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T J W Dec 2018
back and better than ever
so distant and numb
completely frozen in an never ending ****
a different speed
walking alone in a blur
able to survive the ingrained routine
but by night
that's when it creeps up on you
that unbearable pain in your chest
sobbing completely alone
wanting to give up more than ever
unable to care about the promised better future
stuck in only know
thinking it will never change
a prisoner of irrationality
lost in how it makes you feel
it told me there's no way out but to leave
it wasn't me
it changed me
took over me
it didn't let me write
only know as it has been weakened
T J W Nov 2018
One of those days where everything is too much
you feel the weight of everyone's expression
words and emotions drag you down
suffocating your fight
every sentence slowly drains you
every light is too bright
noise piercing your every cell to the core
the sky begins to fall on you
gravity against you
your body is dragged down
the pressure is too much to bare
the world weighing down your mind
your mind weighing down the world
the ache for silence
the need to be alone
the anchor of life's energy attached to you
the demand of everything needing to be felt
the prison of forced empathy
one of those days where you feel everything
T J W Nov 2018
I fear living for someone
centring someone in my universe
I fear not not wanting to be alone
constant noise in my silence
I fear wasting my time on someone
putting my life on hold for them to leave
I fear a lifetime of small talk
being a product of their routines and races
I fear not finding belonging
not being in control
I fear the prison of my mind
never finding the person I don't fear with
I fear not being special in the insignificance
never being not afraid to be vulnerable
I fear only existing
T J W Nov 2018
It's all a haze
a frustrating haze
feeling too much
thinking so deeply
I see the outside life
the routine
the race
a bystander watching
the life we're all abosrbed into
I can't explain
I can't put into words
It's too big
too complex for the limit of our vocabulary
I'm left here in a haze
looking for the words
truth will never just be there
behind the focus we are taught to see
I'm trying to see
It's all a haze
T J W Nov 2018
You're a dangerous place
but I can't help it
your darkness intrigues me
you pull me in
I find myself coming back to you
you change me
how I feel
how I look
how I think
in silence you're all I hear
lost in darkness around you
so powerful
so strong
something, someone no one understands
unfamilarity but I want more
you drain me
you take every ounce of energy I have
but you're above all
your knowledge
your ability
I must know more
you're my bestfriend
you're my enemy
T J W Nov 2018
a stare to get what you want
a gaze that manipulates
a seduction that will always leave you wanting more
a demon dressed as a daydream
evil disguised as elegance
Red will win everytime
it will entice you
play with you
control you
pierce your soul
you will never understand red
it will dominate you
a fire you can't help but fall into
Red bites your lips with only the eyes
a confidence you wish you had
Red will get you everytime
Jo Barber Jun 2018
Home is Homer.
Lovely summer aromas
of fish and salt;
visions of eagles and otters;
people who create and re-create,
forever giving more than they receive.
A city of art and style -
you'll go the extra mile
to stay in happy, hearty Homer.
Amanda May 2018
In the still morning
I watch the sun rise
Gently look up high
Toward simmering pink skies
A beautiful perfect picture
Nature brilliantly devised

Colorful exotic vibrance
Daybreak so pure and sweet
Over far off mountains
And the washed out city street
Waiting for scenic horizons
To say hello and meet
A brief description of dawn in Alaska
sadgirl May 2018
my mother taught me how to work the dirt,
grub it between palms, savor the smells of chickenshit, and
raw flesh. she knows that crops are grown fifty-fifty,

a little coddling, a little resentment. look at the thing
crawling out of your leaking ****, purpled with lacking.
she taught me how to heal, let my body mend itself with

time. when i was born, the salt of my mother clouded around my
eyes. they broke me to let me live, and so forth. but i have never
stopped with the needing. i became a **** in the dirt i worked.

empty, glad with unwanting. i wanted to spread my branches and show my mother the world she forgot. i remember. i remember.
but my chants fell upon deaf ears. my prose too purpled to read.

if you can bring nothing to this dirt
but another dead body,
this is not a garden for you.
Inspired by William Carlos Williams in weird ways.
Martin Mikelberg Mar 2018
white daisies
dancing in the wind
You have to be there to understand the scene.
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