk a rightness path,
  And do their very best,
To foster peace and brotherhood,
  While feathering their nest.

Still there are those, who lie and cheat,
  With underhanded ways,
Believing they can forge ahead
  And gain some unjust praise.

And actually they may just feel
  Their neighbors thru the years
wear a mask of make believe
  To hide their self made fears.

But happiness does not exist
  Upon their shakey shelves,
As skies are always gray for those
Who cannot face themselves.
      Leo M. Janowick
      January 16, 1976
Bolaji Temilola Mar 2021
Success and true love
are not something
To be purchased.
It is attracted
By the person that
you become.

The road to Success
Is not always straight
The road to true love
Is always looks like wilderness

There will be curbs called FAILURE
Loops called CONFUSION
Speed called FRIENDS
Red light called ENEMY
Caution light called FAMILY

You will have flat tire called JOBS
You will enter potholes called FEAR
You will be tricked by moth called ANXIETY

But if you have a spare called DETERMINATION
An engine called FAITH
A driver called GOD
You will make it
To a place called SUCCESS
And TRUE LOVE will hugs you
To welcome you.
Patience is the key
mac azanes Apr 2020
A confirmation,
About a new life.
And God blessing
To a husband and wife.

and a thousand emotions,
that can't hardly chose.

A girl
Or a boy?
I am so excited,
to buy a  toy.
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
Time went bittersweet,
Hopes and dreams are shaping,
including her sense of style,
sketchy colors from her attire

From roots to fruits,
colorful wheel of truth
her mates could have similar thoughts,
that her body lies and changes contour

an invoice of ****** characteristics,
continuously develop,
are you one of the assets? 

Hotter than a winter season,
bridges a glimpse of ****** desire

The pursuit of independence,
Her identity is prominent

She could be artist in many ways,
So do you,
A singer, dancer or a writer,
But she’s now logical, an abstract dealer,
or in many ways, an idealistic painter

She saw the world,
simply using her feathers
she thinks matches the weather,
but most of the time,
she fakes and heal from prayers,
that one day she’ll know most,
of executive’s duties or more
This poem's part of my final project
Elle Dhani Dec 2019
If a lie lies within flies,
where would it hide and why?

If a man is stan of tan,
why would he not mend?

In a life full of berries,
sometimes we take more of cherries

We chose silence between resilience,
that even nobles defeats from their own science

Here, we stand on our feet,
we carry our belongings,
we cry even if no one wants to listen,
we smile in the belief of life is beauty,
we sleep because life is both strength and health

We think of laughter and sorrow,
the vows,
the future of future generations,
even nature’s life

We have come to an end,
whether we resume to feel love and give love

This all remains,
all the beauty of life,
is in the map of God’s hand,
where we choose to plot good and bad
This poem was part of my final project.
Amanda Nov 2018
Happiness is a kiss not asked for
Happiness is your hand taking mine
Happiness is a smile not looked for
Happiness is your eyes looking into mine
Happiness is warm cuddles on cold nights
Happiness is this life with you
Thank you for bringing the happy :-)
AceLione Oct 2018
I wake up and watch out my window and see the sun
I haven’t climbed a mountain, fought someone, what else haven’t I done?
I want to live, I have many things to do.
Biking to France or start my own zoo.
Maybe sailing on the Great pacific.
All those accomplishments would be terrific.
I can’t wait till my heart goes faster because I’m skydiving.
I believe in anything even Frankenstein’s reviving.
You should stay alive, not just for yourself but for the people around you.
Or you could do it for yourself and do the things that you like to do
Life is precious, keep all its memories don’t be afraid to die because if you do that, you aren’t living
Wick Jan 2018
I have always wondered
how your kisses
never touched my soul

now I realize
that your love
for me was never whole.
Finals and broken relationships. great just great
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