Mimi Oct 2012

When I ripped off my fingerprint
it was an accident
at first
the new skin grows
from the center outward
and I grow into a new identity.

I sleep like there’s no tomorrow
and no yesterday

Mazen Edlibi Jun 2016

Frowning in silence, gave me a personality of its own!
Childish face, surrendered me to leave things unsolved!
Shyness led me to keep million of things undisclosed!
After all that
I´m still looking for that fingerprint, that would get me

He marks in blood a story of his conquest, spiraling out of control.
The sunflowers tell the tale of old, breathe in deeply the world.

wandabitch Apr 2014

a giant's eye
the sky
a fingerprint
in time
a pale blue dot
in view
part of God
and You.

midnight prague Oct 2010

thrashing through three predictions
dont let it kill you, you know the suspicion
yesterday I remembered it all, when I was sitting alone drinking half fake orange juice in the kitchen
funny I even began to listen
pausing the old tracks on a cassette player I borrowed from 1973
I warned you never to listen to me
my advice is good
the sky really is beautiful outside today
you know its good when you hear those poor kids laughing in such a light hearted way
remember that line from mr.jones were he says he wants to paint himself blue red black and gray
I picture myself painting the world like that over looking the ocean next to the cherry blossoms on that old bay
when we meet I would like to ask you over a million questions If I may
but then I will realize that I will never do that
cause that just not me
I dont like asking too many questions personally

Chloe Cresse May 2014

We live in a generation where being alike is expected
Where following each others ways and believing each other's God is assumed
Our generation raises us to be perfect people
too bad perfect people don't exist
They raise us to be intelligent and successful
Beautiful and polite
Straight and homophobic
Skinny and athletic
Good with words but never to speak
They raise us with the aspiration of perfection

This generation is so narrow minded and scared of people being themselves
They are scared of being unique
They are scared of letting people live their own lives
They are scared to accept others for who they are
Many fall under the influence of this generation, but I will never
I will be unique
I will never be perfect
I will never be like someone else until the day
all of our fingerprints are the same

Jack May 2014

A skeleton in a fingerprint
A dancing bag of bones
A cantilever shade of gray
A prisoner all alone
A silent pulsing partner
A drift this blot of ink
A catch phrase in the darkness
A caption on the brink
A blistered swirl of images
A channeled mystery
A skeleton in a fingerprint
A different piece of me

irinia Jan 2016

she has always been much closer
than my palms, my fingerprints.
my prints leave a dam, a stony wail of my being outside in the matter,
but she leaves this dam inside me,
this stony wail, like a secret killing,
she has left her fingerprints everywhere in me.
she is inside of me and I am outside of her, all around her,
the walls, the garden,
the unmistakable halo of the town, the photon crowns
of houses. I am all around her,
outside, one of her fingerprints,
the fingerprint of this dam, this stony wail in the matter.

Ion Mircea, from My Cup of Light
translated by Lidia Vianu and Anne Stewart

JustChloe Mar 2014

It's harder than you think to be content
to be happy without looking at someone else
so if you ever have trouble
if you might think your ugly
just remember our differences aren't reasons to be jealous
but God's fingerprint

Daniel A Russ Jul 2010

Quick little pinprick
barely breaking the skin
small welter of blood
filling in fingerprints.

Once a past shared
fleeting moments among years
erased in lieu of bigger smiles,
more pleasant portraits.

Just a quick little prick
reminding me, despite a
decade of turning away
that once, I faced the flash too.

JustChloe Apr 2014

Our diffrences aren't reasons to be jealous but God's fingerprint

Calum Doherty Mar 2015

You left a fingerprint on my computer, and it makes me think about the other places you have marked. Maybe there is some of you in my car and in my bedroom, leaving little memories everywhere you go. There is definitely some of you in my phone, where i try to collect as many pictures of you as posisble. But i know that most of you is inside my head, going on repeat when i think about Now and Then and When we did that and you said that...You are all over and it makes me want more fingerprints and photos and time. you are all over and i am loving it.

Emma Dec 2010

This isn't a number
or a word
This isn't a
wish for a
stamp of approval?
That's so human.

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