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Jul 2013
Yesterday I dropped a penny in my room
And it ran and hid under my bed,
Looking on the floor, trying to find it,
I found my old diary instead.

I began laughing but after some time,
After taking a few looks at what I had written,
I realised all the things we've lost,
And I have to admit, now I'm a bit fightened.

"Dear diary, yesterday I went round her house,
And we made love for the very first time
She loves me and it's just beautiful,
What can I say, I play with the big boys now."

"Dear diary, like every wednesday afternoon,
Today she came by to say hello,
And we laid on my bed for hours,
Just talking, laughing, and kissing also."

"Dear diary, my world turns around hers,
Therefore she can also be the reason of my tears
But when I cry, she kisses me,
And catches every drop of water out of my eyes."

"Dear diary, she laid down by my side,
And I held her tight in my arms,
Then she said she loved me,
So I kissed her, there's no harm."

"Dear diary, today when we were together,
She kissed my cheek softly
And started counting my beauty spots,
I don't know why it made me so happy."

"Dear diary, today we had a little fight,
And it makes me die a little inside,
I hung up on her and I'm so sorry,
But I didn't want her to hear me cry.."

"Dear diary, it's over."
"Dear diary, I miss her."

Those were the last words I wrote
But I think it's not enough,
So I took my pen and finished the journal,
Even if for my heart it was a bit tough.

"Dear diary, today more than one year has passed, and I lifted the pieces off the ground. I've known ups and downs but hey, I'm still standing ! This is kind of a message of hope for the future me reading this : of course you'll always love her, of course you'll always miss your first love, of course you'll always think about her sweet laugh, of course you're still in love with her. But it's okay, I mean you're still alive right ? Don't forget about yourself."

                                                     ­             RIP my heart. I think it broke again.
My biggest weakness lies in front of your eyes
Written by
   H Fox, chloe n, ---, the kid and little Bird
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