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I wedged a comma between us.
But there was already an infinity stretching and you still haven't seen it.
​So you are coming back now,
In small currents.
Lapping against my shores ever so gently,
Sneekily peeking inside for hidden memories.

Now that you have come back,
In tides and waves.
Hitting against me with a power so familiar.
Trying to knock the walls that hide me,
From the memories I dare not revisit.

Now that you have gone,
A storm's wreck behind
You knocked down every wall I built.
Leaving me in circles,
In this hurricane of broken emotions.

I am still caught up in your winds.
I don't feel beautiful inside anymore. I don't look at myself in the mirror these days.People no longer tell me about the twinkle in my eyes. I don't feel good about being dressed up anymore. I no longer smile randomly. I don't have anything to look forward to. You are going farther and farther away, because the light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting dimmer and dimmer every second.
Maybe you are the light.
Maybe you are more.
That moment
     when you look into his eyes
  You see past the scars
          the hurts, the pains
      And all the lies
           through to their core
  feeling and knowing a love
    than you've ever felt before
  finally realizing
        You found the one
you've been searching your whole life for
        blessed with their presence
   And doomed to love them forever
as they are the reason for your existence

            That moment
    in which you can feel
        your life change forever
  that you've finally reached
              the end
      of a long, tiring endeavor

     That moment
  does not hit everyone
            the same
but if you miss that chance
    it could mean a life filled with
           endless pain
The words or you.
I don't know which one to choose.
I'd rather not,    
Because you are the words that I write.
The rainbow is still black and white,
Pitched in various hues,
Vibrant black and sullen whites,
Blending with the blackness inside.
Replete with broken trusts,
Reflecting a thousand shattered pieces,
Fading out like these emotions,
It never lived the light of dawn.
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