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Sep 2019 · 256
A feather light, A feather dark, A feathered sight, Like a hawk, Who's the night, Who's a lot, Diving, Soaring, For fish or fry, Here it's cry, A shriek of brave, A shriek of grave, A flutter of danger, A flutter of passerby, A flock alone, Together be, Shape of V, They see, From high above, A hawk, A seagull, A dove. A crow sees you, But you don't know, Perching quiet, They sit a row, Then the caw, Look around, They saw, Now you see, On the house, On the tree, Lined up, On a line, Along the ground, Nibble and hop, Hear a sound, Then they stop, See something, Fly away, But they all come back, One of these days.
Sep 2019 · 240
Falling, Falling, Falling, Through the fluid, With breath, In sleep, It never ends, Falling, Falling, Falling, A soft motion, A lighter, Brighter, Whiter, Ocean, Past the sailing clouds, Not yet seen the ground, Falling, Falling, Falling, Loose friction, Peace in one depiction, Only feel, Do not think, No contradiction, A strong affliction, Get drunk, Lost in the air, Surrounded by it, Live by it, Always by it, Falling, Falling, Falling There is now goal, Feathers light, Hunger whole, Now soaring, Speed was storing, The dive, The spread, The curve, In the talon’s grasps, Something from the ocean, Now being carried, Through a more fluid ocean, Gliding, Gliding, Gliding, To a rock, Land, Sit, Eat, Feed the ones chirping a good bit, And now rest, That’s it.
I wanted to write something about a bird.
May 2019 · 90
Bad-ish Child
I'm lazy,
I drain,
From their incentive,
I'm a pain,
And overly sensitive,
But not enough,
When it comes to pets,
Not an "animal person",
Just not into vets,
I'm so terrible,
yes oh yes,
The worst,
yes oh yes,
Intrusive thoughts,
Please help me,
No medication,
For the thoughts,
"It's electronics",
Your brain rots,
They hate me,
When I make,
Any sort,
Of mistake,
He blames me,
When somethings missing,
Why can't I be left,
Left alone,
Given privacy,
In our home,
Can't close my door,
Can't have food,
Suspicious to have water,
I wish I could,
Just be left,
To my own devices,
But it's on me,
It's my fault,
That I'm called names,
By an adult,
He sometimes says,
"Lord Help Me".
I need prayers,
Though he never prays,
Outside of me being weird,
I'm a demon for these days.
"Can't wait till you leave",
I can't wait too,
I'm spoiled?
You don't like me though,
It's true.
I'm always the bad one,
Never defended,
Only attacked,
Then I can't be offended?
Hard to tell exactly what I'm experiencing through a poem.  Their great parents, my new adoptive ones (who originally were my aunt through marriage and my blood related uncle), but they have faults in emotional support.  It's never positive reinforcement like "You'll do better next time!"  only,  "No electronics".  They think taking my electronics solves everything.  How about helping me learn from my mistakes by actually explaining what I did wrong, or understanding that I have realized what I did wrong?  I don't know, I'm only a child I guess, hard to put myself in their shoes.   And other people have it worse off.
May 2019 · 160
When we look,
At what we've took,
And what we haven't,
The balance is shook,
We classify,
Only to feel,
The universes next surprise,
When we try,
To open our mind,
See with our naked eye,
The expanse,
That some think is just lie,
It may make some of us cry,
For no reason,
How else can we deal,
With no reason,
As it breaks our heart,
And drives our mind,
We truly are,
In forever blind,
Forever signed,
To a purpose that,
Can never be resigned,
It breaks itself,
And bends,
But never a yelp,
Of understanding,
Of truth,
It'll take too long to know,
The entirety of this youth.
The universe is great, always breaking the laws we put on it one way or another.  How can we ever understand such complexity?  It is a beautiful goal to strive for, but hopeless one to achieve,
Mar 2019 · 102
Hope it can be great...
I won't do anything,
To help those in need,
But I beg and plead,
Put the weight on a stead,
To carry me,
Into a sight to see,
Of all this hatred,
This pain,
This suffering,
"Solved" by me,
Although I can,
Help a lot,
I have before,
Haven't been caught,
I just don't,
Wanna take credit,
For others work,
And then forget it,
I wanna be remembered,
In a friend's heart,
For a welcome embrace,
Or a friendly start,
Not the one,
Who made them feel ****,
About their insecurities,
Then say I fixed their heart.
I'm a good enough therapist, I won't push on teen life bored games, I will give you things from experience.  I still need to do other formats of poetry, so I might try a Haiku or something like that.  There is also slam, which I have been very curious about.  Can't wait to tell more emotions and stories through the arts of poetry.
Mar 2019 · 112
Not so bad
It's fine.
It's okay.
Is good today.
It's good to know,
That I'm not as low,
As my mind,
Wants me to go,
And so a row,
Through a new sea,
To make others happy,
Being kind,
Once again,
Finding myself,
Where I've already been.
I think I'm finally fixing it.  ***** jinxes, I say that I am fixing it.
Mar 2019 · 62
Drown in tears,
Drown in love,
Drown in fears,
From above,
From below,
Sad fellow,
Simply bellow,
Against the pain,
Against the lack,
Just show your best,
Against your own,
Want to slack,
Pick up,
And push ahead,
Because if you let go,
You'll only feel lead.
