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Ciera Jackson Feb 2015
Dear diary, (November, 21st)
The moment his lips brushed against mine, I knew he was the one. Jolts of electricity passed through my body. He pulled me closer, grinding me against him. I wanted to get closer than this; as close as possible. I wanted to merge us together. I wanted us to be one.
Our lips moved in synchronization. His scent was leaving me intoxicated. He was my addiction; I don’t know what I would’ve done without him.

Dear diary, (December 14th)
He said that we would have a future together. He said that I could trust him. He made my life worth it. I looked forward to each day, now. He was 17, diary. But age was just a number, wasn’t it? And, love was supposed to conquer all, right?
He was flawless; yet imperfect. His imperfections were so beautiful. The twinkle in his eyes, the melancholy laughter, the curve of his jaw line. He was a canvas, and his scars, bruises, flaws made him a masterpiece.

Dear diary, (January 2nd)
He said that he doesn’t love me anymore, diary. He said that I was too young. But I’m 13, diary. It’s just four years. We could be able to do it.
Was this just an excuse, diary? Did he want to get away from me? What did I do, diary? Am I not good enough? I don’t know. He took my capability to think, diary. He took everything way from me.

Dear diary, (February 24th)
I saw him with another girl today, diary. He looked happy with her. She was beautiful. Her hair dripped of gold, her eyes were the blue of the ocean. She was a sight to see.
They looked good together, diary. His tall frame and her petite body. Her elegance and his roughness. She was 16, too. They didn’t need, to make their relationship work, diary. It was already perfect.

Dear diary, (June 7th)
I sit here today. The summer is wind blowing on my face. She is sitting right next to me. Yes, diary. He left her too. Today I realize, diary, people use you. They leave you. They think of you as a cigarette. Later, you think they change. They never change, diary. They just get better at hiding it.
Robert Stanley Nov 2018
September 5th 2018, Dear Diary i'll say as I start a fresh page
Tap tap goes my finger on my desk
Flick flack goes the pen cap as i tap tap tap
What can I say im lost in thought
How can i feel about everything im just awfully distraught
September 18th 2018, Dear Diary same dance different day
I just want to feel a certain way
Is there any way i can break free?
Of this normal routine
The people here they seem sincere
Only to hurt me in the same exact ways.
September 27th 2018, Dear Diary now im just yelling at the page
Another hard day
Just too much of the same
Someone look my way for even a second
Just for today.
October 5th 2018, Dear Diary it's all just a blur
My head says one thing my heart another
My hands are starting to stutter
My mind is sound but my heart is a flutter
What do i do my life is confusion
Right now I just don't see a solution
October 12th 2018, Dear Diary a new developement on my stage
Theres just a sparkle in the rain
Someone different starting to look my way
I don't know what to say
Just lead with maybe and see if they go away
I just can't do it not right now not with who I am and what my life is about
October 19th 2018, Dear Diary same old same old
An occasional glance in my direction
But I go home to the same mess and imperfection
But you know I just can't let them go
The past is the present and it has kept hold
October 26th 2018, Dear Diary now im just lost
What was there before can be again
But won't history just repeat itself in the end?
The yelling the fighting the screaming the crying
All to just go back to the forgiving and forgetting
But even as this new road seems enticing
How can I bring someone in when my life is this frightening
November 2nd 2018, Dear Diary what do I do
My tears stain this flawless page
My writing choppy and dismayed
To him im nothing but im also everything
But to me hes something but I need there to be nothing
Then theres still this feeling with the new soul I've been discovering
Could there actually be something?
No absolutely not this is something I'm done discussing.
November 8th 2018, Dear Diary this time hes done it
I've had enough I just want to run
Get me away from this evil that be
I don't care who he was but right now all I see
Is this demon that's chasing me
Grab my friends we have to flee
Get me to somewhere where I can be free
Drink till the lines blur and my head stops making the decisions for me
November 3rd 2018 Dear Diary I really think that he loves me
But still I'm me this torn sheet of paper
This indistinct human this imperfect creature
I can't walk down that path not again
I'm filled with fear
"What if he's just like the others"
It was just a fluke just forgive and forget
You know that you belong in this trench
He's not that bad let me just go back to bed
November 11th, 2018, Dear Diary Just keep your head up and look straight forward
Still confused of everything thats behind
I don't want him to hurt
But I don't want him to see
That there are all these dark sides to me
People change
But then again they don't
If I don't take the leap i'll never feel the fall
I guess that's not so bad after all....
November 18th, 2018, Dear Diary, You've always been here
Through confusion and mess
Never been jealous
Never given me a second guess
Who am I filling these pages about
Am I ever going to let all this out?
Just one big split decision
I just don't ever want there to be a collission.
March 14th 2033, Dear Diary, It's been a while since ive written
I broke free of my prison
All it took was just one person
And a few years of them holding my burden.
Kelly Weaver May 2017
Dear Diary, today is a new day
I waited for all the rain clouds to go away
Things may be looking up from here
I hope I'm not being too hopeful
Dear Diary, I didn't eat today
Not because of self image but rather my stomach's in frayed
Knots and I can't seem to keep anything down
Except the kind words of those who are around
Dear Diary, I couldn't sleep last night though I felt so tired
And that made it so hard to get up in the morning it felt like my
Shoulders were being held down by rain clouds
I wish I could fight this feeling somehow
Dear Diary, people keep asking if I'm okay which I
Don't understand but either way I say
Yes I'm okay, just a little blue
But at night it feels like my mind's split I two
Dear Diary, I cried ten times today
But my parents aren't asking me if I'm okay
I come home each afternoon and lay in my bed until my brain sings a different tune,
Dear Diary, I saw my doctor today
She FINALLY asked me if I was okay and I didn't
Know how to respond because honestly I didn't know on my own,
Dear Diary, I didn't wanna get up today
So I stayed in bed and it was there that I laid
And doodled on my arm with a razor blade until
Every foul thought slowly faded away,
Dear Diary, my parents have noticed my arms
But they didn't seem even remotely alarmed as I
Stayed in bed once more then I added on another four,
Dear Diary, I often wish I was dead because there
Are thoughts screaming at me in my head and I'm
Trapped in this cold body I'm in while I
Waste away as the walls slowly spin
Dear Diary, today is a new day
I waited for all the rain clouds to go away
Things may be looking up from here
I hope I'm not being too hopeful.
Tatiana Aug 2013
Dear diary,
can you help me,
reveal myself slowly.

