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Cardboard-Jones Oct 2020
Truth under my breath
But nobody can hear the words.
I’m thinking out loud, what’s keeping me alive?
What’s keeping my mind occupied on Mars,
Fickle friends and fast cars?

I’m too nervous to
Stand in the room, waiting for the world to swoon.
I don’t see none of my regrets
And I don’t need anybody’s help.

A puppet on the string,
Control everything.

I don’t need any more regrets.
And I don’t see anybody’s help.
But I don’t see anybody else.
Just mute me.
japheth Jul 2019
my cat bit my earphones

i am a person who commutes everyday with my earphones on. i listen to music and i dance to it. doing what seem to be small jerks to the public but a series of big and grand moves in my head. i was a dancer.
but my cat bit my earphones.  

i hum the tunes ever so softly only to find out the stares from the people i ignored the whole ride, could hear me. i was a singer.

a silent performer.
for the audience of none.
and yes, my cat bit my earphones.

i am a person who can’t live without it. i listen to music and i zone in. i cancel all the thoughts in my head and just be. in the midst of beats, melodies, harmonies, and lyrics i was at peace. the maximum volume became my version of quiet.
and yet my cat bit my earphones.

the cheapskate in me stops me everyday from buying a new pair even if in exchange i’d have to embrace a new kind of quiet.

the quiet shared by the people i commute with:
the roaring engines, the horns of cars following no beat at all, the shouting of the barkers and conductors rapping with no flow. i hear everything. i was a listener.

a loud performance
for the audience of one.
all because my cat bit my earphones.

i blame my cat everyday for this punishment. i love my cat but sometimes i wish she could pay for it or even apologize for that matter. but i have no choice but to continue my everyday commute without my earphones.
****. my cat bit my earphones.

the thoughts i can’t mute when i commute now screams loudly begging me to listen. begging me to write them down. begging me to finally piece together all the words i know will make sense when given time. i am a writer.
i just can’t help myself but think that my cat bit my earphones.

now i am a person who commutes everyday without my earphones on. i listen to my head and i feel it. putting together ideas and emotions that may seem unpolished to me but could be something great to the public once heard. i am an artist.

a performer.
for the audience, i’m the one.
all because my cat bit my earphones.
Adrienne Jul 2019
I would sing
because I'm good at that
boy, do I have pipes.
but I'm terrified
upon this stage
all of you looking at me
Part of me thinks it would be fun
if not for my parents in the audience
looking at me expectantly.
I've never felt at ease
doing it for them.
That open mic keeps standing there
posters, stages, coffee shops
but I can't.
I'll try anything but this.

I sometimes feel
as if my parents wish I would perform
like when we watch
'School Of Rock' or 'A Perfect Chord'.

I guess I always thought
it would go away when I got older
but it's MY choice.
I have to decide.
will I lift my voice
or stay stubbornly silent?
mei Dec 2018
please sing me a
song of your most
precious memories and i
will try to sing one of

of rainy days spent
under worn down umbrellas,
of clear nights where
the constellations are

please compose me a
rhythm that will be neither
too soft nor unbearably

i am afraid unwanted
ears may hear, for i
desire to be your only

please perform for me
the show you've only
dared to execute in your
wildest dreams

and i will dance along
as the moon does for the
stars every time they
Sean Achilleos Sep 2018
Hard shall be your days
Gloom shall be your nights
To bring you to that point
The point of creation
A love hate situation
One can't exist without the other
No sorrow
No creativity
Depression more than a companion
Pain is your gain
Salty tears you shall cry
Carry your burden and blessing
To obtain your title
The title of ARTIST
While others admire or criticise
Often misunderstood
Always evolving
Always saying
This is my finest work
Until your next creation
Only free for moments short lived
For a fleeting moment in the spotlight
A brief moment on the stage
Written by Sean Achilleos 23 September 2018©
Christopher May 2018
The suspense kills them
Or at least the parents who support
Awaiting for the cue
If I don't in a few, I'm gonna pass out.
So without further a due
Breath and...
Is it just me?
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
It's time to go on stage
This will be the final stand
Let us hear
Let us see
Let his voice sing
Make us understand
What it's like to be in a cage
That desire to be free
Let us lose fear
Let us find our start
Let his voice ring
In every single heart
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
On here I may be new
and my views few
but make no mistake
I have a point to make
And I'm here to stay
I have things to say
So show me some love
Or step aside and move .
I have found me a platform
Where I can perform .
I'll write from this podium
And use this medium
to represent and shine
As long as I have the time .
I am here to stay....
Benjamin Rohrer Jan 2018
the saxophone player
wets his lips to perform
a masquerade of emotions
is the performance tonight
leave them by the door
you will not be needing them
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