Poisoned wine,
Oh so fine,
Don't fall off,
The balance line,
Cause there is no net,
Within your life,
To catch your fall,
Only strife.
It's hard for me to stay true to my realizations.  Sometimes I can't do it by myself.  But it doesn't feel right to put my problems on others,  But then I do this all the time.  But then I also let others put their problems on me.  So, hmmm.
Feb 2019 · 304
Valentines Day?
When you want their soul,
What personality they take on,
As their life's special tole,
Look into their eyes.
Of course,
I am basing this off of somebody,
But this is for everybody
Gift this following to a person you like:
Eyes so precious,
Even on the inside luscious,
I wouldn't take a brush to this,
Your already art,
A sculpture in part,
You make anyone whole,
Make their heart beat from the start,
A shard of glass,
Giving the sun pass,
And outshine a rainbow,
Stream of joy from head to toe,
You make my jaw drop,
From the top to bottom,
A work of fiction,
Imagination's beauty,
The imperfect
Yet perfect,
I don't know when valentines day is, but I hope I am not too late.  Btw, I want to practice, so tell me a topic you'd want me to write about in the comments.
Jan 2019 · 130
Wrong Again
Here was a test,
And here was my failure.
As my random grows stronger,
And my kindness goes paler.
People I knew,
I considered friends,
Two kids who were nice,
Friendly in deep ends,
I said something terrible.
I feel guilty,
It's unbearable.
It made more then one thing crack,
My voice and my hope with one wack,
It's one thing I lack,
I must think before I say.
Though I don't get better anyway,
So skip from day to day,
It's why I say I try,
Because when I promise I will,
I'm singing an old lie,
I did come to cry,
Give my life a sigh.
'Cause I said something racist.
And I don't know why.
I ruin my own social life.
Jan 2019 · 243
Burning in my throat,
Burning in my chest.
Is it just my guilt?
Or am I not at my best?
Lots of mistakes,
Lots of regrets.
I keep making more,
A failure in the wets.
Never drying up.
Still sensitive as a droplet.
Falling into a hole.
Dug by what will follow it.
But I fight to not wallow in it,
Otherwise I might drown.
I only stay heartless.
Or angry,
Just not a frown.
I'll never get better as usual.  Just like that singer, who nobody likes her when she's doing better, you know?  Gotta be entertaining.
Jan 2019 · 73
Become Worse
It's shiver.
It's a spur.
Some cure.
Good sir.
Hello madam.
I'm a child.
Much to wild.
Thought I was mild.
I thought ridiculous.
When I said insane.
But now there is,
Something wrong with my brain.
Casausing any respect,
To just be pain.
It's taking reign.
The lazy.
The original.
Becoming worse.
And closing as main.
Taking control,
Of I what I had stole,
Tried to fix,
Now it just licks,
Teasing the end.
I tried to stop,
No more depend
But now I have sunk,
Into the deep end.
I don't think I can fend.
I tried to defend,
Any progress I'd made,
But now to others,
I just offend,
What is been paid,
My effort,
Small bit of sanity,
Now it's debt.
My mind decomposing.
Reasoning opposing.
****** context corroding.
No more coding.
No more to help.
I am out of what I need.
I don't know what it is.
The sanity I no longer bleed?
The voice I didn't feed?
My mind is hazy.
You can really call me crazy,
Cause I really feel it breaking,
No longer stopping forsaking.
I can't stop faking.
The lies will continue raking.
The stories continue taking.
No more trust.
I am now in rust.
I hurt.
The only people who may have liked me,
Probably felt bad for me.
That's most likely.
A lot of people,
May think I am just a steeple,
Something to have crumble,
Climb over,
To meet actual people.
I ruin any social contact.
Where did I sign,
Can I burn the contract?
I don't like this.
It was worthless.
Doomed from the beginning.
You can insert this.
Into a record of the failures.
I don't need friends.
I need to leave.
Only believe.
In my imagination.
I can't escape,
What is me.
I hope my classmates see this.
I apologise.
For the trouble I caused.
I'll never get better.
I want to stay paused.
Because only then,
Can people accept me,
So I am sorry.
I wish I was better.
But it was done long ago.
The tendrils in stone.
I am irratation to the bone.
Hide me in a cone.
Never contact me,
I am used to it.
Don't need you to phone.
I'd rather stay alone.
Dec 2018 · 67
Dependent on who?
Dependent on you.
What you ask me too,
I will most likely do.
Depending on trust.
Once again fussed.
I am still bad at it,
Still being mad at it.
Because I don't get it.
From people or reason.
And if it's fair,
It feels like treason.
People don't trust me.
Especially my peers.
It doesn't bring me to tears,
But it is one of my fears.
That I will never hangout.
And without much doubt,
Be in relationship.
Because it's not what I am about.
Or it is really,
But most people would not appeal to me.
Not even have a feel to me.
Only if they feel bad,
Would they ever want to steal to me.
I think I get it.
I still get offended.
When people insult me,
I have no need to be salty,
Because I have already told myself,
What I could say to someone else.
Call me depressed,
But I'm just trying,
Trying to understand,
Why stuff comes round,
Just like a rubber band,
Choking on sand,
Some times it's rough,
And it may make me tough,
But that won't help me enough.
All these problems,
Trust is a real bust,
It always is in rust.
For anyone I friend,
I don't have the must.
Trust, friends, relationships...not my favorite thing.
