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DarlingDivine Sep 2015
I got lost
For a while
I might still actually be
Lately the blues look like greens
And the greens look like blue
Though, All my dreams still contain fragmented images of you
Have I been here for days?
Or just a few grains of sand?
The flowers spoke
But I responded kindly with a strike from the sword in my hand.
How did it get there?
How did what get where?
Oh yes, the flowers, I suppose they know the Hatter and the Hare
But its not about the tea pots or crumpets
but about the four ace soldiers with trumpets
The Queen will arrive any minute
With the clubs and the spades all the same
In their white and their black suits.
I ran through the roses as fast as I could
but the raven was wearing me boots.
DarlingDivine Sep 2015
Its funny..
How much one year can change your life
None the less more than that.
But I guess that's just what its supposed to do right?
Its funny
How that within a year some one can come and go
And yet stay with you forever
Its funny
How one cat can multiply into two.
And its funny
How some of those long Autumn nights from a year ago will be lost on you
Yet the ones with him remain vivid colorful and sickly
Its funny
How much one year can change your life
  Sep 2015 DarlingDivine
Blue Flask
All my friends have left me now
Turned towards their own destinies
We all knew this was coming
We all gave our last goodbyes
No words ever capable of showing how we felt
We shook hands and made plans
Promising to stay in touch and meet up soon
We all know we won't
We all know life's about to take us
So as we walked away we remembered our time
The late nights at the fields
The nights matching under the lights
The hours spent talking
The years spent living
All to be replaced by newer days
I left before everyone else didn't I?
Those days exploring a city
Excitedly running around campus
Thinking we were in love
All with new people
Now that all my old friends are gone
I regret every moment I tried to replace them
I regret never telling them what they meant
But more than anything else
I regret turning my back on the person they knew I could be
DarlingDivine Aug 2015
They were glistening with the green water of the lake.
Their  bodies jumping off of one another ,
Splashing and yelling
They were the ones everyone ,who knew what life was about, wanted to be around.
The ones that just lived,
as if nothing could stop them.
They were typical rugged boys
Who I hoped would glance over and bring me into their adventures,
But they passed by with their long hair slicked back with a mixture of sweat and green water never aknowledging the stormy future that lies ahead
DarlingDivine Jun 2015
Lately I've been going through friends like its nothing..
I honestly wish this was not true
All the newest friends I make come and go..
Whether they take weeks or months
They just,
Granted, not all are this way
A couple have been with me all the way
Yet, even those few have started to give me the looks
The looks of Indifference.
Of uneasiness about me
Like I've changed
Or I'm someone they used to know
But I haven't changed
And I still need them
But they aren't really there
Sometimes no one is

So the new don't want me
And the rest all moved on
So what I really wonder is
Who will notice when I'm gone..
  May 2015 DarlingDivine
Blue Flask
Do you laugh at what I say
Simply because there is no longer
Anything to laugh at
Do you lock eyes with me
Simply because there is no longer
Anyone's eyes left
Do you secretly look at me
Simply because you know
I can see you
Will you break my heart
Simply because you can
When I see you next
DarlingDivine May 2015
Its funny how much you realize you're a people person until you have no one around you. Whether it be day or a week, you slowly feel more and more unlike yourself.
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