Dear diary,
can I write on you,
words left unspoken.

Dear diary,
can I make plans,
with your paper as my blueprints.

Dear diary,
can I use you,
to help the me deep inside.

Dear diary,
i'm glad I have you,
who knows where i'd be without you.

Dear diary,
you know my biggest secrets,
and my darkest fears.

Dear diary,
I know you won't betray me,
like the enemies I have.

Dear diary,
thank you for being there,
when there was no one else.

Dear diary,
thank you for letting me,
make my mark on you.

Dear diary,
*thank you.
Nigel Obiya Jan 2013
Every piece I write
Is a piece of me…
Of the turmoil, the calm, the violence… or the peace in me
I wonder, when I am dead… how shall they remember me?
For I have a lot of content in my poetic diary
A lot…
Of content…
In my…
I have written my whole life down one would notice, if one paid attention
Every frustration, every smile, every frown… written down more out of self expression
Than to seek attention
Pieces and records of what I was feeling or thinking at particular times and dates... I could care less if they made a wrong impression
For I have a lot of content in my poetic diary
A lot…
Of content…
In my…
I’m past trying to get published
Pouring one’s soul into a piece, just for it to get rubbished?
That’s not for me… I have too much respect for my poetry
It may not be in print… but when I read something I wrote a year ago I see it right there, my personality… it’s right there, and I know it’s me
For I have a lot of content in my poetic diary
A lot…
Of content…
In my …
If you read through all my work
You read through me… I could even risk it being said that whoever has done so
Knows who I was, who I am… and maybe even who I will be
That person will know… does know… and that person knew me
For I have a lot of content in my poetic diary
A lot…
Of content…
In my…
And one thing that both the old and the new me
Agree on
Is that…
We are and probably always will be…
With all the content…
In our diary.
Robert Guerrero May 2013
August 12, 1993

This is the third diary I have written in
This diary must be famous
So maybe oneday
Someone will hear or at least read my story
By the way my name is Sarrah
Weird spelling right?

August 13, 1993

Just heard some bad news...
I'm pregnant
I can't believe it
16 years old and pregnant!
The "father" is a dead beat
Ran after I said I might be
I can't keep the child
I don't know what to do

August 15, 1993

I wrote my first poem
One of my friends said it would help
Didn't really
I just wrote and wrote
I almost wrote a book
I wonder what I'm going to do with this child
Aborting it would be painful
Giving it up is almost impossible
Having it is unlikely
I have so much going for me

April 20, 1993

Found out one of my friends loves me
He knows I'm pregnant
He said he would help me
He always has a plan
Maybe I can be happy with him
I don't know
I don't want to bring him down
Diary...what should I do?

April 23, 1993

Still no reply?
I forgot I'm asking an inanimate object
To answer a question
I was forced to ask because of my stupidity
I have poor taste in men
I'm now called distastefully
Sarah the 16 year old pregnant *****
My boyfriend is really annoyed with it
I hope I can love him as much as he loves me

April 30, 1993

I cut myself
The girls at school keep harrassing me
I can't take this
I forgot how many weeks I am now
I just want this baby out
I don't want it
It's causing to much stress me please

September 18, 1993

I lost you for a while
Can't believe you were right here
Underneath my bed covered by my favorite shirt
That now I can't wear anymore
I look like a cow
School is horrid
I almost beat one of my teachers with a textbook
He called me "Sahcow"

September 21, 1993

I just got dumped by the man I love
He said I didn't love him enough
That I was wieghing him down
I can't believe this
I haven't stopped crying since 12 last night
Why does everything have to go wrong with me?
Am I that broken?
That big of a **** up?