Oct 2018 · 157
What do you want?
I do some weird things.
I say some weird things.
I am bored and looking for a reaction.
My habits floored and looking for a faction.
I haven't had anyone to hang out with since I was seven.
And that best friend was exiled when I was eleven.
So now I wait.
Ponder what it would be like in heaven.
Then I state.
I am annoying and irritating, disgusting and rude.
Smart alic, stupid, and never really a dude.
I wish I was better, not so crude.
But I have not pushed past my limits,
So I stay in a feud.
Each thing I do only in a mood.
I have no real friends,
Problems without that being pursued.
I mean I have nobody I hang out with.
Probably nobody who to me wouldn't have a doubt with.
I think I can just go without this.
But I don't know if this loneliness is what I am about with.
I try to talk an make jokes.
Yet I am not funny, and my ideas are just yolks.
I am not relate-able.
Just debatable.
And for most people.
Disliked and seen as unstable.
Hard to make friends, too lazy to keep friends.
Sep 2018 · 92
True Self
I have multiple personalities.
I am not saying this as a belief,
More than it is reality.
Each one,
Has their own actuality.
I chose one.
To be my true normality.
I may not be in the state the most,
But it's the only one I can boast,
Where I can be somewhat positive.
I think it's better than my most.
It's when I am calm,
And in my best mood.
At this time,
I am usually never rude.
Kindness and happiness.
Is finally pursued.
Nobody knows me at my best.
Sep 2018 · 165
A perfection...
I would like to make something.
Something for you and me.
Something creative.
An activity.
What would you say,
With a good description.
Would be your perfect,
Society depiction.
Make a fun,
Meaningful fiction.
Of your personal utopia.
A place,
Of a happy place affliction.
Try it out.
Sep 2018 · 129
Why is it true sometimes?
You know racism.
But doesn't it ****.
When you realize.
That in the situation.
It actually fits them.
I thought it wasn't supposed to.
I thought it wasn't true.
But then again.
Why would they make them?
If it didn't happen?
Judging others.
Said to be a dumb fence.
But when it's true.
Does that mean it's an offense?
People of another race.
Are usually rude to me.
I am white.
Also Puertorican.
But who would think I was?
And who they was.
Isn't that unfair.
That they were what is thought as bad as a swear.
What can you do?
When bad stereotypes and actions.
Just keeps passing down.
It makes me frown.
Makes me feel like.
Being open-minded.
Is just a clown.
I don't like it when it's true.
It makes those people who say it is.
Not just a rue.
I am not going to be like them of course.
But it is annoying.
When it's as true as the source.
Have you had moments like this?
Sep 2018 · 81
Yeah, I have thoughts.
Thoughts of people I have known.
I always go to far.
Push myself.
Farther under the bar.
It doesn't help.
That these fantasies are not good.
And would never be real.
It's not even something.
To I really appeal.
Other people have this problem.
And I would sob for them.
If I could cry more normally.
I knew about this stuff.
Ever since I was four.
I mean really.
It's pretty hard not to know.
Of things like a ***.
And so.
It may continue to go.
Even though...
I could try to stop.
I could stop.
I could let it drop.
Just ignore any feeling of that...sense.
And be as sturdy as some of a cop.
I will.
And you cannot judge that I used to.
Or do.
Because even though it's more private.
You probably do it too.
Let's be real now...I mean, come on.
Sep 2018 · 77
I found a few purpose.
Of course on purpose.
Finding the point.
I serve this.
Going through.
It's ******* me.
And probably you.
A lot of rough bumps.
Where is that thing?
That you said would lift me.
Out of the dumps.
Life is not a rave.
Tried to get a save.
Not a single wave.
Maybe I am just dramatic.
Just spastic.
Really a brat.
Never something fantastic.
Personality foiled.
Negatively coiled.
Always wanting change.
An embarrassing derange.
Looks like a mange.
I am sorry.
I say it so much.
A say it bunch.
I say it every time.
I have a hunch.
Every time.
I don't eat lunch.
It shouldn't mean anything.
I have used it to much.
Boy who cried wolf.
Boy who sorry sing.
But I am sorry.
Maybe I really am black and white.
Not insightful.
Maybe they just never laugh.
Not out of spite.
But because they are right.
I am not funny.
I am irritating.
Too hyper.
Hopping to conclusions like a bunny.
My actions.
My thoughts.
I can say are really not sunny.
I would pay my whole life's worth.
Of future money.
If I could escape.
The personality that runs me.
But instead.
I must be searching.
For where my future.
Is now perching.
How to ignore.
Thoughts just lurching.
What else can I do?
Then make entertainment.
For me and for you.
The future is hard to find.
Sep 2018 · 80
I am sometimes offended.
Though I feel I am not supposed to be.
When it is said that may perspective.
I full of negativity.
When they say I am closed.
To social activity.
They say I am black and white.
But if I have time.
I can show what really lives in me.
An insightful, peaceful soul.
Or just a different personality.
I am 90% sure.
This is just now my reality.
I have a calm side.
I just need time.
I didn't think I had a problem.
In previous therapy.
And in the most recent one.
I just wanted to not follow insanity.
Trying something again and again.
And expecting a different result.
At least, I am not going to expect a better result.
I don't want to waste time.
Trying the same method.
Crying to the failure of method.
Though I don't cry anymore.
