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Sep 2019
A feather light, A feather dark, A feathered sight, Like a hawk, Who's the night, Who's a lot, Diving, Soaring, For fish or fry, Here it's cry, A shriek of brave, A shriek of grave, A flutter of danger, A flutter of passerby, A flock alone, Together be, Shape of V, They see, From high above, A hawk, A seagull, A dove. A crow sees you, But you don't know, Perching quiet, They sit a row, Then the caw, Look around, They saw, Now you see, On the house, On the tree, Lined up, On a line, Along the ground, Nibble and hop, Hear a sound, Then they stop, See something, Fly away, But they all come back, One of these days.
Antonio Vega Jones
Written by
Antonio Vega Jones  14/M/CA, USA
(14/M/CA, USA)   
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