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TW Rice 4d
I wish this was a good morning, spending time with you. But every moment with you is good. I can't wait for the day that we wake up together, me cooking you breakfast in bed or spending a whole day in bed talking about our future cabin. Or it may be a goodmorning leaving work together on our drive home weither in the camper or cabin. Home is all ways good with you!

Dedicated to my beautiful love, my Special K
TW Rice 6d
As I lay here in this unmade bed I'm constantly thinking of you and how amazing you are. You're beautiful in everyday. Your hair laying on your shoulders. Your hazel eyes I could stare into everyday the rest of life and be content. Your smile is all I ever want to see, those amazing dimples as you mock me and we laugh. Your lips I long to taste every morning and night. Your hand I want to hold in mine the rest of my life, knowing we are meant for each other. The electricity or liveliness we feel when we are together. I wish we were making new memories tonight, holding you and hanging out with friends forgetting everything just staying in the moment. Designing our home in our minds, sharing our thoughts of how it should be until we make it a reality. The best memories I will ever have is memories of us.

Dedicated to my love, my beautiful Special K
TW Rice Jul 3
Beautiful, you will always be my first thought when I wake up. My last thought as I lay down. Every moment with you is all I want. I appreciate every moment I have with you. Every day I celebrate you like the first day I ever met you. I never was a planner but everyday I plan my life with you. Its the craziest thing I want to do is to make you smile everyday. Treat you like the amazing love that you are. I want to spend a lifetime holding hand, being your man. Everyday I long for you, wishing the best life for you. I want you to know you always be my priority.

Dedicated to my beloved, beautiful, Special K
TW Rice Jun 29
You are everything that brings me comfort and joy. From the touch of your hand in mine to the kiss of your lips on mine, they are reminders of your love for me. I'm so in love with you, I hope I bring you as much comfort as you do me. I take comfort in knowing one day we will be together forever. Our hearts are already connected that way. Everyday the thoughts of us still gives me the butterfly feelings in my soul as if the first time I met you. That feeling is a welcomed comfort and I really appreciate the feeling I know ill have it the rest of my life. When we are apart I feel your ever presence holding me and hugging me. I'm longing for the days when its more than a feeling, its tangible, its irresistable, its comfortable, its appreciated, its US!

Dedicated to my love, my peace, my joy, my comfort, my Special K
TW Rice Jun 21
On my home tonight, I couldn't help but to wish you would be there when I arrived. I feel like I'm always wishing we were together everyday. I wish my hand was in yours, talking about how our day was. I wish my hand was around you, pulling you in for a warm embrace. I wish I was smelling of your hair as I hug you deeply. I wish my lips were on yours for a goodnight kiss and a good morning wake up. I wish it was us making a pizza for a late night snack. I find myself wishing I could show you how I much appreciate you and love you daily. I know one day all my wishes will be true. You and I together foreverly.

Dedicated to my beautiful love, the one I wish for daily, my Special K
TW Rice Jun 20
This heart of mine awaits the moment to spend eternity with you. Days like today I long to sit by your side enjoying moments of laughter with your family. We sit back hand in hand, im mesmerized by your smile as always. I refill your drink just a taste from your lips is all I need. The beauty of you showing me all the little things from your past displayed in your families home. I cherish every moment as if it was the first. Im loving moment of the visit and getting to know your family is a blessing. I cant wait for the day we invite them to our cabin, where our hearts will be joined in a ceremony like they already are.

Dedicated to my beautiful love, Special K
TW Rice Jun 13
Yesterday was so amazing. Ive never laughed so hard in my life. I felt like I must have gills on each rib side in order to breath. I never know if we were here or there or any place in between. I felt we traveled to the same spots and spoke then went there and spoke. Its hard to recall the whole conversation because we ever knew if we were here or there or someone between. I feel as i am giggling writing this. All I know it was amazing to spend the day and night with you, even if its here or there. I know i want to spend the rest of my life with you no matter if we are here or there.

Dedicated to my beautiful love, my partner from here to there, my special K
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