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Shafira May 2019
“I love you” I confessed to him,

“I can’t do this,” he answered,

“it’s already morning.”
Shafira May 2019
I’m stumbling my way home
and tripped on my own backyard
I went astray
inside my own home
but I’m not home
this is not a home
there was no home

I stumble accross so many nights
and got lost
in the break of dawns
over and over

but it’s dark outside
where am I?
how long have I been here?
can I go home now?
I long for my childhood days, but it’s gone forever
Shafira Dec 2016
I saw a faceless man on the hallway today,
on the street the other day
also on my dream when I drift away
it's funny, I couldn't see his face lately
but I could remember
his fragrance
his voice
his laugh
his hands
his touch
his touch!
I could remember everything,
every single thing
every single inch of him
every single of his sweet words
except his face
I swear, his face used to be the last thing I saw before I fell asleep
or when we exchange our feelings on his bed
and now I couldn't see or remember anything about it
but I think I've figured it out,
the reason why he's now a faceless man
it's because love always have a face
and that's the reason why I couldn't see his face
(noun) A rare and dead word, anagapesis is defined as the loss of feelings for someone you used to love. It is the process of falling out of love.
Shafira Nov 2016
people always pray to find the right person that will love them
with their hand
between their
Shafira Feb 2016
It all started with your face,
when I saw you at the hallway that day with one of your friend
funny how everything feels like déjà vu when I first met you,
it feels like I saw you from somewhere else before
but not here,
not there,
or maybe not in this life,
but I've met you somewhere.
I remember I couldn't stop looking at your face,
that sharp jawline,
that pointy nose,
that stubble,
that long lashes,
that face that I probably couldn't forget for the rest of my life.

It all started with your body,
how I want those arms to hold me tight
on the sleepless night,
or when I'm crying,
or when you're happy,
as you linger your arms around my neck.
I want to hear your beating heart as you hold me tight,
I want your hands to softly caress my hair and my face,
I want your fingers to intertwined with mine,
I want your body as a whole,
as it is.

It all started with you eyes,
those pretty brown pair of eyes,
that day when you saw me at a crowded place
at first glance,
there were a hundred pairs of eyes around you
but yours were locked directly at mine
or the day when I cut my hair so short,
you were staring at me,
observing it,
for a distance
as it's something you never saw before.
it was your eyes that made me realize that
maybe I have a crush on you.

It all started with you lips,
oh, how I could I will ever forget your cheeky grin,
your smirk,
your smile,
wishing that lips could kiss me
in my cheek,
every single inch of my skin,
it was your lips that made me realize that
maybe I have fallen deeply for you.

It all started with your voice
they are so soft,
your words are so sweet and warm,
like a caramel
funny, because you never said some thing that sounds sweet to me
but that made me realize that,
maybe I love you.

It all ends with your heart,
because it beats for someone else,
because your eyes falls for someone prettier than me,
because your body choose to collide with others, not mine,
because your lips prefers to kiss someone with a softer lips,
because "I love you" wasn't something that meant to me, after all

This is how it ends,
but that's not how my love ends.
I just wanna kiss your right in your ******* face.
Shafira Oct 2014
I don't have any words left
in my mouth
Life has take it all away
I don't have any tears left
in my eyes
Life has take it all away
I could still
when life take it all away
everything that
I had
to the very last
to the very end
I'm a hole
I'm a hollow
I'm a ghost
I'm the undead
do not fear me
because I have nothing left.

October 9th, 2014. 09:25 p.m
Shafira Oct 2014
Loneliness as room is just an endless big white room
with nothing inside
everything is white
We've been trapped in this room
for years
yet we're still trying
to find the exit
Loneliness as a room will eat you alive
they eat you from
the inside
making your inside
turns to stone
Loneliness as a room makes you hear nothing
but your own voice
see nothing
but your own shadow
they make you deaf and blind from
outside world
they protect you from the creatures
that trying to hurt you
Loneliness as room  makes you blind
makes you deaf
because it turns you
into a stone
a blank page
a ghost
so you don't have to feel
to see
to hear

October 8th 2014, 12:32 a.m
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