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Apr 4 · 112
tuesday morning
mei Apr 4
i stayed home from school that day
because i was exhausted and lacked sleep
or maybe it was because i didn't really feel like going

it wasn't because i was texting you
all night saying goodbye, or
because i simply didn't feel like i could
continue on living

at least that's what i tell myself
when i hear three knocks on my door and
it's eleven in the morning and i'm
still in my pajamas

it really could have been
because i wanted to sleep in, which is
what i tell to the police officer as he sits down
across from me and asks me if i'm okay

of course, do i not breathe before you?
at least that's what i tell him
in my mind, the same little phrase
i have told myself all the times before

and he looks at me and he does not smile
or look away or crease his eyebrows
and i do not ask for a reaction
or people begging at my feet

we both know what is happening here
we both wish we didn't
Feb 2020 · 228
mei Feb 2020
under the crescent moon
i tell you that i love you,
a glimpse of your eyes
                               filled with stardust
you tell me you love me too
Jan 2020 · 87
mei Jan 2020
you love me as a friend
i love you like i have never loved before
Jan 2020 · 116
mei Jan 2020
i think i've fallen into you
or maybe i have just stopped at a dead end
somewhere in the maze of your eyes
too afraid to find the exit
for i may never be able to return again
(i want to return again)
Jan 2020 · 84
mei Jan 2020
love me or leave me
which will you choose?
both bring pain
one sooner than the other
but at least you will be my muse
Jan 2020 · 128
01. (a love letter)
mei Jan 2020
you make me feel blue
not from melancholy,
but from the way you have
become the sun
and i wish to be the skies
that always exist, comforting you

so that you will always have me,
a love that (i hope) you know is true
for s
Jan 2020 · 269
mei Jan 2020
when you tell me you love me
do you feel it from deep within?
or are these words disposable
the same way in my eyes
i have always been
Dec 2019 · 358
l - o - v - e
mei Dec 2019
love always had four letters
until i heard your name
and suddenly it became five
Dec 2019 · 179
mei Dec 2019
a colour i've never felt before
staining the very fingers i use to
write love letters and tuck
little hairs away

like the oceans of which it shares its hue
it came crashing into me
it came crashing through me
it came crashing past me
and into my heart
where you claimed your place
as quick as the morning dew
leaves after the rising of the sun

and i felt safe like i have
never been
i felt safe in these waves
though i've never known
how to swim
felt safe as the tide overcame
the beatings of my heart
even if it had never been this way before

what is this?
who are you?
what have you done to me?
questions i've asked the moon (but not yet you)
looking for the answers in the creases of your eyes
but maybe you'll save them for another day
a time when you'll know too
Mar 2019 · 202
i have a secret
mei Mar 2019
i tell the moon about you
when you're all that's left
on my wandering mind

amidst all the rain and
deep waters, somehow
you stay a sweet divine

the stars know your name
they've listened to dreams of
when i wished you were mine

lullabies of the night sky
tell me,
do you hear them sometimes?
Mar 2019 · 607
mei Mar 2019
i'd give you the world
and all its happiness
if it means your skies are no longer grey
and there are drizzles instead of the cold, pouring rain
Feb 2019 · 399
mei Feb 2019
your name appears
i have so many things i
want to talk to you about
but what if you're already
passing the time with
someone else?
i'll just be a bother tomorrow
or in my dreams, where
we already talk
under the night moon
Feb 2019 · 223
mei Feb 2019
sorry for bothering you
with my nonsensical feelings
maybe you were overwhelmed
maybe i should just stick to
Feb 2019 · 321
mei Feb 2019
possibly in another world
you've grown to like me too

but here, in this one
i stay dearly enamored
of you
Feb 2019 · 1.9k
for you (#2)
mei Feb 2019

i had never heard a symphony
until you said my name

Feb 2019 · 362
pit stop
mei Feb 2019
when is it time to rest?
my heart needs a break
from thoughts of you
before it's
i think it's too late
Feb 2019 · 2.8k
for you (#1)
mei Feb 2019
i told myself i would
not wait for love

but what am i to do
if he is standing
right here
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
a performance
mei Dec 2018
please sing me a
song of your most
precious memories and i
will try to sing one of