September 29, 1993

I have just successfully planned my suicide
The title of this diary says "Diary Of Broken Souls"
It should say "Diary Of Suicidal Souls"
I just read the other 402 other entries
That many cruelty
Might as well join them
My ******* is just about the same

October 8, 1993

Halloween is just around the corner
And with it comes my death
No more baby
No more mother *******
No more father crying at the sight of me
Well the tears will be for a different reason now
I'll write my last entry on Halloween

October 31, 1993

Today is the day
Finally coming to an end
I'll **** this baby first
Swallow a **** load of pain killers
Throw in a couple anti-depressants
Noose is tied just perfectly
I have it hanging over the school entry way
A little memorial for the girls at school
All the students actually
Who have called me names
Criticized me for this ****
Well good bye *******
Sorry Diary you didn't get to know me
I'll be memorialized in these pages
Somebody will know what it's like
To be 16, pregnant, and depressed from all of it
Amelie Jul 2013
Yesterday I dropped a penny in my room
And it ran and hid under my bed,
Looking on the floor, trying to find it,
I found my old diary instead.

I began laughing but after some time,
After taking a few looks at what I had written,
I realised all the things we've lost,
And I have to admit, now I'm a bit fightened.

"Dear diary, yesterday I went round her house,
And we made love for the very first time
She loves me and it's just beautiful,
What can I say, I play with the big boys now."

"Dear diary, like every wednesday afternoon,
Today she came by to say hello,
And we laid on my bed for hours,
Just talking, laughing, and kissing also."

"Dear diary, my world turns around hers,
Therefore she can also be the reason of my tears
But when I cry, she kisses me,
And catches every drop of water out of my eyes."

"Dear diary, she laid down by my side,
And I held her tight in my arms,
Then she said she loved me,
So I kissed her, there's no harm."

"Dear diary, today when we were together,
She kissed my cheek softly
And started counting my beauty spots,
I don't know why it made me so happy."

"Dear diary, today we had a little fight,
And it makes me die a little inside,
I hung up on her and I'm so sorry,
But I didn't want her to hear me cry.."

"Dear diary, it's over."
"Dear diary, I miss her."

Those were the last words I wrote
But I think it's not enough,
So I took my pen and finished the journal,
Even if for my heart it was a bit tough.

"Dear diary, today more than one year has passed, and I lifted the pieces off the ground. I've known ups and downs but hey, I'm still standing ! This is kind of a message of hope for the future me reading this : of course you'll always love her, of course you'll always miss your first love, of course you'll always think about her sweet laugh, of course you're still in love with her. But it's okay, I mean you're still alive right ? Don't forget about yourself."

                                                     ­             RIP my heart. I think it broke again.
My biggest weakness lies in front of your eyes
Robert Guerrero Apr 2013
March 10, 2009
This is my first entry in this diary
My name is Landon
I have one brother
He is the idol of the family
I have to be exactly like him
But I'm nothing in his shadow

March 15, 2009
Story of my life
My girlfriend dumped me
For her best friend
She really broke my heart
I have scars to prove it

March 23, 2009
My dad just beat me again
He said I should of been aborted
He says I'm the reason for his alcoholism
He blames me for my moms death
She died in a car wreck
I was crying in the back

April 5, 2009
I have really nothing left to fight for
My teachers try to help me
They just don't understand my life
Even when I try to explain it
But every body thinks I'm exaggerating

April 7, 2009
Just found out my grandma died
She was the only person I honestly loved
She would bake me cookies
They were the best
She knew how to make me smile
And now she's gone

April 14, 2009
My dad just tried killing me
He choked me half to death
I hate my life
Bet nobody will miss me if I ended it
Maybe I should

April 15, 2009
Best friend talked me off a ledge
I love his crazy ***
He is always there for me
I'm glad he is there for me
Dude is my brother

April 20, 2009
My ex just came to talk to me
She wants me back
Her best friend cheated on her
I told her yes
Maybe that was a mistake

April 24, 2009
Best friend isn't around to help me
I just cut myself again
Whoops got blood on the paper

December 16, 2009
Sorry I haven't written in a while Diary
People probably would think this is gay
For a guy to be writing in a diary
But your the only thing that can listen
To everything I have to say
Quick update though
Nothing has gotten better
Everything has gotten worse

January 1, 2010
I fell in love with a goddess!
She is the best thing that could happen in my life
She is a poet and wrote the most beautiful poem I have ever read
She called me her perfect, beautiful demonic curse
She loves me too
I'm...happy...this is what it feels like huh?

February 14, 2010
I just went on a date with my girlfriend
Came home to my dads fist
It was suppose to be a good day
And an even better evening
She doesn't even know what goes on in my life
I don't want to bring her into this hell

February 20, 2010
She said I was being distant
She asked for an explanation
I told her I couldn't tell her
For her I wasn't going to tell her
She asked if there was another girl
I told her I was loyal like a ******* puppy dog
She still ended up breaking up with me

I just can't do anything right

April 2, 2010
I almost killed myself yesterday
I know it was April Fool's day
But I'm not joking
I'm planning my death I'll keep you posted when I decide
Diary...I love you.

