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Jaslin Goh Oct 2018
The hurting tree writhes
See the ivy all around
Its mistakes they bind
You may not see as I do
There is life if you look close
Trying my hand at a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabus, enjoy!
Poetic T Aug 2018
Walking up to mummy,
            he says look at my smile.
I wanted to cheer you up.

            I made my smile rainbows,
                               to brighten you up.
A little one wants to cheer up his mommy so he colours in his teeth, and says look a smile of rainbows for mummy to know every smile is a rainbow smiling back at you.
WA West Aug 2018
It is a sickness,
That lives amongst,
The focused sky
The curious child,
And the moon illuminated.

It is an endless drone,
That wrenches our stomachs,
Enslaves our neighbours,
And breaks our spirits,

It is worshipped,
Yet will see us forgotten,
A blip on a savanna,
Kaitlin Collide Nov 2015
I touched a flower in my pocket..
Picked it up, and promptly dropped it.
It's bulbous, squishy, and it's sopping.
I was afraid of what it was.

I took a closer look at its mutant colors;
Squinted at it for a second 'nother.
It felt like death, it felt like butter;
'Twas merely the head of a rose.

I sighed out the panic that had rushed inside me.
While sadness-stricken, serendipity survived thee.
The mere smell of that rose, nostalgic and lively
Wrapped around me and extracted my pain

Such a simple notion made such a difference.
I shall thank the friend by whom it was given;
He'll never understand the powerful significance.
That flower saved my night.
True story, true series of events
Karen Nicole Jul 2015
for not returning the love
the love that you gave me.

i was too blind
too blind to see you

you got hurt
because of me

but now,
now i can give you
give you the love you gave me before

i'm ready to mend
all the broken pieces i caused

you really cant bring back
the past, right?

i think..
i'm already too late.
Dangle Jul 2015
Do you think life is unfair?
Do you think we are worth it?
Do you think there's still hope?
Who knows?

But maybe there's still hope
Maybe there's still star amidst the dark sky
Maybe there's still sun beyond the dark clouds
Maybe there's still a flower in spite of the winter
Or maybe, just maybe, we are too stuck up to notice everything
Maybe, we're  just too busy to notice that the rain had stopped falling

Perhaps, there's still hope

Perhaps, like flowers, we will bloom
Maybe not now, but a little bit soon
Perhaps, like stars, we'll bright again
So bright that we can no longer see the end
Perhaps we'll find the light that we're longing for
I don't know when, but I know it's worth the soar.
You might be in a dark place right now but sooner or later, you'll find the light. It seems like you won't but you will.
Karen Nicole Jul 2015
darling don't cry
wipe those tears
in your eye
those words they told you
are all nothing but lies

don't let them see
your fragile state
go out
and explore this beautiful world

there's a lot of things to do
aside from locking yourself
inside that dark room
and wasting your time crying
please just smile
it's more pleasing to see
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