Saying I don't have more then one perspective.
Is only true in the moment.
Which is only sometimes true.
This false accusation.
Anytime my tone.
Anytime sarcastic.
Smart alack or spastic.
I wonder if it's just a rue.
To get me in trouble.
Put me in more rubble.
I am only annoying.
When I am bored.
Or my mind is thrown overboard.
I like isolation.
The peace of disconnection.
Because I don't have to deal with.
The non-pleasant and helpful content.
In my surroundings.
It helps not burst from stress.
From the constant press.
My calm is more.
My hyper is less.
This does not mean I am not extroverted.
Or introverted.
It is my relief.
In the form most converted.
I have other options.
This one is just more enjoyable.
Since I was four years old.
This is better then some.
And does not make me a ***.
I am not dependent.
Saying that.
Makes me offended.
I just have a positive relationship.
With technological companion-ship.
I am not feign to it.
Now, this is just to explain for the problems and complaints.
That way I can stay in my happy paints.
Although I do actually wonder.
If I am cocky, arrogant, or seemingly too self confident?
Yeah.  Hey, I am only 13.
Sep 2018 · 75
I feel.
It is unjust.
To only provide a child.
With distrust.
When it is not their fault.
They want privacy.
Or an escape.
From society.
I feel.
It is unjust.
To limit.
Their own de-stress.
Their only bless.
Though I must confess.
Some of these.
May not be what is best.
Or match.
With the moral attest.
But if it doesn't hurt.
Then it is only fair.
To trust in them.
To be aware.
Of the difference.
Between addiction and obsession.
Versus just an affection.
No matter what activity it is.
As long as it meets moral standards.
Then it should not be called upon.
With distrust and interference and somewhat offensive comments.
About the simple biz.
Aug 2018 · 111
Can I handle it?
Another year.
Then another 4.
I start tommorow.
I'd rather kiss the floor.
They ask if I'm excited.
Oh I just wanna soar!
What do you think?
That I have actual friends?
Well now that depends.
All I have are fake friends.
Nobody to hangout with at ends.
I am so social look at these sends!
I just try to get by.
All I want to do is say bye.
All I can do is lie.
Because I can't get out of this.
This waste of time.
Hit me in the head with chime.
I still won't be positive.
This is not how I want to live.
But I don't have control.
Control of what I go through.
It's as terrible as coal.
Why do I need to do this?
It is honestly useless.
Education is unbearable.
My peers are not standable!
I am going through torture.
I could learn so much easier alone.
I know it help my future!
If you changed this stupid tone!
That I listen to everyday.
Annoying so much that I pray.
For an online course take me away.
This is dumb.
This is wrong.
To put kids through this for so long.
This is how real life is huh?  
I get told that all the time.
But it doesn't have to be this way!
We could see a better day!
Just fix education please.
It brings me down to their knees.
And doesn't let me rise.
You wonder why it's mostly cries?
Because this stuff can't fit true needs.
Needs to make thing easier.
More efficient.
More enjoyable done.
That's a positive for my happy sun.
I don't need more assignments.
Just more assistance.
I want to be witness.
To this simple change.
Before I become.
A complete derange.
A bit different, if you guys agree please do something to spread or make this a cause.
Aug 2018 · 177
Time to fall
Give me piece.
Just feel the falling.
Just to hear the calling.
Just to sense the stalling.
The tolling of bells.
Where we give in to sells.
Let me see.
What it is like.
To be a force.
That is not yet completed.
For no amount of time.
Can fix lost time.
Not one of my rhyme.
Not one sour lime.
So I just tell my story.
From sad, to gory.
I don't deserve glory.
Cause the things I am given now bore me.
So don't give more to me.
Unless it is true,
Not just lore or sympathy.
So come only with heart and soul.
If you could have the need to help.
Then give me sweet call.
A lovable Yelp.
I am joking.
Yet I am not.
So give me what I previously sought.
So I could have a strong distraction from my thought.
And also...a signable direction.
Towards this thing that is called affection.
Transfer time, selfish with this and every other rhyme.
Aug 2018 · 288
See Something
What's that?
In the distance?
A life?
That's distant.
That's different.
That's dumb.
Just finish this.
Where am I?
Why am I here?
Where all I know is to cry...
And also to fear.
Where all I see...
Is the end is near.
Over here,
Over there.
Taken unfair.
A smoky rising.
To corrupt the lesser.
A ideal rising.
To corrupt the blesser.
It's not a rue.
There is more than a few.
So call to the angels.
Call to the gods.
Call to whatever,
Even if it's not a facaude.
You see me staring off,
Something in the distance.
The fake ideal,
Of love and praise.
Falling out,
Through the haze.
My ideals and desires,
Floating down.
Paper scraps.
They make me frown.
So what do I see,
Just barely in the distance.
I tried to be more poetic.
Aug 2018 · 113
It continues.
One problem I have.
That is feature in everyone's minds.
Is how ideas connect.
This is how negatives spread.
Became part of...sensation memory?
Like any sort of tingle,
Pleasing thought...
Immediatley judged and corrupted by my mind.
And for any weird or displeasing thought,
Connected to the strands of my pleasing and positive thought...
Where is the escape from thought?
One solution I need...
How to make sure certain thoughts don't become permanent.
How to block of connections...
Of the thoughts I don't like sent.
Where is the technology and intelligence I was promised?