June 14, 2010
I think in about two days I will be prepared
To end my life
Best friend is gone and I can't get a hold of him
Mother is dead and it's my fault according to my father
Father is an alcoholic
Brother doesn't want to listen to me
Nobody cares anymore

June 16, 2010
This will be my final entry
Diary, I'm sorry but I can't take it anymore
I already have 47 different pills ready to take
A 45 locked and loaded
Ready to scatter these unbearable thoughts across prison walls
I already slit my wrist again
Goodbye my friend
I love you

This is Landon's story
A kid that committed suicide
He was 16 years old
He died June 16, 2010
Time unknown
Don't let this be you
I don't want to write your name
Into the Diary of Broken Souls
Taken from the life of a friend. Changed the name of course.
Achick Jul 2020
Dear diary,
I spoke of what happened the other day.
I told a friend of mine that I think I was *****
Oh my gawd diary!
You’ll never guess what happens next!
She went and told our entire class!
But wait diary before you judge me too
Just be patient and please let me continue
I was approached today by at least 5 girls who I used to call my friends
They called me all kinds of names
Then they cornered me into the bathroom
Then started to beat my ***
It didn’t last very long diary
I think I’m alright
I think it’s safe to say that was going to be the only time
You know diary
I don’t know why she didn’t tell the whole story
But I think she feels guilty
I hope everyone forgets about this
I would hate to be targeted my entire time in high school
I would hate to have to switch classrooms because those girls won’t leave me alone
I would hate to have threats on my life every day at school
I would hate to feel like I didn’t deserve any better
Don’t worry diary she’s supposed to be my friend
I don’t think she would ever abandoned me after all the mess she’s made
I sure tomorrow diary everything would be okay
NitaAnn Oct 2013
Dear Diary, can you see me?
Can you feel the pain I feel?
Can you feel the pain through my words?
Will my heart and soul ever heal?
Dear Diary, can you tell me,
Why I feel so sad?
Why my father did this?
Destroyed all I had.
Dear Diary, can you help me?
Can you erase my life?
Can you make me happy?
Erase all my strife?
Dear Diary, are you there?
Can you set my spirit free?
Can you **** me, Dear Diary?
Can you make it ok to 'be'?
Dear Diary, can you help me?
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
I love him
I love him
Oh how I love him.
Oh how I love the way he talks
Oh how I love his starry eyes
Oh how I love his laugh,
Oh that laugh is my favorite song.

Oh diary, oh diary.
How I hate him
How I hate how he talks to me
Oh how I hate those eyes, they make me go mad.
Oh diary, how I hate him.
I hate him so much.

Oh diary how I adore him,
Oh diary this is a complicated situation
Oh diary, truth is I adore him even if he were to be the person I 'hate' the most.
ConstantEscape Oct 2014
Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and he looked at me.

Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and he smiled at me.

Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and he said hi to me.

Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and I fell in love with him.

Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and he was already looking at me.

Dear Diary,
Today I looked at him
and I could tell by his eyes
that he was in love with me.
ArthurDKid Jun 2015
Dear diary,
all day with sweety
priceless treasure I carry.

Dear diary,
got home lazy
played games with room messy

Dear diary,
imagining myself tinkering
pushing myself but still dreamy

Dear diary,
wanting to do more.
Feeling sleepy, time crazy.

Dear diary,
ended the day disappointed
accomplishments are not meaty

Dear diary,
glass half empty
would it differ finally?
10 word challenge per stanza
Vernon Waring Oct 2015

I fell between the cushions of his super-comfy sofa
with pretzel salt snuggled between my pages.
Another sign of disrespect for inanimate objects
includes cat ***** stains that now soil my beautiful
maroon leather cover embossed in silver with his
initials. This guy is very mercurial, very spontaneous.
He just started a brand new job last week and he's
decided to leave it because it's "just not" for him.
He's planning to move away to another city, reinvent
himself - and revise his resume -  so he can next
fit into a blue chip job he's never held at some Fortune
500 company he's never worked in...and probably
never will. He's also planning to magically "become"
a Wharton grad which he knows will require a very
attractive resume sure to score points with head
honchos, much more impressive than the associates
degree he actually acquired from some obscure
community college in Jersey. He also plans to "create"
a wife and two kids. Employers, he believes, like
a family man, not a bachelor with a roving eye. Family
men get raises, promotions, they move up, they fit in.
This guy knows no boundaries and he's got it all
figured out. His fictional alter ego will escape detection
because he's pretty certain most companies never
really check the backgrounds of potential employees,
but he qualifies all this by confiding that such a generalization
may not be 100% true.


He has yet again changed his mind. He's not going to
leave the job after all. Some big shot at the company
complimented him on how quickly he's learning the
ropes. Looks like that career renovation is no longer
on the table. And one of the new hires - a redhead
named Lisa - who started the same day he did asked
him to join her for lunch. He digs the forward type so
he says "yes" and it turns out they clicked.


****** Day for me! He's now decided to forego any
more diary entries although he refers to me as his
"journal" - obviously a more butch designation than
the antique genteel "diary" of years past. He's decided to
stay on the job, stay focused, blah, blah, blah. Being a diary
is no walk in the park. I've given him all these pages
to confide in...I've given him an outlet for his deepest
thoughts, his wildest dreams, his secret desires, and now
he's ditching me like a cheap suit. (Pardon the cliche.)
Excuse me as I prepare for the old heave-**.
Ingratitude is always a *****!
My friend asked me –
“Tell me why do you always come here in the park?
And sit right here until the dark!
Plus what’s so special about this diary
That you read it every day without getting tiery!”

And I replied-
“My friend this isn’t just a diary rather a hope that I keep
Hope on to my faith for love of mine which is deep
And now as you ask, let me tell you how it all started
How my love story was crafted.

