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Cold nights
Souls drifting
Hearts beating  
Dream chasing
Echoes of wolves speaking
My ears listen while my hearts skipping
Fear befriends my lonely soul
It holds me hostage
As I sleep with these wolves
I remember the touch of sheeps
In pain I dive deep
Giving sorrow my soul to keep
Seeing that love is as sharp as these wolves teeth
Osiria Melody Mar 31
i peel the            of string cheese,
                  h   p
                    o   e

take the strands of good spirits
a p a r t until there is none left.

                               i can't change the world for
                               how it is, but pessimism
                               befriends me once again.
                 ... then more stringed cheese
                 of hope comes soaring across
                 my sky of uncertainty.

There will always be thorns of uncertainty in this rose bouquet of life. Hope is like stringed cheese that's taken apart until you have to start over again.
Corey Smith Jan 3
Should ever your soul misplace
It's gem atop
The chandelier of heaven,
Before I, when your unbroken flare
Befriends me no longer.
I part with you a plea: will you pierce
That which distance
Me from your arms--
With love unlike mortals share--
So that, with dreary eyes, I may but
Smile in this my undying wish; to feel
Your touch uplift
The misery of
Living without you.
Luz Hanaii Jan 14
The ancient snake befriends my friends,
priests, neighbors, teachers and presidents…
Casually speaking, maybe even me.

Those old days I thought I knew...
But tight-lipped and present is
-the hardest thing to be.

Words, words, words…
mantra shouts out of drum of the elite
repeating, walking as they're told
aimlessly set about daily routines
while lost dogs hunger in streets
caressing ****** wounds amongst the blind.
A drunken man lies asleep or dead?
yet nobody stops or seems to care
while I lose my mind and ask,
Where the hell am I?
First published on August 21, 2011
Penne Jan 20
What if I like what is underneath
Flocks these days admire on what is in the cover
Tainted and glittered nails
But what if I rip the skin off and study the parts of it?
That way I can admire the beauty of having such a body part
Glitzy notebooks are a thing
When I can have a notebook with just a mere dot as a design
That way no one will be able to steal them
Because I am the only who knows the beauty of it
Everyone dances to the music they heard of
While I am just here listening to non-existent sounds
Everybody befriends the charismatic person in the room
But what if I like distorted overgrowns
Even when he shot daggers
Talks to himself and paints the world as if he owns it?
Tell me what is good taste
When it is there surrounding me
Your eyes just do not switch to an owl's yet
Isn't life full of hidden kalopsa?
Even if I still do not have William's tongue to describe them?
When you are at your worst
I may not help you instantly
Since I cannot help but be mesmerized by your mistakes
You are even more beautiful to me when the side you hide the most flourish
Even when everybody in this world hates you,
I will find colors in your imperfections
I will burst in laughter at them, not because you are foolish
But you had the courage to show your real persona
Everybody has different ideas for beauty
But this is mine
Like this poem
You thought this is going to be pretty
When I like what is underneath
missy Jul 2
do you ever feel like you’re not the same as you used to be?

you changed... you’re not the little girl that runs around the street, that laugh at simple things, that cry over some toys, that throw tantrums whenever you feel like it

you changed... you’re not the girl who hangs out with friends every weekends; maybe even weekdays, who spends money to useless stuff you don’t even need, who befriends everyone to be considered part of the society, who tells lie to be able to hang out and be part of their so called group

you changed... you’re not the girl who cries over some random guys, who chased over undeserving guy, who get swooned over sugar coat words, who get played at, who get used at

you changed... you’re not the girl who remained silent, the girl who doesn’t fight for the right, who don’t share her wonderful thought, who doesn’t speaks for herself

you changed... you’re a woman now; who speaks her mind, who will stand for what is right, who will never let anyone brings her down

you changed for the better but why does it feel so wrong?
you’re not used to it
you can’t get used to it
but it’s for the better

so you blocked all those useless thoughts, those words that pains your heart and mind, you blocked every painful whispers you get... because you know that’s the only way for you to get better

and you need better; not for someone else but for yourself

Laura Dec 2018
The Earth speaks

to the child she befriends

the boy who adores her

who speaks his first words

surrounded by her beauty

earth gives endlessly to the child

everyday reaching him with hope

through sunlight and a breeze

giving him what he needs to succeed

the others earth has given to

hurt the child

as they do not give as earth does

he returns to the peace

he finds within nature

as tears tickle his face

he’s eighteen now

remembering all he wasted

somber as he recalls the way

he betrayed a world

that had given all he needed

yet the earth still forgives

comforting him with its flowers

strengthening him with its air

the boy tries to live better

realizing the earth is his true home

its inhabitants are his family

he begins to give to them

as the earth gave to him

as he grows older

he watches friends die

dreams fade away

he screams at the world around him

“ why did you betray me”

earth seems silent now

yet a peace overcomes the man

that he left his mark on earth

as his body leaves earth

the earth pours light down

reminding him

that just as aspects of earth

fade away over time

humans must fade away

although just as earth remains

all the man touched will remain forever

his impact will live on in the souls

of all he encountered

the earth would give to those younger

and in doing so

the spirit of the man

would live on forever

he is now one with earth

buried in her arms

next to those he loves

his body couldn’t live

but his home always will

so his spirit will too
Syv Elena Sep 2018
I rather have the world hate me
Because I am fat
Those horrid few extra pounds
That are not in my head

I rather want them to see me as a monster
With the body of an elephant
With the claws of a lobster
And with the head of a pelican

Than a person with Autism

I rather have the world hate me
Because I am a witch
A disgusting heathen
Who talks to and befriends spirits

I rather want them to see me as a heretic
Who dyes their hair with unholy colors
Who's style is alternative
Who's had multiple lovers

Than a person with Autism

I wish I was normal
Because I'd rather be all that above
Than an autistic individual
That no one loves
The world doesn't accept people like me but loves to pretend that it does.
patty m 13h
Fragile normalcy carefully tended
while my off kilter mind
finds a cat and befriends it.
Railroad track thoughts
turn ever grayer
as they wind through the past
and peel back the layers
Behind dull facades
and stately mansions
Do You Want to Touch Me
or is that out of fashion?
Blind-sided heart
torn to Bits and Pieces
brings death to romance
and the hate it releases
Trusted friends
turn out to be players
cutting me open
to peel back the layers.
of a tatooed star
things slightly odd
soon become quite bizarre.
Trips to places never been
incriminations whisper again and again.
My lineage soon turns quite exclusive
and I, it seems too reclusive
FATE pecks at glass, it's shiny frame
it all becomes a silly game,
as life that cruel rapacious slayer
rips out my heart and peels back the layers.

— The End —