That could give me the pleasing purity I missed...
This may give a good example of what I need for my thoughts.
Aug 2018 · 88
Do I judge?
This is a simple right,
A simple bless.
I cannot understand,
Why some people can't be better.
Be more open.
This makes me redder.
I can't have open mind.
When all my mind does is grind.
So loud it absorbs my life to fixing.
So I judge.
Because I don't have time to learn to not.
So this shall be a tied knot.
Till the rope ends.
Because the mind fraying is not a depended.
It is a for sure until end.
So I don't mean to offend.  
I mean to help.
Not to hurt.
But to lift out of the dirt.
I don't know why I exist, or humans in general.
But I have a few depressing insightful theories.
Nothing is going to overseer me.
And if there is,
It deserves not exist.
For what it has done.
I could give a long list.
But that would result in nothing,
Not even fun.
Weigh my soul by a ton.
Not by guilt.
But by phycological pain.
Don't judge.
Or else you may judge yourself.
I do.
Aug 2018 · 90
Stay alone
I am ok,
If I stay alone.
More than me is a burden,
Can you tell by my crazy tone?
It's weird...
I force myself to accept that I need nor want anyone.
So...when I am done.
I am by myself.
I am mature...but not mature?
An old soul,
Insightful to weird as mole.
So...I stay,
And say,
With me...
Could not be a relationship.
I could never be a positive in life...
With so many negatives...
Twisted sharp like a knife,
I don't want death.  
I just want entertainment forever.
Immortal, but never to go through a portal.
Only to read and watch.
That would be nice.
But here is the splice.
I do...want companionship.
A relationship.
But what girl would ever want me back, and me her.
What guy would ever be friends with me, and me him.
To hangout.
To have the same fun.
Same humor.
Am I lonely? Yes, but I ignore it.
Aug 2018 · 189
Still Stuck
Stuck in depression.
That's what they say.
But it's not depression.
It's the thoughts I deal with everyday.
I am not immune.
To hurt and pain.
I wish I was.
No more fear, no more rain.
In my soul,
Where was my purity?
Where was my childhood,
Where was my safety?
I could say save me,
But there is too much to save.
Too strong for me,
The sadness is a rave.
When is there not a negative?
An inappropriate thought?
A confusing thought?
An abusing thought?
Phycological pain.
They say is common.
But I have multiple in one stain.
Confusi­on with inapropriate darkness is the makeup of my mind
Please help me.
Is what I hope to say.
But I don't use hope.
Because this I cannot receive today.
Or any other place in my life of which I lay.
I hate trying.
I gave up on crying.
Look up to the Willow, is it spying?
Mentally insane,
Believing in things that only cause pain.
I am insightful, but not mature enough to follow the right lane.
So why mind?
Why can't you find
Kindess to my own soul.
All I can take is a toll.
So I am still stuck.
In a random, just like this poem.
That might hit you like a truck.
Where is the solution I was promised?
Jun 2018 · 136
Retry for sense
So as I said,
That there will never be a day,
Where the darkness will devour me as prey,
I mean to say,
That because the crazy mind in my fray,
I am viewed as an equal,
But still invadable.
It can show it's self,
Disturbing and disgusting thoughts,
But the damage,
Is only an effect,
Not an affect.
Does that make sense?
As insensible as the blocking fog I described,
Ocean of craziness in a strong side,
Thought can be sensed,
But cannot sense the blocking,
Unlike emotions like hope or anger,
Fear or any other familiar stranger,
That can be beaten,
Or turned as an ally,
Or weapon to darkness that lie,
It is only a mental sensation,
That I can use or have any time in the day.
Like the darkness,
Only when it is thought of,
Can it become part temporarily,
In my brain.
Jun 2018 · 91
Home of Block
My home,
Up in there,
With the darkness,
That has been a share,
In my poems,
It isn't rare.
The home in my mind,
Is full.
Too thick,
To push or pull.
It is dark,
Empty of light.
And so,
It is so insensible,
That it's entrance,
Is inaccessible,
It isn't sensible,
There are so many blocks,
No sense can reach in,
But the entrance can be open,
When reminded of,
Or spoken of,
And they temporarily walk around,
Without control,
Because my brain is crazy to be controlled,
But they can show themselves,
Until they go back in,
The darkness not anymore thin.
I can use a block of my own,
That it hates,
A sensation,
Not feeling,
But mentally created,
Now this may be debated,
But a temporary mental nervana,
Caused by the craziness,
Making a haziness,
So thick,
That the thoughts can't show,
Only travel,
Without sense of the fog,
But the fog destroying it's sense.  
The darkness can't get around this.
Which is okay,
For me to know,
That never a day,
Will come where the darkness has devoured me as prey.
Doesn't totally make sense, was running out of description ideas.
Jun 2018 · 77
Wonder of temporary hope
I wonder,
If a positive life,
Is really true,
If someone could really,
Have that view,
But still go through,
Terrible realizations,
Facts and opinions,
Negative situations,
And still understand,
Feel sympathy,
Even feel empathy,
While still being positive,
Not being attracted,
Towards the dark,
Or negative,
Not be affected,
Or being effected,
By life experiences.
To a person like this,
I cannot understand,
Nor feel hope,
From the very idea,
Or thought,
Of this lifestyle,
But I have a want or wonder if you are real,
And I feel the need,
To know you are,
That may give me a seed,
A temporary hope,
A nice mirage,
That will help temporarily cope,
With my existence,
For a little while.