It’s her diary which I found
While walking in this park on the ground
I opened it and could read
Her thoughts which her heart bleed

The diary stated-
“I saw him today and my body was on heat
My eyes became still while my heart skipped a beat
His words appeared like music to my ears as he spoke and glance
Over me to which all my heart did was dance

I wasn’t really a love at first sight thing
But his presence could make my mind to blink
I wasn’t able to recognise or even think
As my mind and heart weren’t sharing a link

But as I planned to walk away
I just wish to see him again on my way
Again so that my mind gets the answer
Who had now become my heart’s dancer.”

“After I read this, my friend I thought
Who was she but on turning the page- Kate Jensen, name I caught.
And as I read further I could understand
What was going on Kate heart’s land.

“Dear diary” it said
“I am so confused over all this as my head
Is jumbling my thoughts away
Why isn’t anything happening to tell me the right way?

It has now have been almost a week since
I met him and now I almost feel like doing the sin
Of falling in love with him
But still my heart’s been searching for answers since I met him.

I don’t want much but just another chance
A chance, so that I get another of his glance.
Of course I love him and want him too,
And say those three words- I LOVE YOU!!”

My friend said-
“But my pal you don’t even know this girl,
And still cherish this diary like a pearl.
I mean why do you even bother to look?
Or have you fallen in love with the person who wrote this book?”

I replied-
“My friend that’s the question I ask myself too,
But as for now I would probably say yes I do.
Just as she fell for one stranger,
I too have fallen in love with her without seeing any sign of danger

Though I haven’t seen her but I know
That I’d see her soon, until then I can hope so
And I know when I’ll find her my whole world would glow
And I’ll love her even if she says ‘no’”

“Well my friend it’s getting late so I think I should leave
But I hope you find your love, as today being Valentine’s Day eve.
And I am sure you’ll find your love
And I’ll soon see you both paired like two doves.”

My friend left and I again sat there until the dark
Then afterwards I started to leave, waiting for another date
Felt disheartened, as again I couldn’t find her,
But as I started to leave, a voice called out- ‘Sir’

The voice said-
“I know sir that this is late,
But I am searching for my diary, as I am Kate.
I lost it a few days back,
While I was searching for my love, which I think now I lack.”

I turned around and only I could see
My love standing, unlocking my heart like a key.
But on seeing me she too became numb
Seemed like her heart had again started to beat which had become dumb.

We both stared into each other
Even the snow falling cold didn’t seem to bother
I found my ‘her’ and she found hers ‘him’
We both didn’t know what to do as our minds had become dim.

I said-
“I am Richard, miss and you are Kate!
I have been searching for you for so many dates.”
But before I could say anything further she paced towards me
Later we both were into each other as I see.

She said-
“Richard, you have been the one I have been searching
As I have fallen in love with you since the day I saw you without even knowing.
This diary is all what I have written for you,
And before you say anything I want to say- I love you.”  

My ears were absolutely something like honey
Even though it was night but I could find my night becoming sunny.
Her meeting me was something indescribable
Something more than any words which I could scribble.

I held her hands and said looking in her eyes
But looking at which I could only take sighs.
“Miss Kate, just like you I too have been searching for you,
And as you have said it first- I love you too.”

Then kneeling on my knees I asked just out of the line
“Dear Kate, will you be my Valentine?”
And we both had the answer guess,
It was nothing more than a beautiful ‘yes’

Her eyes widened as my breadth shortened
And for that moment nothing mattered more
As we both had just found our share of love to our heart’s core.

She held me as I did the same
And probably this love story might even seem to be lame.
But our love story got a happy ending as my heart found its dove,
It all happened just because two people like us fell in love,
And at last all I can say is that this was my story of love.
I really love this one. I actually intended it to be a good theme for my novel but just couldn't so i made it into a poetry. It is very special and close to me. Though I am not quite a believer of love but certain pieces like this makes me wanna try!
Logan Adkins Feb 2017
Dear Diary,

Today I saw a kid,   who I knew really well,
He’s a straight A student, and…    man you could tell.
He’s laughing,     and joking,      with three other guys.
But something’s not right,      there’s a look in his eye.
That look that you get when you don’t feel alright,
He said he was good,  but his eyes were full of fright.

There’s a girl in my class who does nothing but smile,
Who makes everyone else feel like they’re worthwhile,
She’s tall   and she’s kind,   and runs track as a sport,
And never,   ever,   seems to fall short.
But again, there’s a look,  I know I’ve seen it before,
From that boy that I’m friends with,  well...    not anymore.

Dear Diary,

He’s pulling away,    shutting everyone out,
But nobody knows what this is    all about.
His eyes are glazed over,   He’s stuck in his head,
There’s a lot that he thinks of,    that’s going unsaid.

She’s losing friends fast, and just dropped out of track,
Because of some “Family Reason”, and how there’s no coming back.
The friends she has left say her family is fine,
And that there is something else going on, behind the front lines.

Dear Diary,

Today I see a boy,    who’s sitting by himself,
One I used to know, not speaking to anyone else.
His grades are falling, his health is    too,
And if you try to talk to him,    he’ll just ignore you.

