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Have you ever wondered about your own mortality? What is ahead of you in the depths of Limbo while you continue to wait for a 'judgement day'?

Humans are vulnerable to such thoughts obstructing their minds. Everything becomes clouded before it turns into a blur. Then you are no longer.

Mortals spend their time going through a routine while we cast down to watch, much to our dismay.

You never know what fate has in store for you, so don't complain. Do not fret nor worry. Time is all that matters. The twisted hands of two for to forever interlock in the dance of Death and Life. Never shall such beings intervene.

Raven eyes set bright and clear as snow on nights of ice and dew.

Ebony feathers drop with a platinum glow amongst their linings against the lighting of the moon.

A ****** crystal and cerulean gem that shine so bright together even if it isn't natural for such shades.

Balanced, are the world of the living and the world of spirits. Pureness and corruption are never to overcome one another. Balance is key and the key is a truth you still have yet to find.
I'm starting to wonder how much you know about me;
How much feelings I have for you.
#feelings #love #frustrations
Eurus Mar 7
Destiny crossed our paths.
But will it make you a part in my life?
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
Maybe I do, hope for you to one day read this.

And if you do, know that I did think about our could have been's. The conversations that would have created, deep-rooted storms inside of me. Intrigued by the glimmer in your eyes and the way your bones seemed to be pages full of stories. How I would have loved to read them, explore the meaning of words with my wildfire touch. Fingertips trailing down, tracing lines, writing songs along the curve of your spine.

And if you do, too, maybe one day we shall find a way to write them down. These will be's, as they are now. Crafting a universe, just us, you and I.

And if you never do. I hope you are well. Speaking in chapters with people worth your time. I am glad you found magic in their minds and a challenge in their smiles.
And I still hope you will.
Sienna Oct 2018
he said he was afraid of losing me
yet he's the one who let me go
how did things change so fast
Jolan Lade Mar 2018
Two cats sitting on a bench.
One says to the other, "I dont undrstand humans. They always talk about peace, but never achieve it".
The other replys, "I thought the same, its like they dont undertsand that they keep peace with what kills it".
*Thinking out loud*
Robin Lemmen Apr 9
On days like this, I just feel heavy. Does the earth walk on me or do I wonder her grounds?
On days like this, I don't know if my anxiety is real or I use it to dismiss myself. Maybe deep down I am just sad, lost and different shades of black and sunken soil.
On days like this, everything weighs heavy and the sky presses down on me. Whispers in my ear; this is all you deserve.
I know the heavens cry for me.  Hoping to wash me away but I am defiant. So I decide to stay.
On days like this, I think my anxious mind bleeds together with a broken heart. They form something new and dangerous altogether. Leaving me in shambles on the floor.
On days like this, there is no use in trying. It surely won't matter. I am just a mistake. I wallow and swallow. Maybe tomorrow I can befriend my wondering thoughts instead of letting them break me apart.
Seanathon Apr 2018
Though hours of silence
May stand still between two hearts
There's nothing between
Your chances and your own hope
With opportunistic eyes
Because its better to ask and to try and know. Trust me.
Sienna Oct 2018
i just can't stop thinking
about whether or not
you're thinking
Robin Lemmen Nov 2018
I blinked, once too much. I opened my eyes and was met by a stranger bearing the face of whom I once loved. Unknowing you is a journey, endless wandering hoping to loose remnant traces of you. Wondering, unsure, how does one lose all they love yet keep the scars. Painted an angry red against the pale softness of my skin. I blinked once, twice more, hoping to reverse time. Hoping the same mistakes would lead me back home. But you and I, we were nothing like the fairytales they feed children before bedtime.
CataclysticEvent Dec 2018
The thing about my dad,
He made me believe that
I could rule the world.

That I could and would
Change the lives of people
Whether in a small or massive way.

But he left before I could do,
A single one of those things.
And now I'm left here wondering

Can I do any of those things?
Or will that hope he gave me,
Slowly wither the more time
That passes from the moment he died.
And left me here questioning myself.

Annie Aug 2018
I imagine her skin is like
the sun,
as it caresses my body
saying warmly:
-I am sorry for the winter,
and for leaving you cold.
I am back now,
I am here.

I imagine her lips are like
and when we kiss I’ll feel as if
I’m falling
Dizzy with desire.
Haylin Oct 2018
These words will not rhyme
These will be words true to the heart

Late at night I sit crying in the dark,
Wondering if this will last,
Wondering if you will still love me
after I hit my breaking point

I want this to last through high school
I want this to last through college
I want this to last through time

When you go off to college
and I stay here in high school
I hope you stay true and loyal to me
I just hope you never leave

But if you do,
Will be my breaking point

But I wonder and hope
that this will last forever

I'm just wondering
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
A fine mole down
the blue mountain sky
cannot be weighed out!
It's the cosmos's gold dust
the earthy depth triumphs.
Oh earth, our close clay-star
is far ahead of the day at noon.
Ahead of the moon
ahead of the Neptune!

With a million dash of curiosity
every new sunrise paints
upon her black box with the roaring fire.
Yet the ****** is a veiled wonder!

It has the heaps a room for everyone
and time for the timeless times.
Guess, with her longhand
what an inside scoop did it pick out?

You too can be in the know
It's the feminine beauty all in all.
Forget if you have already
seen million and one.
The earth is eyeing on only one.

Her closest admirer is the star
of the very luminary bunch
with open eyes in the hearts.
Her dead man is waking up
sniffing the daylight by her.
Yet to make the discovery
both are still wondering outside!
They say "When it comes to love, Never settle for less."

And it left me wondering
Why did you choose me?
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