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EgoFeeder Dec 2017
She's got me involved and needing
One more kiss and I'll be just fine
Let me follow your perfect leading
Wait who's that , I thought you were mine ?
Who cares let's jump the question
The answer spawned from conversation

It's just like a dream I've seen before
You held him again and i wondered why
Everything I did just seemed like a bore
You looked right past and left me to die
I ran after and screamed out your name
How can you say that we're not the same ?

As you held me down and bruised my skin
Tore me apart with a comb in my hair
Watched me shake as it began to thin
Scared of the truth - how about a dare ?
Too dumb to talk - what should I do ?
I think I'm a mute - how about you ?

Let's get off on our minimal trauma
Lame post-dramatic sorrow competitions
Let's dance another dance with Karma
Turn our happiness into contradiction
I'll jot it down and read you a story
Paint out a picture - exist in a memory
EgoFeeder Dec 2017
As I stain this page in crimson ink
your eyes leak out a serene sadness
I'm dying to see you out of desperation
So I cut myself and begin to drink
All this worry drenched in emptiness
Couldn't spare me an ounce of motivation

Can I come over and kiss you heart?
Or should I continue to write this mess?
Lonely as can be with all of these I's
I'm thinking of you to pretend I'm an art
I just writhe in self reflection I guess
I feel so much better than those simple guys

Prancing around like chivalry isn't dead
I'd just like to shine a dimming light
A retrospect on what all this really meant
Every time I sat silent and hung my head
A grim satisfaction told me not to fight
For all these hellish ends are heaven sent

I'll just meet a friend and start another fad
Who would of thought that love was a trend
So here comes the procession of tragedy
I can't really say that sorrow makes me sad
I'm just ashamed I don't care to lend
Another conversation to see you through this comedy
EgoFeeder Dec 2017
A perfect expedient for a lonely boy
Mind full of ice and the thoughts to enjoy
Sleepwalk for days alone in this head
No speech exchange with the shadows instead
Compensated fulfillment of destructions company
Ensnaring a sensation devoid of sincerity
Like a method acting on itself unknowingly

Day long trips to the convenience proctor
Second spent hours at the Ill head doctor
Conversing with stutter as if I'm a linguist
A joke in a riddle or a bow on a cyst
Apparent to the cast that I've kissed her lips
Synthetic light pouring upon this reality eclipse
Stimulating my paranoia like a gnarled ***** to vice grips

Re-establishing a tie with the numbing agent
Has been as therapy is when happiness is absent
What a dream to hold in such boundless admiration
To be witty and bold within my own creation
Yet so wonderfully mundane from my peers perspective
I may stray back to this gaze so seductive
A date this alluring just might be productive
EgoFeeder Aug 2016
Somewhere near the tree
a decadence of mangled limbs
Watching as the roots undo
Into skeletal remains of growth
Exhaling all that air
Just to crash and burn
A poignant point to state
As this graveyard planet resumes

Waste away all the days
On this rock up in the sky
No resistance can be met
When you're merely here to die
What we call our problems-
Are just self centered complaints
Excuses to find meaning
In this worthless empty place
EgoFeeder Aug 2016
This heart is a symbolic semblance
Of the constitution that we pretend
To know that we feel and apprehend
A literal presentation of emotion

Is this an excuse for our lack of confirmation?
Could we portray what we mean without what's relative?
Is this all that you've come to see?
Or am I just a try hard with an over blown ego?

Have I just stated what is already prevalent ?
An egotist mind within your own assumptions
would be just as forbidding as it's own relativity
To claim that this love is so endlessly brilliant

A cackle from the nothingness of self assurance
The seldom thoughts that lay in dilapidation
Could be seen if it weren't that pride
Was the only benefactor to your own pleasure

And , if it's a must to be who you are
Then why the **** do you strive so hard ?
To be something that you already were
A human being with nothing but humility
  Aug 2016 EgoFeeder
Don't listen to the pressure,
Who even said that skinny is better?
Those magazines and tv shows?
Being hateful is money and money is what they want.
So they will hate every minute of the day to make sure that their pay isn't going away.

Propaganda that visible bones is better,
Lies that skipping a meal is alright,
And teaching little girls that with their weight
They will always have to fight.

This is not how we were created to be,
We are all beautiful internally.
Don't listen to the pressure,
Skinny really isn't better.
Since I was 14 I've struggled with eating disorders, I think it's something that all young girls are self conscious about to some extent growing up because of what they see on social media X and in magazines.
It's really sad that some children will literally die trying to be as thin as they think they should be.
Eating disorders are often glorified nowadays,
And people don't realise the severity of it.
EgoFeeder Mar 2014
We once knew a girl
Polite and cold to the touch
Icy slopes that called her home
Still young and yet to unfurl
Words cut short saying so much
Died in her sleep writing a poem

Passed through a dream that night
Angels lifting from the blanket hug
Daylight came and she couldn't wake
Greeting father rose to the morbid fright
Grasped her hand and began to tug
Cried a hymn he just couldn't take

Friends at school didn't know she was gone
Laughed profusely 'til the deafening announcement
The intercom obituary stuttered and hallowed
That the golden lock girl had moved on
Pulling the threads of most at that moment
The closer of them mourned and bellowed

Noon grew somber and tears were of many
The girls held each other so firmly
The boys grew silent and shed what they could
Plans were made to remember the memory
A lot one over glistened with suited formality
I didn't attend and I regret as I should

In a flash she went there
In the flash she'll stay here
It's all flash after all....
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