The girl that I mentioned, something’s really amiss,
It all started when I saw the,    scars    on her wrist.
Her sleeve started to rise, and she quick covered her arm,
No one else seemed to notice, but I saw the   self harm.
I wonder what made her do it, draw on her arms with the knife,
Like a pen drawing on paper, what could have caused her strife.

Dear Diary,

Last week,
She took her last breath, his was three days later.
In her letter, she said that we’d hate her,
That if we knew, we would call her a traitor.
That we’re not “real friends”, we were just trying to bait her,
Into caring for us, and making her think we were caring for her, to maybe help keep her afloat.
“But for the few of you...    who actually care,” she wrote;
“You couldn’t have saved me,    even if you wanted to.” I quote.

He didn’t leave a letter, or a text, or a call,
No one will ever know why he did it, or what caused the fall.
As he sat in his room,   alone,   as he felt the lone bullet,
No one know’s why the trigger...     why he pulled it.

Dear Diary,

When I saw those two suffer, it tore me apart.
It ripped a big hole,    right in my heart.
What happened,    it really did pull me to pieces,
How they handled their pain, the only way it releases
By scarring their skin, and cutting everyone off,
By starving, and blaming only themselves and they scoff,
When I ask,   if they’re ok,   and say that they..  are...     fine.

I was once told to speak the truth, even if my voice shakes,
So I stand here talking, as my lips quiver, and hands quake, saying that
Depression is a problem, that needs to start getting noticed,
As a real mental disease, not just some kid being unfocused.
It’s happened before, and it will happen again,
It could happen to someone,    you call your,    best friend.
Joshua Phelps Feb 2017
The world around me is revolving slowly
While the people surrounding move faster & faster
As I am caught in between the fibers of time

Why am I here?
Do I even belong?

My only therapy is the songs I hear in my head.
My only medication is the drugs that make me wish I were dead.

I'm just a shell of my former self.
I'm not what I used to be.

It seems there's no resolution,
only an empty cell waiting for me in this institution.

Dear diary, please help me now.

There's only so much abuse I can inflict upon myself.

The cuts on my wrist, the empty bottle of pills
The lacerations on my fist, shaking from the anger still.

I've got my fix, each line getting me higher.
The only answer getting more apparent, as my lows keep climbing to the ladder.

My sanity escaping.
Depression creeping
As the ghost of death takes over me.

Oh diary, it seems it's goodbye to you and me.
It seems no matter what I do, the world isn't going to accept me.

I'll never belong.

I'll always be different.

Goodbye and goodnight.

I'll see you on the other side.


Dear diary, I'm an addict.

Yesterday was proof of concept.

Tomorrow is a death wish.

If I don't do something now,
I may never get to see the light of day.

Dear diary, please help me now.

Because I can't do this alone anymore.
I had a stint with drugs in 2012.

I felt like killing myself.

Now I know life is worth so much more.
Miss Masque Oct 2010
Dear Diary,

Why does life seem to wrap you up in a cup of madness
then tip you out and watch you spill
the contents of yourself
onto a cold and muted tile floor?

Why, dear Diary,
does everyone expect you
to react perfectly in every situation
and robotically fix and tweak and mutate?

I am not a machine.
I can't bend this way and that
at the same time
without breaking.

I can't smile a smile
that I don't believe.

I can't,
and I won't.

You have so forlornly sit in the back of my mind
gathering dust and termites and grime
I can hardly speak to you at all
for my problems you cannot solve.

Just a lended ear do you offer
A lonely penance for my coffer
To spare a word a thought, some grace
to be able to pick up my forlorn face.

I look into the ***** night
so hateful and full of spite
Reprehensible rejection cease
as it knocks me to my knees.

Dear Diary,
I do plead,
Save my soul
or else I'll bleed.
Livingdeadgirl Jun 2015
If I had to
I would put myself right beside you
So let me ask
Would you like that?
Would you like that?

And I don't mind
If you say this love is the last time
So now I'll ask
Do you like that?
Do you like that?


Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
So tell me how it should be.

Try to find out what makes you tick.
As I lie down
Sore and sick.
Do you like that?
Do you like that?

There's a fine line between love and hate.
And I don't mind.
Just let me say that
I like that
I like that

Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
As I burn another page,
As I look the other way.
I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
So tell me how it should be.

Desperate, I will crawl
Waiting for so long
No love, there is no love.
Die for anyone
What have I become?

Something's getting in the way.
Something's just about to break.
I will try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
As I burn another page,
As I look the other way.
I still try to find my place in the diary of Jane.
Aridea P Oct 2011
Jakarta, Minggu 18 Mei 2008

Dulu diary ku indah
Sekarang telah ku ubah
Tapi, saat gagal bertemu kau
Ku satukan diary yang terpisah
Sebagai bukti dariku
Yang kan ku berikan untukmu
Agar kau tau
Seberapa besar  cintaku
Kasih ku t’lah tercurah
Berdetik-detik, berjam-jam
Bahkan berhari-hari lamanya
Semoga dapat kau terima
Meski terluka akhirnya
Biar ku pergi saja
Lupakan kenangan indah
Dan yang paling menyakitkan
Tapi, takkan ku biarkan
Diary ku berubah indahnya
The Day Of:
Dear diary,
She broke up with me..

2 Days Later:
Dear diary,
What kind of person can love you so much one day, and then be head over heels for another the next?

