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Sep 2019
Falling, Falling, Falling, Through the fluid, With breath, In sleep, It never ends, Falling, Falling, Falling, A soft motion, A lighter, Brighter, Whiter, Ocean, Past the sailing clouds, Not yet seen the ground, Falling, Falling, Falling, Loose friction, Peace in one depiction, Only feel, Do not think, No contradiction, A strong affliction, Get drunk, Lost in the air, Surrounded by it, Live by it, Always by it, Falling, Falling, Falling There is now goal, Feathers light, Hunger whole, Now soaring, Speed was storing, The dive, The spread, The curve, In the talon’s grasps, Something from the ocean, Now being carried, Through a more fluid ocean, Gliding, Gliding, Gliding, To a rock, Land, Sit, Eat, Feed the ones chirping a good bit, And now rest, That’s it.
I wanted to write something about a bird.
Antonio Vega Jones
Written by
Antonio Vega Jones  14/M/CA, USA
(14/M/CA, USA)   
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