I temporaryily hope this is a thing of truth.
Jun 2018 · 77
Positivity is prey
Think of something positive.
A flower.
Thorns without a rose.
Pretty enough to die.
A child.
Prey to the evil eye.
Something that is used to control you.
Block you from the truth.
A sin.
Something where everyone's been.
A positive thought,
Is a beginning of a negative.
Inside people.
Tell me something positive.
It turns into the creeping vines,
Disgusting and disturbing lines,
That lead my story,
Into something scary,
Depleted of any kind of good.
Based off the dark inside,
I have discovered it all.
Yet I don't fall.
It's just in me.
A home it can crawl back to anytime,
A continuous lyric in a rhyme.
Call me the walking thought of crime.
Not the real thing,
But full of the thought.
You have positivity?
You better run.
Because your prey.
The thought that travel, are created, based off darkness we know or imagine, or have sensed possibly through media, heard of, as well as seen...are the predators of our soul.  Mind.  Positivity.
Jun 2018 · 86
Too Much
Too many,
In the dark,
Cold and Stark,
I no longer cry,
Except inside,
But I have,
Nowhere to hide.
They creep up,
From dark,
From the cold,
From the Stark,
Disgusting thought,
Romantic or frantic,
It preys on my mind,
Maybe my mind on my soul,
Because when you can't,
Think of anything,
That won't turn,
Into the everything,
Of the wrong,
It has become,
Too much.
And you have become,
Too much.
I cannot be handled,
While I struggle,
To get out the rubble,
Fade way,
To a land far away,
I was like this,
Before I even existed.
I have no one.
Because no one,
Can can except even one,
Minute of me.
What I see,
Is the futility,
Of me trying,
Of me crying,
Of me prying out the terrible,
Thoughts of me,
Thoughts in me,
Thoughts carried with me.
It's too much,
To fight.
Too much,
For flight.
No light.
Too much,
So much,
That that light no longer exists.
In me.
But maybe in others,
It is there.
That is fair.
You can use it,
As a drive,
Not a path,
But a motivation.
Like a vacation.
Too much for me,
Not enough for you.
May 2018 · 217
I don't know the proper way,
To mature either standing or lay,
In your mental and emotional stance,
This is where my maturity prance,
Yet I feel still a child,
My thoughts of the world run wild,
What I have seen,
Has not kept clean,
Nor has been,
A profound win,
I am at a loss,
For the things crawling towards me,
In my mind,
Do they notice me,
Why my fate,
Has no date,
With destiny,
Or correction,
I am not surprised,
I already know who I am,
I already know my future,
This said with a slam,
Slamming shut my curiosity,
Life is no longer the boss of me,
When I know it's tricks,
When I know how it can hurt with stones and sticks,
So what to say,
Where my maturity already lay.
Feeling it tomorrow,
Feeling it today.
I already figured it out, my maturity.  And I am not talking physically.
May 2018 · 123
It is music to my ears,
To know that you are happy.
Unless you're my heart's tears,
Then you make me sappy.
I may say I am selfless,
But really I am not.
I only talk about my troubles,
It was always in my thought.
For people who hate me,
I always understood.
For people who like me,
I never understood.
You could?
You should?
You would.
You would if I were a completely different person,
With less issues and more talent.
That may not be you,
Or you,
But maybe you.
You know why,
Deep down my true emotion isn't care?
Music helps me.
Motivates me.
To fight staying who I am.
But I know I can't.
You can.
Do whatever it takes.
Whatever peaceful and unhurtable method motivates you,
To be better.
That is music to my ears.
All the people at my school:  I can't relate to.
May 2018 · 104
She didn't want this.
Neither did he.
Nor deserve.
Or need.
Yet the void,
Can still plant it's seed.
In a child's heart,
Watch their life's light bleed.
Even in the purest,
Darkness is corrupting.
People claw,
In different directions.
For power,
For their control over other's views.
Opinions and feeling don't matter,
To those with a strong void emotion,
It is a vile potion.
That which is dranken,
When people do true wrong.
Act true wrong.
Even feel true wrong,
It is a song,
That is sung,
Until someone,
Stops the multiple singers who sung,
The true tune,
That is the call of the void.
And even the smallest acts power it.
You know what, I will show what I know of the world.
May 2018 · 185
Amognst the blaze,
Light shall stand,
The color of those,
Who see the void,
Are being dragged,
Towards it like a ragged,
Broken toy,
But you can fix,
Without either hurt,
Turn the gravity,
To the light,
Hope of peace,
If only our golden stars,
In that void,
Famous and infamous,
Could say the words,
Could breathe the words,
That MLK,
Could spill,
Into our hearts.
I got cussed out by a kid when I was walking by a kindergarten center.
Influence of our givers,
Givers of physical life,
Teaching us darkness,
When we should first experience light,
That is another importance,
What we first learn,
Is to cry,
But if it is someday relieved with true and bright happiness,
We no longer need the void.
Now do you see the power,
Of not a hurting fight,
But a fight to show light,
To an unforgiving world,
Though we do not deserve forgiveness,
We can still spark hope in the shattered pieces of its heart, Places where the sun can't reach,
But humanity's light can.