2 Months Later:
Dear diary,
I still love her.

2 Years Later:*
Dear diary,*
She still loves her.
Dear Diary, I know I haven’t been treating you properly,
I’ve been mundane and confused lately…

But I didn’t know if you would understand,
About the need that my heart did demand…

But I have to turn to you, I have no one else,
The truth echoes within me, like sound through hollow shells….

It all started when I met that person,
Who shone as brightly as the brightest sun…

I won’t mention her blessed name,
In case later there’s a risk of blame…

But I remember my entry in you that day,
“ my life has changed in every way…”

And though my feelings perplex you,
I assure you, Diary, she is one of very few…

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this earlier,
It was because I was confined by fear…

For a guy like me cant get someone like her,
But still, my wretched heart holds her dear…

And though I try to repel the attraction,
I yearn for every possible interaction…

You have all right to be angry, and more,
Because all this in my troubled mind I did store…

Is the situation bad, you ask..??
Getting me back to who I was seems an impossible task..

Because as of now, I can live without filling you with ink,
But I shall die if of her I don’t think…

Yes, its serious, yes I know,
Nowhere is this relationship going to go…

But I still prefer this existence,
Where she and I can be just friends..

For the exuberance that comes with her being,
Seems to give life a whole new meaning…

Diary, I know you are about me, not her…
But she is now part of me, it does appear..

So let us chronicle my love, in liaison,
Let us tell the world about my passion…

For, one day, when I am but dust,
You will show everyone what I did lust…

Diary, I’ve jumped into a well, and I cant come out,
Except you, no one can hear my wretched shout…

Dear Diary, let the pain no longer keep us apart,
Dear Diary, please imbibe the weepings of my broken heart…
Lowkie Nov 2020
Dear Diary
Dear Diary.
These voices are trying me
They don't want to go down silently
I feel them becoming violent
They want release the monster inside of me
Dear Diary
I'm becoming someone I'm not
Dear Diary
I think I'm losing myself
Dear Diary
I'm gone.
Lowkie ®
I am still writing in my diary raining about the pain of  the emotional variety as I go and try to write in my diary I am writing about the soul always in my heart and mind as I write in my diary I am write about the suffering the true suffering that is in the world today as I write still in my diary I am write down Oh that is good and bad and ugly I am still writing in my diary as a way to communicate with god

‎ما زلت أكتب في مذكراتي تمطر عن ألم التنوع العاطفي بينما أذهب وأحاول أن أكتب في مذكراتي ، أكتب عن الروح دائمًا في قلبي وعقلي بينما أكتب في مذكراتي ، أكتب عن المعاناة  معاناة حقيقية في العالم اليوم كما أكتب في يومياتي ، أنا أكتب أوه هذا جيد وسيء وقبيح ما زلت أكتب في مذكراتي كوسيلة للتواصل مع الله
Donall Dempsey Jan 2019

Every year
she asks for

a diary
always a different colour

'86  - pale pink
'87  - saffron

etc., etc., etc.

They line her shelves
in full view

a rainbow
of years gone by

"...they just flew..."

I admit I could never
keep a diary.

"Me too!"
she smiles.

"But what of these?"

"What of 'em!"
she girns

"Look...empty as

I take down '86
and it's..true!

Blank as blank
could be.

"I like to read 'em
every now and then

pitt myself
against the date

talk to
the page

see what
it provokes

evoke the day
whatever a past it may be

for whatever

Each diary doused
in a different perfume

Chanel No. 5

the scent unleashing the what was
conjuring up the what was once.

One dog-eared day
in 1990

a blue year
4711 Eau de Cologne

the only mark
in all the days.

"Oh that was when Dillie died!
She was such a loving cat!"

Now that she has died
-July 3rd -

the empty diaries
are thrown out

all the invisible thoughts
falling out

date by date
by date.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
The humble diary
Holds the words
Usually not revealed
To the world
Lines, filled with
Deepest desires
Inexplicably, not uttered
But freely flows
Without inhibitions
Every drop of ink
Is the messenger
Carrying the messages
Encrypted for secrecy
A part of your world
Comes alive
Between the pages
Each day
Offered a blank page
New anecdote
Chronicled eagerly
Before the words
Fade away from memory
Jogging along the lines
Of the diary
The pen gives you a lease
To express
Some feelings and desires
Not audible to anyone
But finds safe haven
Between the pages
Of the humble diary
She is a diary, a diary you'd never want to write in. One you don't want to read again. A book who's pages you'd never want to turn. She, is a diary that's never been opened.
Inspired by Looking for Alaska ! :D
Wanted to keep it short.
Tyler Nicholas May 2011
Dear Diary, you're completely full of ****. You are that streetwalker who passes by with a faux smile and a greeting that defines Charlatan.

"Hello! How are you?"

Well, Diary, I'm broken and full of rotting organs and a brain just screaming for serotonin and a conscious that wants to shove a knife in your chest and a heart that's too weak to do it.

"I'm doing just fine, thanks."

