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A Mar 2020
I wonder if that teacher knows
That house she calls a home
Is where little children would roam
Up and down the stairs we’d go
Trotting our feet down like a heard of buffalo

I wonder if she can still smell the tea and toast
And feel the warmth that kettle rose
All those years a go
At the place I called home.

As she walks in the kitchen,
Does it whisper her my secrets?
A Feb 2020
Did you ruin me?
Or is this growing pains?
Was it all really black?
Or am I looking through rose colored lens?
I've yet to feel the light petals your presence brings that bounce on giggles.
Or where you even there?
Have you even peeked my way?
I've been yearning for your gaze.
Just. One. Glance.
Maybe I've known you growing too.
Perhaps you no longer giggle.
Perhaps you bask in solitude smirking at memories of your younger self.
Perhaps you're lavender.
A Jun 2017



A Jun 2017
As I lay now
A burning coal melts
Through the center of my chest
While its sparks light my ribs on fire
And my head feels nothing
But the cool extinction.
my lungs fill with the toxicity.
I am looking for you.
A Dec 2015
We were at the age where roses could walk,
And petals were silk,
They carried us to nirvana,
Struck with the fear of a child.
Haven't wrote in a long time- I suppose that's a different kinda death for those people like us were writing and art are a part of us
A Jul 2015
Poison erupts through paralysis
Without an escape
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