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Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
You watch YouTube,
Enough to explore and discover.
You found The Last,
A romantic video from Wong Fu Productions.
I cried the first time we watched it,
And I cried the second time too.
You held me tight,
Making me cry harder
When you made your own case,
How I am your five loves.

Here are mine.

Who you are is my green-eyed woman,
Who I befriended at work over pictures of my cat.
We can never appreciate Muffy more for bringing us together.

What you are is the woman of my dreams,
My greatest supporter in everything I do.
Not even Scarlett Johansson can measure up to you.

When you are is the brightest moment of my life,
Finding me in a moment when I felt alone.
You made me believe in my own happiness again.

Where you are is a small Appalachian mountain town,
Known for its long winters and college atmosphere.
You make the winters warmer and my days brighter.

Why you are is the reason I smile and feel happy,
Why I look forward to my future.
But only if it includes you.

I love you forever.
I like you for always.
As long as you love me,
My Green Eyes you’ll be.
Here is the link to the transcript and video of The Last:

Last four lines based off my favorite childhood book I Love You Forever.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
You can search far and wide for a beauty that matches hers.
Only Gaia can hint at the beauty she possesses.
Her eyes are a soft green,
A gentle aquamarine like that of the sea;
They captivate and tranquilize you.
Only Helen's smile is a pale example of hers,
Which leaves you with the desire to see it again;
Nothing in nature surpasses her smile.
The right words will reveal her laugh,
Only the Nightingale's charming melodies can come close;
It is a siren's call that you follow repeatedly to hear again.
She radiates warmth when she holds you,
Like a gentle touch of glow of Apollo on your cheek;
A natural peace can be found when her arms are wrapped around you tight.
Her dark hair is as soft as a cloud,
Yet it runs through your fingers like wild silk;
She is a dark-haired version of Aphrodite when her hair is left down.
You can travel across the world in search of a beauty like hers,
But nothing can match it.
It is not restricted to the mortal body.
You have to look inside her heart to discover its origin.
She is kindness personified,
Her scruples displayed in her actions;
Maybe she is **** reborn into the modern world.
She holds conversations with all,
But she befriends only a select few;
Her exclusive circle open only to those she cherish.
I can wonder how blessed they are to be in her presence,
I only wish to be in her arms;
Yet she has carefully let me in with open arms,
While protecting the parts she is not ready for me to glimpse.
My patience and support she will eternally have,
As a friend, companion, or more;
Her happiness is my ever reaching ambition.
Not even Gaia can compete against this dark-haired mortal goddess,
Whose strength I forever admire.
She will always remain a compelling presence in my life,
No matter the Fates' intentions for our lives.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
My heart has always been a terrible prize to hold,
Whether it's been given or earned.
It's a poisoned burden.
It's strong and loyal to its possesor,
But it smothers and steals their last breath.
It supports during the toughest moments,
But it pushes away when abused.
It will naively believe the best in others,
And it breaks when reality crashes down.
It will guard itself with steel,
But it will allow sinister people to slip through.
It has learned to stop hoping,
And then doubts the person who tries to take care of it.
It feels empathy to its core,
So it's often too sensitive and moody.
It's a difficult prize to behold,
But the right person can cure it from its poison.
They will take a deep breath and plunge in again.
They can treat it with fierce love and positive reassurance.
The right person can prove there is goodness in the world.
They can dismantle the walls.
They will heal the wounds and wrap it in love.
The right person can be my heart's savior.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
She goes by many names,
The woman who captured my heart.
I call her Green Eyes because of her captivating eyes,
Which sees in me things I never thought existed.
She is Cuddle Cub when I am in her arms,
Where I find safety and tenderness.
She is the sun and stars of my universe;
Her radiant light warms me at day and brightens my night.
She is mi amor in my heart,
Even if she is not ready to hear that.
She is my partner in all but name.
She is Helen,
Whose beauty arrests me.
She is Aphrodite in the flesh,
Whose touch makes my heart flutter.
She is my present and future,
She is the owner of my heart.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
I am the luckiest woman in the world.
Yesterday I spent time with a goddess.
Although she fails to see herself as such.
Her beauty is timeless.
She is the sun whose rays brighten my days.
Her warmth envelopes me and keeps me warm.
She has eyes that radiate kindness,
And her smile can rival Helen's.
Every day I am with her will be dedicated to her;
For I am her loyal supporter.
Only the luckiest woman in the world gets to glimpse into her soul.
And every day I will count my blessings,
For that is me and my privilege.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
It only takes a moment to know,
Watching her head lay down for a short rest,
Hiding her captivating but beautiful green eyes from view.
It only takes a gentle innocent touch to make my heart flutter,
Her soft hand caressing my own,
Her touch saying more than words could say.

I yearn to hold her in my arms,
Where I know she will lay like she belongs there...because she does.
I wonder what her hand would feel like in my own,
Or what it would feel like to play with her beautiful dark hair.

She awakened a part of me I never knew existed,
A part that misses her when we are apart,
A part that could spend all day making her laugh,
A part that never wants to miss a ****** expression,
And a part that never wants to stop staring into her eyes.
She makes my heart flutter just by thinking of her.

In that moment I knew I would do anything for her.
I would protect her heart.
In that moment I knew what my future looked like.
I see my hand holding the hand of an alluring dark-haired green-eyed woman.
She does not know I am already hers.
Tiffany Arnett Jun 2020
Depression is a darkness that creeps up behind you.
You never expect its presence,
Not until it taps you on the shoulder.
It wraps you in its clutches,
Making darkness creep in from all sides.
Soon you are lost.
You cannot see your surroundings.
You are consumed with fear and sadness.
Suddenly you are drowning.
You are pulled under the water,
No matter how hard you fight to stay above the surface.
You pour your energy into your strength so you do not drown,
But it eats away at you.
You cannot keep fighting.
Your brain tells you to give up.
Your body is exhausted.
There is no hope.
You close your eyes and stop fighting,
You feel yourself falling deeper into the water's depths.
The darkness swallows you up,
And your pain goes away.
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