Charlatan Diary, you're nothing but a shallow waste of ink. Waste of ink waste of ink wasteof ink wa ste o f ink wasteofink.
Lexy Garcia Aug 2013
dear diary,
i have grown tired.
i am a shark in an ocean full of dolphins,
they taunt and threaten me.
i am alone.
mama and father do not care anymore,
money is the only concern.
i am alone.
grandma's growing old,
and grandpa's lost it.
i am alone.
curious stares at my arms,
everytime i walk into school.
i am alone.
they laugh as i stumble to get by,
they push and yell at me.
i am alone.
except i met a girl,
we'll call her "Priscilla".
she introduced me to her friend one day,
Mary Jane.
Mary Jane soothes me,
she calms me and comforts me.
Mary Jane helped me gain new friends,
everybody loves Mary Jane.
Mary Jane introduced me to a boy,
we'll call him "Kevin".
Kevin is very attractive, my dear diary,
i fantasize about him a lot.
we often hang out,
and he'll bring Mary Jane along.
one day he invited me to a party,
i hadn't been to a party in a very long time.
Mary Jane helped me get invited,
but i'd be too busy studying.
but it was Kevin who invited me,
dreamy, gorgeous, badboy Kevin.
of course,
i had to go, my dear diary.
Kevin ended up introducing me to his friend,
Molly's small and fragile,
yet she's wild and crazy.
i think all Mollys are like that,
but she made me feel so alive.
i accepted her,
despite the warnings from other friends of Mary Jane.
Kevin invited me into a vacant bedroom,
he stole something dreadful from me.
i am free now.
mom and dad were worried when i got home,
supposedly my eyes were red and i was in a daze.
i told them to leave me alone,
my dearest diary.
and now it's time for you to leave me alone,
i need to go out and explore with Kevin.
Kevin will take care of me,
do not worry diary.
you will always be in my heart.*

MADE UP, I DO NOT DO DRUGS OR SMOKE ****. Classified under realistic fiction. Does involve use of drugs.
Look over my shoulders
Problems big as a boulder
So I peep from s distance
Scavengers coming for me
And my ****** family
Tricked us into slavery
And no one cares to find us G
So I gotta fight with every instinct
Cuz my brother n sisters of my color
Almost extinct
New breed turn pink
Like the pigs eating slop n ****
Nothing but mess but I don't stress
Five hundred years of pain
And still get an arrest
Mad cuz I drive clean cars
And I don't wanna be the star
Just look at the nine in my hand
This Is the diary of mad man

Dear diary I can't help that I'm a rebel
I'm takin poetry to another level
All around me
But somehow they can't find me
Even to myself I'm a stranger
Filled with anger
Approach with caution or else face danger
Face to face with death
So I take a deep breath
My hearts steadily pounding
Sound the war chump
And bring on the violence
Been cut many afore
But I don't bleed easily so set up yo fort
No witness to survive
So bump out all that jive
I see trump in hibernation
Much luv to folk and disciple nation
Chicago standing they ground
Look how Manu brothers surround
The city with many weapons
Myself I gotta auto matic weapons
Just incase bloods gotta be sweep
No longer standing on yo feet
Rebirth of nation back again
It makes me proud to be a black Hebrew man this is the diary of mad man...

So what I dig deep from my guts
N don't give a **** about a ****
Or another *****
Tryna Chase figures but don't see the
Price of the real picture
****** is all I read
Cuz I'm the last of the dying breed
Enemies plotting against me
Neighborhood ****** ain't catchin me
Swift my moves put the needle to the grove
And watch how all the suckers move and prove
I got an art of war mentality
Learned ******* from my great grand pappy hair *****
Loving it much as ****
Cuz I just don't give a ****
Making bucks from the clucks
Don't matters wither it be drugs prostitution or use vain profanity
In my rap sheets
My definitive is far from  complete.
So go ahead and try to compete
But you get ensnared at crossroads man
Cuz this is diary of mad man!!!!
Dominic Simpson Aug 2013
This is about my Grandparents. They got married in the 1920's . . When one didn't get divorced.
My Grandfather kept a diary, though he didn't know my Grandmother read it most days.
He believed he'd been trapped into marriage, for much of their time together and was very bitter . . He failed to see what she was all about for a very long time . . Not the easiest marriage . . This is about that.

Eiderdown Diary

In previous prose
The pages of my days
Payed homage to my . .
Crucified vows.

What I thought love .
Meant Ambition . . sold for scrap . .
Traded for a shotgun wife's,
Wed . locked . Bed . . .
White lies in kisses

A Mans need
******* two more souls
From that sanitary bed before
Work withdrew me . . .
Fridays drank frustration dry
Saturday screamed . . for Sundays relief . .
My respite found in working weeks

I drank her tears for years
Bound by habitual responses
Through disabled conversations . .
Through polite goodnights I . .
Sought Belief . . .
Yet still washed Sundays Cars

Then Pension planned retirement . .
Though Circumstance a change

My never mind Lady
Beckoned . . Persuading
The Cancer Degrading my Days away
My shadow sipped her sun
Became perfume in pages
My Eiderdown Diary

Morphine removed me
Soothed me to Bed
Time instead she said
To understand . . Then
Kissed my forehead . .
Held me dead
Quentin Briscoe Jan 2013
I get all the girls, all the girls,
i get all the girls, all the girls
I save all the hoes, all the hoes
i save all the hoes, all the hoes
I cant find me no women...
no women..
I couldn't save no women...
-Diary of a PsychoSuperhero

— The End —