I have made many people happier and better by inspiring them to do better, not physically or mentally, but emotionally.  The void of verbal and physical abuse removed.  I wish someday someone removed me from the void.  I need forgiveness.
May 2018 · 80
The void has gotten to me,
Yet it will never win.
Because of my mental craziness,
This is song forever sung.
It cannot win,
Not even when I am done.
Remind me,
Of my one true desire,
Immune to all forms of damage.
I would like to still be able to communicate,
Feel emotionally/mentally.
I wished,
I prayed,
I don't put that much effort into most things,
Then I think of this.
The effort I put into fixing me,
Is useless,
If I used it for something else,
I could be...
Immortally powerful.
I could figure out a way.
But then I remember.
The void is waiting.
I will do whatever it takes,
To forever get rid of it.
In the rest of humanity.
For this task,
I will need immortality.
In conclusion,
I can never complete either.
So, the worthless and forever evil cycle goes on, without anyone having enough of everything to stop it.  One day, someone better, more selfless than me will come along, see this, and put an end to the void we all know.
May 2018 · 117
Poetically correct
Shape of life,
Shape of world,
Void is true,
Politics rue,
4 years,
We can start anew,
A better hope,
For patriots few,
The vines creep,
To destroy what is left,
Of the country's cleft.
As they fight,
Empowering the wrong,
Not making the country right,
Our leaders cause nothing but trouble,
If only to relate,
To the idea of hate,
Hating on their threats,
No noble opponents,
No honorable selection,
It's not good for a future election,
People hope to come soon.
Thought of doubt,
Thought of heart,
We can survive this,
With a new start.
This I tried to make like an actual old-fashioned poem, with a bunch of weird words and metaphors, but it was just too hard.  So, I decided to wrap it up with the central idea of politics.
May 2018 · 134
Look at me,
Do you see who,
I try to be,
Better than other guys,
Gentlemanly wise,
Maybe not by size,
But my love is a surprise?
I don't know,
What to say,
And what to know,
I have no excuses,
I lost it I am losin',
I needed help,
More now than ever,
But I might need help,
Really forever,
Look at the weather,
Predict rain.
I am rain.
I want to fade away,
I am a friend-bane,
I am good at making friends,
but terrible at keeping them.
That's more about me,
But it's you I want to see,
I don't judge,
I won't judge,
But if someone hurt you,
I might have to "meet" them,
Friendly "greet" them,
That's just how I am,
I help with things people don't really need,
But they want,
For justice,
I would,
I could,
I should,
You know what I mean,
Now try to stay clean,
Your life gives me a mode and mean.
Other people out there who have been hurt, I haven't.  But I will fight for you.   If I ever found THAT kind of criminal...well, lets just say it won't be too pleasant.
May 2018 · 226
Underneath is your hope
You may find,
That you keep,
Going blind,
To yourself,
To those who care,
To those who know,
For me nobody's there,
But for you,
There must be hope,
I will try to give,
Though I choke,
From the disgusting,
Of myself,
And those around,
I can't be helped,
But you can,
Stay happy,
Don't let your heart be dead,
From the day you were born,
For me it was destiny,
But for you it is your responsibility,
You can do this,
I am already a lost cause,
But for you,
Take a pause,
My suffering and terror,
Is a loss,
But of yourself,
You are a boss,
You have a talent,
Whatever it may be,
Share it with the world,
And if you don't think it's working,
Stop but keep your Glee,
Because you can always remember,
You can do better than me.
Don't let yourself fall like me.
May 2018 · 84
Why can't I
Why can't I get a girl?
Talk about a girl?
Be in that swirl?
Let my boyness unswirl?
Why do I kind of act femenine?
Why can't I relate?
What is my fate?
I have already figured it out.
I have figured out myself.
It is to to stop waiting.
No more being an overgrown sprout.
I have to change.
I can meet anyone like me,
That isn't good,
I can't fight me,
I cannot right me,
Or write me,
What I see,
In the ocean blue,
A cloud running out of view,
I know how you feel,
I am talking to myself,
I am mentally unstable,
I need help.
Even the truest emotions I show,
Are not true,
I don't care,
What are you,
Be whatever,
Just not biast,
And if your not likable,
Don't be a denialist,
I am sorry,
Say that enough for a ferrari,
Why can't I,
Have the muscle,
Have the heart,
Have the brain,
Have the whole cart,
Why is everyone else,
So much better than me?
I wonder this,
Yet it is so clear to see....
Why can't I.
I don't have any truly likable traits.  I don't show some of my true emotions, and I need to get over myself.  A lot of times, I wish for a fresh start.  But that won't come.
May 2018 · 204
What a thief,
From the outside,
Has stolen and crumbled,
Causing the genocide,
Of my heart,
And self-appreciation,
What sat in in my,
Emotional station,
What has been stolen,
Deep down inside me,
Has no warranty,
Can no longer abide by me,
It is my true happiness,
Wrecked by insults and sappiness,
All it releases is selflessness,
No this isn't a phase,
It isn't a stage,
Those really aren't things,
Just like bragging and bling,
They drive me down,
I am too tired to get back up,
Where am I now?
Destroyed...I have no more love.
I have already run out of true love and happiness.  Life works fast.
Feb 2018 · 149
Right Format
What is right,
Is not left,
It is pushed,
Face first into a wall,
As slowly,
It begins to fall,
It isn't usually used,
And if it is, it's abused.
