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A feather light, A feather dark, A feathered sight, Like a hawk, Who's the night, Who's a lot, Diving, Soaring, For fish or fry, Here it's cry, A shriek of brave, A shriek of grave, A flutter of danger, A flutter of passerby, A flock alone, Together be, Shape of V, They see, From high above, A hawk, A seagull, A dove. A crow sees you, But you don't know, Perching quiet, They sit a row, Then the caw, Look around, They saw, Now you see, On the house, On the tree, Lined up, On a line, Along the ground, Nibble and hop, Hear a sound, Then they stop, See something, Fly away, But they all come back, One of these days.
Falling, Falling, Falling, Through the fluid, With breath, In sleep, It never ends, Falling, Falling, Falling, A soft motion, A lighter, Brighter, Whiter, Ocean, Past the sailing clouds, Not yet seen the ground, Falling, Falling, Falling, Loose friction, Peace in one depiction, Only feel, Do not think, No contradiction, A strong affliction, Get drunk, Lost in the air, Surrounded by it, Live by it, Always by it, Falling, Falling, Falling There is now goal, Feathers light, Hunger whole, Now soaring, Speed was storing, The dive, The spread, The curve, In the talon’s grasps, Something from the ocean, Now being carried, Through a more fluid ocean, Gliding, Gliding, Gliding, To a rock, Land, Sit, Eat, Feed the ones chirping a good bit, And now rest, That’s it.
I wanted to write something about a bird.
I'm lazy,
I drain,
From their incentive,
I'm a pain,
And overly sensitive,
But not enough,
When it comes to pets,
Not an "animal person",
Just not into vets,
I'm so terrible,
yes oh yes,
The worst,
yes oh yes,
Intrusive thoughts,
Please help me,
No medication,
For the thoughts,
"It's electronics",
Your brain rots,
They hate me,
When I make,
Any sort,
Of mistake,
He blames me,
When somethings missing,
Why can't I be left,
Left alone,
Given privacy,
In our home,
Can't close my door,
Can't have food,
Suspicious to have water,
I wish I could,
Just be left,
To my own devices,
But it's on me,
It's my fault,
That I'm called names,
By an adult,
He sometimes says,
"Lord Help Me".
I need prayers,
Though he never prays,
Outside of me being weird,
I'm a demon for these days.
"Can't wait till you leave",
I can't wait too,
I'm spoiled?
You don't like me though,
It's true.
I'm always the bad one,
Never defended,
Only attacked,
Then I can't be offended?
Hard to tell exactly what I'm experiencing through a poem.  Their great parents, my new adoptive ones (who originally were my aunt through marriage and my blood related uncle), but they have faults in emotional support.  It's never positive reinforcement like "You'll do better next time!"  only,  "No electronics".  They think taking my electronics solves everything.  How about helping me learn from my mistakes by actually explaining what I did wrong, or understanding that I have realized what I did wrong?  I don't know, I'm only a child I guess, hard to put myself in their shoes.   And other people have it worse off.
When we look,
At what we've took,
And what we haven't,
The balance is shook,
We classify,
Only to feel,
The universes next surprise,
When we try,
To open our mind,
See with our naked eye,
The expanse,
That some think is just lie,
It may make some of us cry,
For no reason,
How else can we deal,
With no reason,
As it breaks our heart,
And drives our mind,
We truly are,
In forever blind,
Forever signed,
To a purpose that,
Can never be resigned,
It breaks itself,
And bends,
But never a yelp,
Of understanding,
Of truth,
It'll take too long to know,
The entirety of this youth.
The universe is great, always breaking the laws we put on it one way or another.  How can we ever understand such complexity?  It is a beautiful goal to strive for, but hopeless one to achieve,
I won't do anything,
To help those in need,
But I beg and plead,
Put the weight on a stead,
To carry me,
Into a sight to see,
Of all this hatred,
This pain,
This suffering,
"Solved" by me,
Although I can,
Help a lot,
I have before,
Haven't been caught,
I just don't,
Wanna take credit,
For others work,
And then forget it,
I wanna be remembered,
In a friend's heart,
For a welcome embrace,
Or a friendly start,
Not the one,
Who made them feel ****,
About their insecurities,
Then say I fixed their heart.
I'm a good enough therapist, I won't push on teen life bored games, I will give you things from experience.  I still need to do other formats of poetry, so I might try a Haiku or something like that.  There is also slam, which I have been very curious about.  Can't wait to tell more emotions and stories through the arts of poetry.
It's fine.
It's okay.
Is good today.
It's good to know,
That I'm not as low,
As my mind,
Wants me to go,
And so a row,
Through a new sea,
To make others happy,
Being kind,
Once again,
Finding myself,
Where I've already been.
I think I'm finally fixing it.  ***** jinxes, I say that I am fixing it.
Drown in tears,
Drown in love,
Drown in fears,
From above,
From below,
Sad fellow,
Simply bellow,
Against the pain,
Against the lack,
Just show your best,
Against your own,
Want to slack,
Pick up,
And push ahead,
Because if you let go,
You'll only feel lead.
Poisoned wine,
Oh so fine,
Don't fall off,
The balance line,
Cause there is no net,
Within your life,
To catch your fall,
Only strife.
It's hard for me to stay true to my realizations.  Sometimes I can't do it by myself.  But it doesn't feel right to put my problems on others,  But then I do this all the time.  But then I also let others put their problems on me.  So, hmmm.
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