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mei Feb 28
under the crescent moon
i tell you that i love you,
a glimpse of your eyes
                               filled with stardust
you tell me you love me too
mei Jan 9
you love me as a friend
i love you like i have never loved before
mei Jan 9
i think i've fallen into you
or maybe i have just stopped at a dead end
somewhere in the maze of your eyes
too afraid to find the exit
for i may never be able to return again
(i want to return again)
mei Jan 7
love me or leave me
which will you choose?
both bring pain
one sooner than the other
but at least you will be my muse
mei Jan 7
you make me feel blue
not from melancholy,
but from the way you have
become the sun
and i wish to be the skies
that always exist, comforting you

so that you will always have me,
a love that (i hope) you know is true
for s
mei Jan 5
when you tell me you love me
do you feel it from deep within?
or are these words disposable
the same way in my eyes
i have always been
mei Dec 2019
love always had four letters
until i heard your name
and suddenly it became five
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