Because people use it to mess around,
So right format is bound,
To not be useful,
It is old not youthful,
But in the end,
It will still be there,
At the perfect moment,
At the right time.
Continuing the format poems, now right format.  This is the RIGHTful end!
Feb 2018 · 202
Let's take another go at this.
Already therapy,
I have taken many pills,
Also for allergies,
I am an analogy,
Of a cracked rock,
Emotionally unstable,
Mental lock,
I have watched and seen,
I am in no way mentally clean,
I have seen or heard it all,
Sorry too busy wasting to call,
I am a strong downfall,
Even to my adoptive parents,
I am not helpful,
I am doubtful,
I make lives miserable,
No I'm not likable,
All my peers to me are not relatable,
Even my destiny is fatable,
I am not who you want,
I am a coward.
I am lazy.
I am only above-average,
But below everywhere else,
I am scared if the dark,
I'm calling to yah,
Give me a new life tommorow,
One where I am better,
Haven't done any childhood wrong,
I decided to try and make it more poem, and be less descriptive.
Feb 2018 · 275
Second half of the story...
Remember that girl I told you about?
Rejected me three times?
Well, even when I liked I had problems with her...
When she gets obsessed with something she always makes me try it,
And never have I ever liked it,
I don't want to read twilight or harry potter!
I am sorry, but I am not your daughter!
I am guy who used like you,
But even then I kinda had spite for you,
Leave me alone don't force me to do this,
Quit saying your tired every day we have been through this!
I don't hate her, or want to date her.
But I just can't deal with her anymore,
I listen to her when I want to ignore.
Why do I do this?
It's just a bore.
I just realized that at some point...if any relationship happened...I would be easily annoyed.
Sorry I have to say this, but...I can't take it!
Feb 2018 · 245
Let me tell you...
When you don't play basketball,
That is a social downfall,
When you don't play fortnite,
People tell you to play every night,
Why can't I relate,
To my fellow guys who talk about a date,
All they do is talk about fights,
Roast each other without rights,
To whom can say what,
About girls and buts,
I feel bad for some girls,
Who have guys after them in swirls,
I try to be nice to them every moment,
She is a sweet friend,
And even though I have feelings for her too,
I don't want her to be my boo,
Will she start hating me?
Am I showing them too much glee?
Some guys are just nuts,
Others get into ruts,
I don't like how they act,
I am annoyed by both genders sometimes,
But that's not why I am writing these rhymes,
What I want to say is be equal,
And compliment good people.
One more thing...Is it okay to not like watching sports?
Have a semi-racist joke but not be racist?
Read books and do work,
But play games where gamers lurk,
I am white and not cool?
Why do they not believe!
I am Puerto Rican!
I only got semi-popular,
By winning roast battles,
I hate when they boast,
Because it rattles,
I don't want to be friendly.
All I try to be is nice.
But when people annoy me it will suffice,
With hyper and random actions,
Messing around with friend groups and factions.
On myself I need traction,
I wish I could stop,
No I don't want to be on top,
Of the game or fame,
That's mainly fake,
Like the rake,
Plastic cake,
For God sake,
Another long poem you may relate to.  This a lot of my opinions and problems.  You maybe might feel empathy.
Feb 2018 · 549
What am I?
May be a reason.
But wondering gay or straight,
Is in my mind treason.
My body says gay,
But my soul says straight.
My mind says ignore it,
But which do I want to date?
Is it ok, to have need to be gay,
But have a want to be straight.
It's the opposite for most,
But for me I boast,
That I want to be straight, not gay.
If you are gay,
Tell me...
Is being straight okay?
Feb 2018 · 261
My Addiction
There are drugs.
There are pugs.
But my addiction,
Is not fiction.
Technically it is,
Since it's fantasy.
Maybe it's clear,
What my addiction issue to see.
But actually,
It's videogames.
I have a problem,
That requires medical help.
If I even see a videogame,
I will yelp.
Because otherwise I will waste my life away,
And I will not let that happen today.
But maybe I could play for a few minutes...
I have a bad obsession for videogames.  Well, still not as bad as drugs or alcohol!
Jan 2018 · 204
I say failure if I trip,
But when the realization makes me stop,
That when I make a real big slip,
I understand what it is to really flop,
I tried out blunt,
I know I am the runt,
Still I thought I could,
And I wish I would,
Have gotten her favorite flower,
Ask her best friend to help me talk to her,
All I could do,
Was just be happy when my heart became stew,
And it was cooked to be burnt,
What I thought may be a flirt,
Was really just sadness,
Hiding in the madness,
But hey it's okay,
It's just life in it's fray,
I'm just gonna say,
That it will day.
I failed.  I'll just ignore my hurt.
Dec 2017 · 82
She's tired,
MIT hired,
That is aspired,
For her I am dire,
As she is my fire,
This is as usual,
Easily confusable,
For being unique,
Like a life's peak,
But this rarity is weak,
This is common in the week,
My like/love for her will leak,
Sometimes through her eyes,
I can see beauty and peace,
She walks as elegant as a fleece,
Admiration is what I release,
Because nothing more is allowed,
Her singing shows wide and proud,
With her hair as soft as a cloud...
This can be you,
A man grateful with you as their boo,
Or maybe not,
Just don't be a thot,
If you are alone,
Your still beautiful on your own.
Make yourself happy. Accept these compliments whoever you are!
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