of rainy days spent
under worn down umbrellas,
of clear nights where
the constellations are

please compose me a
rhythm that will be neither
too soft nor unbearably

i am afraid unwanted
ears may hear, for i
desire to be your only

please perform for me
the show you've only
dared to execute in your
wildest dreams

and i will dance along
as the moon does for the
stars every time they
Dec 2018 · 543
mei Dec 2018
an open field of constellations, she
wanders through them with care so as to not
disrupt their nightly evening chatters and
with her every stride, whispers fill the air,
muffled secrecy, stories of those who
mistakenly crossed into her abyss,
lost and forgotten curiosity
await the fate of her companions and
yet somehow i am enamored of her
in our ocean of stars, i am but one
who hears her lullabies of loneliness
reserved for whoever accepts them, she
left alone in her family of pairs
waits a miracle that will never be
basically i wrote this sonnet for my astronomy course about black holes and was pleased with how it turned out
Oct 2018 · 195
misery (10w)
mei Oct 2018
melancholy dripped from her chin,
somehow louder than evening rain
Jun 2018 · 421
mei Jun 2018
with lips flushed pink he exhales
into his woolen scarf, a stream of
doubts and insecurities no one but
the wind can hear

softly and slowly like
the flurries of snow passing
through each december morning,
he inhales a new beginning

no trace of what is left behind
it is only the cold winter breeze
resting against his fingertips
leading him back to comfort

calling him back home
Dec 2017 · 2.8k
i'll see you soon
mei Dec 2017
the cold breeze crawls against his skin
powerful enough to give him goosebumps
but not the kind he's been searching

he treks against the snow, hurriedly
as if time is passing by too fast
and he's afraid he might fall behind

his constant worries trail him
like an unwanted game of hide and go seek
except he is always being found

he longs for the sun, an image
destroyed by the constant winters
that ceaselessly plague his mind

but he doesn't need to hunt for
what he already has in
the palm of his hand

all he must do is wait
for the snow to melt
and spring to come again

where i will welcome him
with open arms, like the ones
he so desperately yearned for
18/12/17. for kim jonghyun, an inspiration of mine who passed before his time. you've worked hard. don't worry anymore.
Nov 2017 · 144
mei Nov 2017
what is the world
    when it is without you,
what is the world
    when you are not here?

what is an ocean
    without its' inhabitants,
what is it to live
    without having feared?

what is today
   without the sunshine,
what is tomorrow
   without the pouring rain?

what is happiness
    without laughter
what is sadness
    without any pain?

i hope you can tell me
           i hope you somehow know,
what is the world
     when it is without you?

i am looking for answers to
questions i can't seem to let go
for my grandmother. missing you always
Sep 2017 · 486
mei Sep 2017
her lips are like honey
but she is sweeter
than nectar and
thicker than molasses

they taste her with
the tips of their tongues
yet they do not swallow

her hair is black
but she is darker than
the night when the sky
is still and the stars have
gone to sleep

they search for
something they cannot find
lost in the fragile
strands of her tresses

her eyes are like bronze
medallions glimmering
in the sunlight shown
to many to say: 'i did it.
please remember me.'

when she smiles they
curve like the crescent
moon when it is eight
in the evening and the
sun bids goodbye

she is the mystery and
she is the detective
hired to solve all the problems
everyone else encounters
around her

she is the question and
she is the answer

she is
for the person i aim to become
Aug 2017 · 1.9k
would you?
mei Aug 2017
would you believe me
if i told you
that you are the universe
in which i live in,
the air in which i breathe,
the land on which i walk?

would you shake your head
in disagreement
if i mentioned how
your smile acts as my sun,
your voice a melody
that lingers in my favourite songs,
your eyes as lambent
as the beautiful
night moon?

would you think of me
in the far future
on quiet evenings by the windowsill
as you reminisce the times
we spent together,
the memories i replay constantly
in my mind,
of days i wish will never die?

would you?

i hope you do.
i hope you do.
Jul 2017 · 668
dreams (haiku)
mei Jul 2017
he sang me to sleep
yet i dreamt of his soft voice
bidding me goodbye

— The End —